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Fellow fashionistas are the easiest people to shop gifts for. It's pretty apparent what style they're leaning towards and what designs they'll appreciate. The only challenge you're gonna face is finding unique pieces that can spice up their wardrobes without clashing with their own aesthetics. To help you with your early holiday shopping, here are some cool options that you can give, according to their personality. 

For the true blue fashionista: A unique bag

BLANC & ECLARE Poppy bucket bag, SGD119/~USD86.25

What do you give the gal who seems to have everything style-wise? Her wardrobe is already brimming with trendy items, vintage finds and even some coveted luxury pieces. So what else would she need? A practical accessory to match her outfits, of course! Go for a unique limited edition bag like this BLANC & ECLARE Poppy bucket bag, which is available at ZALORA.

For the sophisticated lady: A stylish scarf

Vleeda Twilly Scarf in Unicorn Rainbow, SGD69/~USD50.01

She's classy, chic and always polished. You'll never catch her in some frumpy last-minute outfit. To complement her sophisticated wardrobe, give her a stylish scarf with a quirky twist. It will add a fresh and interesting detail to her minimalist ensembles without being too flashy. You can consider getting this cute Vleeda Twilly Scarf at SocietyA

For the free-spirited friend: A versatile outerwear

Loro Piana jacket, Price unavailable

After being bitten by the travel bug, she's now exploring new places on a regular basis. The best fashion gift for her is a versatile jacket that she can easily pair with different outfits. Whether it's with a dress she's got from a bargain sale in Bangkok or a flamboyant batik piece from Bali, this Loro Piana jacket can easily blend well with whatever fashion finds she'll be wearing during her travels.

For the sporty one: Chic sneakers

adidas Originals by have a good time, SGD220/~USD159.46

For your friend who's a fitness fanatic, a nice pair of limited edition shoes from a reputable sports brand is the perfect gift like this collaboration collection by adidas and cult Tokyo retailer have a good time. It's a practical and chic present that she can even use outside of the gym.

For the quirky girl: A dreamy watch

Olivia Burton Celestial, SGD199/~USD144.24

She's the friend who can pull off even the most bizarre fashion trends you never thought would look good on anyone. Nobody celebrates individuality the way your quirky friend does. Forget about giving plain-looking accessories, go the extra mile by gifting a thoughtfully designed dreamy wristwatch like the pieces from Olivia Burton's Celestial collection.

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