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Style Smart: How To Wear White In A Polluted City

Keeping it pristine

It's a shame that articles like these need to be written nowadays. From the unpredictable weather to air pollution, the world is not the same as it was before. Yes, we have to deal with the changes in a practical way, but there's also something we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Now going back to our topic, if you're living in an urban area, chances are you encounter air pollution on a daily basis. Previously, we talked about anti-pollution skincare lines geared towards protecting and repairing the skin against the detrimental effects of air pollution. This time, let's talk about how to keep light clothes, especially white items, pristine even after a long commute in the city. Ahead, our top tips.

P.S. Here are steps you can take to help reduce air pollution. 

Wear a bold outerwear

The easiest way to keep your white clothes looking pristine is to wear bold outerwear to serve as a cover-up while you go about your commute. Why a bold third piece instead of just a plain one? To jazz up your style, of course! While neutral shades such as beige are the most intuitive choice to pair with white, this ensemble does have a tendency to look boring. But a bold black jacket or even a printed long cardigan can amp up your style in a jiffy. 

Layer on

Another easy trick that you can do is to layer a vest, bustier or sheer clothing under a white top. Not only does it give your look a more interesting detail, but it will also keep your white clothes from getting dirty. All you have to do is mix and match to see what looks right for your personality.

Go for off-white or floral-printed pieces

If wearing crisp white makes you feel too conscious, you can try off-white pieces or white clothes with prints instead. The off-white hue and the little printed details can divert attention from any small smudges or discolouration. Top it off with eye-catching accessories, and you're done.

Get ruffled

Like prints, wearing white items with ruffles, pleats and eyelets are also good options to camouflage any discolourations or stains that you might have gotten during your commute. When wearing these flamboyant clothing designs, always remember to keep everything else simple so you'll still look sleek and elegant. 

Pick light fabrics

Light fabrics like tulles or chiffons are less likely to accumulate dirt from air pollution. And if they did, you will have an easier time washing the dirt off come laundry day. Pair them with other cutesy pieces for a whimsical look.

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