Style Spotting: Our Fave Looks At Clozette Tea Party 2017 | Clozette

Last Saturday, our stylish community gathered at our annual tea party get-together to celebrate the launch of our new look. Of course, our fashion and beauty lovin' crowd were all dressed up to the nines in shades of black, white, fuchsia and blush. Needless to say, our guests were ready to party, mingle and indulge in the fun activities we've prepared.

Whose look are we obsessed with, and who won best dressed? Keep scrolling to find out.

Left: Best Dressed Award winner Suhina (@LuxITGirl), Right: Smita de Souza (SmitaDeSouza)

Left: Star Clozetter Sarah Atiq (sarahatiq), Right: Winter Chee (winterchee)



Aside from the well-known names and labels in the Philippine fashion scene, one of the most anticipated collections to be featured at the Manila Fashion Festival are from designers that bring young blood to the the arena. Going for a very fitting theme — Compelling Visions: The Next Generation — graduates of the SoFA Design Institute blew the audience away with their outstanding collections that illustrate existentialism devoid of belief, telling stories and sharing ideals in the form of fabrics and prints. 

Ahead, we share some of the event's highlights.

It exuded a whimsical vibe

Just like an artist's relationship with their muse, these young designers shaped their collections according to various themes and let them translate the message vibrantly on the catwalk. The entire show felt like it was telling a much deeper story, sending you deep into this rabbit hole of awe and wonder. 

The designers touched on subjects that are relevant to today's youth

Making bold statements in the runway, the collections such as Catharsis by Jema Gamer and Beauty of Darkness by Tifanny Soriano were also a manifestation of the designers' hearts, touching on topics including mental anxiety, overcoming clinical bipolarity, and exploring one's identity.
It celebrated Filipino culture

Some of the collections, including that of Rea Biscocho, used the rich culture of the Philippines. Biscocho's Dugo translated stories and struggles of celestial beings from Visayan Mythology in each piece. It meshed the avant garde and futuristic take on today's fashion and traditional heritage and folklore by making use of distinct cuts and patterns. 

It gave us a preview of how the Philippines fashion scene continues to beautifully grow and evolve

Overall, the main takeaway we have from the show is that these young designers tell their stories through fabrics and prints boldly to define what the future of Philippine fashion is and should be. 



When we said we can’t get enough of slides for summer, we weren’t kidding. Who wouldn’t love the comfort of wearing slides, giving your toes the chance to breathe when the weather’s humid? But what counts as slides and how do they differ from other types of shoes? Read on as we give you the 101 on these summer style staples.

They’re open

Givenchy Logo

Slides are open-toed and open-heeled. But while they are the same as thongs and flip-flops in the sense that they’re open-toed and open-heeled, slides have straps that go across the feet instead of a tiny strap in between toes as seen on thongs.

They don’t have straps

Steve Madden Dakota

What makes slides different from sandals is they don’t have straps for the ankles, making putting them on — or sliding them on — a breeze, hence the term “slide.”

They’re not just flats

Sam Edelman Stanley

While we’re used to seeing slides that are akin to slippers, they actually come in different heights. Yes, some slides have heels. 

There's one for every type of style

UGG Royal W

Some slides are simple and look basic, but there's a style that will suit every type of personality out there. Some are embellished with beads while others are covered in fur. 


Ready to sport the trend? Make sure your feet are ready, too.