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Valentine's Day is all about spending quality time with people you love. Your celebration could include simple activities such as staying at home and enjoying a movie together, or a fancy dinner at a cool new restaurant. No matter where you're spending the occasion, dressing up for the celebration is what makes the day extra special.

If you're not sure what to wear to your date, we share five outfit and PANDORA jewellery pairings for celebrating love with your special someone.


Casual Rendezvous

(Photo from: maybellinesim); Pictured from left to right: February Droplet earrings, SGD89; Silver necklace, SGD59, February Droplet pendant, SGD69; February Droplet ring, SGD89; Droplets ring, SGD89; Dazzling Droplet ring, SGD89

Going for a picnic at the park or catching a movie? A day dress in your favourite colour is the way to go. Top your look off with jewellery that's playful and casual but still elegant, such as the PANDORA Stones of Colour collection. The flower dome-cut stones that come in different hues allow you to go minimalist or colourful depending on your sartorial mood. You can choose a ring that bears your birth month’s colour for personalisation or stack a few to complement the colour of your dress.

A Day of Art

(Photo from: RochelleAbella); Pictured from left to right: Moments Silver Bracelet with Sparkling Heart, SGD149, with various charms from SGD99; Cerise Heart Glass charms, SGD69 each; PANDORA Floating Locket necklace, SGD179, with Love Feelings Petites, SGD69

Enjoying art is a fun way to spend the day with your significant other. Instead of a dress, opt for a jumpsuit or your trusted chic slacks to stroll the halls of a museum, catch a play or see an orchestra. Pair it with a set of jewellery that's as tastefully made as the art you'll be enjoying. Inspired by pop art, the PANDORA Love Struck series is perfect for the occasion. Make the new Moments Silver Bracelet with Sparkling Heart clasp your base, and add on charms that best represent your relationship. The Struck by Love charm in particular, is a great reminder of your love story. Its design – a big heart which contains arrows and tiny hearts – symbolises being in love.


Trivia Night

(Photo from: Aggynuguid); Pictured from left to right: Moments charm bangle, SGD129, with January Droplet pendant, SGD69; Poetic Droplet ring, SGD99; January Droplet birthstone ring, SGD89; Luminous Droplet ring, SGD89; Elegant Beauty Stud earrings, SGD99

Go to a bar that hosts a trivia night, have fun coaching each other and getting surprised by how much you both know about certain topics. It's still a casual night, so you can wear your favourite laid-back outfit. Finish off with a charming pair of hand-finished ear studs from the PANDORA Stones of Colour collection, along with a sleek bracelet and a single flower dome-cut stone pendant that exudes quiet elegance.

Romantic Dinner

(Photo from: ssydneyho); Pictured from left to right: Ribbons of Love ring, SGD89; Ribbons of Love gift set, SGD179

You can never go wrong with celebrating the day of love with a dinner at your favourite restaurant. It's a classic way to enjoy the occasion, so it's only fitting that you wear something that is just as iconic. Whip out your favourite LBD and amp your ensemble up with elegant, sophisticated jewellery, such as our picks from the PANDORA Ribbons of Love series. The bow in the collection represents the connection and strong bond between lovers, which makes donning pieces from the set a brilliant nod to your relationship. Aside from the meaningful symbol, the pieces from the series are timeless and elegant, making them perfect for lovers of sophistication.


Escape The City

(Photo from: cforcassan); Pictured from left to right: Love Script charm, SGD129; Love You Forever dangle, starts at SGD99; Forever Hearts necklace, SGD159

Use Valentine's Day as an excuse to visit a new place. Go somewhere that's still near the city but has a clearly different, more relaxed vibe. As an ode to your adventure, wear something that screams romance with a relaxed fit, then accessorise right by donning a necklace that holds attention. Wear your heart on your wrist with the two-toned PANDORA Love Script charm and Love You Forever dangle. With words of adoration reflected on the charms, your jewellery will serve as a meaningful keepsake of your upcoming special date.



(Cover photo from: ssydneyho)

Working out or exercising is crucial to our health and wellness. But sometimes, because of work commitments or personal issues, we neglect this part of our lives, leading us to gain a few pounds. Well, thank the gods for the fashion industry, right? With all the various styles and cuts available nowadays, it's easy to transform and make ourselves look more toned than we really are. 

So if you don’t have the time to head down to the yoga studio or run on a treadmill for 30 minutes to tone up your body, do not worry. Thanks to these five clothing hacks, you will look instantly slimmer and leaner; just in time for that important date or event.


Wear nude pointed to heels

(Photo from: blackivorystyle)

A nude pointed toe heel is excellent for making your legs and body appear longer; hence, you’ll look taller when wearing it, and who wouldn’t want that? Take note, though, to always break in your heels before going to an important event so they’re more flexible and won’t pinch your feet the entire day or night.

Go monochrome

(Photo from: societyofsnobs)

Whether you’re opting for black or white, bright or pastel, sporting a monochromatic ensemble will easily turn you into a slimmer goddess. How? The one colour creates an uninterrupted vertical line, elongating and stretching out your figure.


Opt for a tailored maxi skirt

(Photo from: ThetGueco)

Maxi skirts are famous for making women look slimmer. Choose a simple one that skims the length of your body to create a vertical line, opt for a fitted top and a pair of heels, and you will be good to go.

Invest in the right bra

(Photo from: JessyTheKLChic)

According to science, about 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong type of underwear. So go out, get properly measured, and buy the right size of bra. A proper one will make you leaner because it will give you the right amount of space between your breasts and waistline.


Try vertical stripes

(Photo from: FabooshLane)

Are you sensing a (vertical) pattern here? As the oldest trick in the fashion book, it should come as no surprise that wearing vertical stripes makes you look slimmer. So whether it’s a striped shirt or pants, make sure it's vertical to make you look stylish and leaner.



(Cover photo from:

Ah, love is in the air, friends. The month of romance has started, and we’re blushing with excitement. But despite having so many things to forward to, there are also some we’re ready to leave behind. Just the same, we’re feeling bright and ready for what this month has to offer. It’s only been three days but major things in the worlds of fashion and beauty already happened. Let’s go over some of them. 


Bey’s Buns 

Beyonce ushered in February by announcing the news that she is pregnant. The pop superstar and her hip-hop mogul husband, Jay-Z, are expecting twins. 

Tisci Leaves Givenchy 

(Photo from: @givenchyofficial)

While the news of a new addition to the Carter family is nice, the same cannot be said about Tisci’s exit from French label Givenchy. The designer has left the brand after twelve years and is rumoured to join Versace.

Gaga for Tiffany

Lady Gaga is the newest face of Tiffany. The popstar’s first campaign for the brand will premiere at the Super Bowl LI. 

The Ultimate Travel Jacket

(Photo from:

Fashion and utility marry in Sheer, a jacket created by Singapore's Minimalist Brand. It’s got everything you’d want in a travel jacket and more — seriously! It’s water-resistant and odour-proof, has compartments for all your gadgets, and it even has a bottle cap opener. Check out everything the jacket can do in action below.


Harry Potter Beauty

(Photo from: @storybookcosmetics)

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! The first look at the Storybook Cosmetics' eyeshadow palette inspired by the beloved book series created by J.K. Rowling has been released, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. See it in action here.

Better Together

If Harry Potter’s not your cup of tea, perhaps you’d like this one: Kat Von D and Too Faced’s the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection. Marrying the two brands’ different aesthetics makes the palette versatile and fit for any of your needs.


Illustrated Fragrance

We’ve all seen nice packaging before — here are a few whimsical ones that caught our fancy. — but there’s something special about a design that depicts fragrance. The artwork in Diptyque’s limited edition Valentine’s Day collection in collaboration with domino paper does just that. Take a whiff of the Rosa Mundi collection at escentials Paragon and escentials TANGs at Tang Plaza and discover how accurate the packaging is in describing the products’ scent.

The Weeknd x H&M

(Photo from: @theweeknd)

A few weeks after surprising the world with news that he and Selena Gomez are dating, The Weeknd dropped another bombshell. This time in the form of a clothing collection with H&M.