STYLO: Fashion Anarchy At Its Finest | Clozette

In ultimate fashion defiance, Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2015 premièred Fashion Anarchy – Rebel Revolution. A night comprised of a kaleidoscope of stylish individualistic trends and insurgent installations.

Let's take a quick look at what transpired. 


STYLO International in partnership with Mercedes-Benz presented Malaysia’s best and most exciting fashion entertainment showcase of the season.  

The opening night set the "rebel revolution" standard with non-conforming fashion presentations in the lines of punk, goth, bikers, chains, leather, and tattoos from the designers for the night--Joyce Wong, Kinslager, Illiza Ho, Azlan Adrian Ariff (AAA), Tangoo, Fairuz Ramdan, Hazree Wahid, and Bon Zainal.

Each designer crafted distinct collections with personal interpretations of Rebel Revolution. The best thing was witnessing local Malaysian celebrities as muses such as: Altimet, Sona One, Joe Flizzow, Reshmonu, Jehan Miskin, and Datuk AC Mizal to name a few. 

The creative revolutionary twists and fantastical elements of these designs wasn't just fashion anarchy at it's finest, but artistic freedom manifested in clothing.

The second day was for stunning collections made by young, up-and-coming designers from various leading fashion schools in Malaysia. It was in fact, the first time they paved way for an Emerging Designers Competition as a stand-alone show at The Mercedes-Benz STYLO 2015 Fashion Grand Prix show. We witnessed each student's personal interpretation of the “Fashion Anarchy” theme. With over 100 entries, only 12 of the best made it in the shortlist. 

What stood out for us was Michelle Chia of INTI University College's collection who presented a twist in the interpretation of “Fashion Anarchy” via dinosaur fossils.

Another standout was “Inner Strength” by Heah Hui Xuan of Equator College, Penang. Her creations highlighted unique feminine silhouettes through armour-like designs. 

This year’s winners was then announced during the Gala Night at MBSTYLOFGP 2015 and further supported with prize money by MyCreative Ventures (a government investment arm to spur Malaysia’s creative industry) and a platform to create and showcase their first collection at the Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 later this year.



Polaroid has been symbolised with the iconic rainbow attached to its logo in different forms since the brand was founded. To democratize better colour, clarity, and details they created the original polarized lens in 1937. As a tribute to the colourful icon and technology, Polaroid has launched the Rainbow Collection for Spring/Summer 2015. It is a collection featuring new vivid sunglasses dressed in the shades of the rainbow--with the iconic Polaroid rainbow arc on the tip of the temple.

The collection was inspired by the question “What’s at the end of the rainbow?” This led to an entire range of sunglasses that reflects the vividness of the rainbow as well as Polaroid's brand history. It was designed to make people re-think the way they look at sunglasses, enabling you to express your state of mind, free your emotions, and share your feelings through its bright nuances at every moment. 


The best part about these sunglasses is that it also allows you to enjoy bright colours without the stress of encountering glares, thanks to the exclusive polarization of UltraSight lenses. Through the proprietary Thermofusion Technology, all Polaroid polarized sunglasses feature the UltraSight™ lenses for distortion-free vision. It provides unique benefits such as: glare-free vision, clear contrasts, natural colours, reduced eye fatigue, and 100% UV protection. 

The unique Polaroid Ultrasight mirrored lenses eyewear is available for both adults and kids in blue, green, yellow, orange, fuchsia and crystal. Now parents and their kids can effortlessly look matchy-matchy this summer!

The Rainbow Collection is now available in stores for $110


Buying clothes is the first step to getting your dream wardrobe but maintaining them is another story. As young fashionistas, we may not be the most knowledgeable in this aspect, but we know those who are—mothers.

They always know best when it comes to everything, and that includes proper clothing maintenance. They know that you don’t just wash clothes, you have to add a few more extras such as fabric softeners and scents to keep clothes looking, feeling, and smelling new. 

We got our 2 mommy Clozetters, Kersie (GlamMama) and Vinna (Vinvola) to show us how to make our stylish clothes smell fresh after washing using Downy’s Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster. Here’s what they found out!


Vinna got a hold of Downy Unstopables Ruby Floral & Emerald Breeze

The product automatically got her attention with its chic packaging followed by the feature that allowed her to lightly squeeze the bottle to test the scent. The anticipation of the actual smell got her and her cute daughter excited. 

To use it, she shook the scent beads into the cap provided and tossed it into the washing machine along with Downy’s fabric enhancer concentrate. The fabric enhancer concentrate can create different scent combinations, so using it would add a range of scents to your laundry. She then added her laundry and went on to washing it as she usually does. After such, she was welcomed with a fresh pile of newly washed laundry in Downy's signature scents!


Kersie’s experience was actually a fun “chore” time with her kids. Besides herself, her family got rather intrigued by the 2 pretty bottles as well. Her kids immediately picked them up for a rattle, but not before getting warned that they are strictly not for eating, though they looked so much like delicious candy! 

Her children started squeezing the bottles, following the instructions on the packaging, to sniff the 2 different scents. Her little boy as always, went for the pink Ruby Floral as pink was his favourite colour and her daughter picked the turquoise Emerald Breeze as her preferred one!

The wash definitely left a new scent they have not experienced before. Kersie discovered that Ruby Floral was a much stronger scent, very much like a sweet rose perfume, but the milder, more romantic scent like the Emerald Breeze was indeed her pick. 

For the next round, she would tone down the amount of beads used. She found the scent pretty strong in general, so do a bit of experimenting on your own to see which scent level would be most comfortable for your family. Another idea would be to create scent combinations Downy's fabric enhancer concentrate. It would be fun to try as well!

Based on our mommy Clozetters’ one-on-one experience with the product, it’s safe to say that Downy Unstopables have a lasting scent that makes clothes smell more pleasant than the rest. Vinna is a witness to this after testing it for 2 weeks. The long lasting freshness was there despite the fact that she only used ¾ of the cup. It also has a pocket friendly price—your SGD 7.50 per bottle would definitely go a long way! Another tip is you could consider using Downy Unstopables together with a Downy fabric enhancer concentrate to create different scents. 


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