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Everyone’s go-to destination when the temperature rises is the beach because, sure, the blue waters can be an effective way to cool off from the heat. But what if you’re not keen to get sand between your toes and have dry tangled locks from the salty waters? Here are locations you can run off to where you can escape (or enjoy) the sunny heat.



Chiang Mai, Thailand

Two pointy structures on top of a tree-covered mountain.

Looking to escape the heat? Travel no further. Despite being in a tropical country, you’re less likely to be sunburnt in Chiang Mai as it is located in Thailand’s northern mountains. Now you won’t be as fatigued and sweaty as you go exploring temples like Doi Suthep. Even more exciting is that you can watch rescued elephants enjoying the mud in the various sanctuaries in the region. 

Barcelona, Spain

Two brown, quirky modernist structures in a park

At this time of the year, the weather’s just starting to gradually warm up in Barcelona but it’s not yet burning hot. Enjoy the quiet breeze during the day while exploring the surreal architecture of the city by visiting iconic heritage sites like the Sagrada Familia. When the sun sets, you can enjoy the cool night sipping sangria at a sidewalk café while marvelling at the spectacular street performers.


Yarra Valley, Australia

A hot air balloon flies above a valley of vineyards

Since the climate is all flipped up in the country down under, you can enjoy fall from April to May in Australia. What better way for gourmands to spend the lovely season than by enjoying the delectable local produce of Yarra Valley? Being the oldest wine region in Australia, the valley is known for its wineries and breweries. See the vast vineyards from up high by riding a hot air balloon and don’t forget to take a sip of the sweet wine they create. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

Two giraffes running about in a nature reserve

Because South Africa is a subtropical country, you’ll be happy to know that you can experience mildly cool weather when you visit around this time. Johannesburg is the place you need to go to if you want a mix of big-city and outdoor adventure. Here, you can encounter wildlife up-close in the nature reserves and enjoy shopping and dining in the local malls and open-air markets. Be sure to bring a bigger suitcase because you’ll probably be bringing home tons of unique souvenirs.


Arizona, USA

A horseshoe river bend flowing through rocky canyons.

Lastly, if you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t mind the heat and craves for a bit of an adventure, then go on a road trip in Arizona. Be mesmerised by the diversity of geological formations and landscapes you’ll see in the state. Here, you’ll find the steep rocky chasms of the Grand Canyon, along with museums that house one of the country’s largest collections of Native American art.  



It's no secret that throwback trends are all the rage since the beginning of this decade. From midi skirts and pastel palettes of the '50s to the neon colours and high-waisted jeans of the '80s, any fashionista would notice that these days, almost everything new on the runway looks a bit old. For the most part, it's actually cool to see awesome trends get their day in the sun once again. But some regrettable fashion choices are best left in the past. Ahead, the fashion trends we hope never make a comeback in our wardrobe.

Visible thongs

In a way, we can understand why we thought this was a good idea. Low-rise jeans were super popular back then (thanks, Paris Hilton!) and this means you have to wear cute undies since they will be visible anyway. Plus, when your favourite celebrities are rocking this style, then you're bound to also try to rock it — even if it's in vain. Over time, we realised it was not the classiest way to dress. So we really hope this one never makes a comeback. Although, this makes us think, "Are we gonna regret showcasing our pretty bralettes in the future?"

Low-rise jeans

Shawty got low, low indeed. Along with the visible thong trend came the rise of the low-rise jeans. We don't really know which one came first but they sure did reinforce one another. It was the fashion combo that we regretted as soon as it faded from vogue. Why? For starters, it just looked painfully awkward. The crotch section is positioned in the weirdest way possible; it's unflattering unless you have rock hard abs and just the simple act of doing a bend and snap becomes impossible. Fair warning: this trend is in danger of making a comeback. Let's all remember why it shouldn't.

Try-hard emo look

Now, we're gonna hit it where it hurts. Your emo look wasn't awesome nor is it "da bomb." It was the epitome of an emotional, newly minted teenager trying too hard to look cool. Inspired by Avril Lavinge and Gerard Way, we popped on our not-so-stylish version of their ensembles complete with studded belts and denim skirts. For good measure, we also threw in neckties over black, non-collared tees. Add on to that the massive eyeliner and cheekbone-length bangs and what you get is a cringe-worthy look that will haunt you for many years to come.

The bullet bra

We have a tendency to romanticise the past and that includes overlooking bad fashion choices people made back in the day. Vintage fashion also had its lows! The biggest one of them, in our humble opinion, is the bullet bra from the fabulous '50s. It's a bra with cups that are comically pointed outwards to overemphasise the shape of a woman's breast. By modern standards, it's not at all comfortable or pleasing to look at. But maybe it was a product influenced by the 1947 Dior New Look or it could be inspired by the shape of the space shuttles from the space race era. We're not really sure, but we're definitely glad this one didn't become a staple.

The traditional corset

It would be hard to think of a more dangerous fashion trend than the traditional corset. We're not talking about the modern ones we see today but the ones worn by women in past centuries to shape the body into an unnatural silhouette featuring a very slim waist. Not only did they constrict the breathing but also compressed organs leading to various internal issues. Yes, they were pretty and stylish but they're also basically a torture device. We say, never again.

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Animal prints are going through another renaissance right now. From zebra to leopard patterns, the style is taking centre stage at recent runway shows. It's been a while since this design was on the spotlight, partly because there's a certain stigma against it. Usually seen as a tacky fashion choice, the animal print is given a new and more elegant look in 2019. Keep reading to know how you can rock this bold style in a modern way.

Start by wearing one animal print at a time

If you're a newbie in wearing animal prints, start by working with only one pattern at a time. This will help you familiarise yourself with what colours would match well with a particular print. Of course, there's always black as a safe bet but mixing things up will make for a more interesting look. Concentrating on a single print first is the best way to do this.

Match the print with items of the same colour palette

Here's an easy way to build an elegant ensemble featuring an animal print. First, determine what colour is dominant in each pattern. Then, look for items that are in the same colour palette. For example, leopards are dominated by browns so pairing them with khaki colours is a great way to streamline the whole look. Need a peg? Look to the iconic character of Mrs. Robinson from the 1967 movie The Graduate for inspiration.

Want a bolder look? Go for contrasting colours

Pulling this off is easier than you may think. The one thing that you should always keep in mind is the base colour of each animal print. After that, all you have to do is look for contrasting colours that will look good against the pattern. Usually, those with dominant brown hues will go well with red and teals. While prints dominated by black and white like zebra patterns can be paired with almost any bright shade.

Wear only one statement accessory

Pairing an eye-catching print together with loads of statement accessories can be a bit of an overkill. On the other hand, if you wear subtle jewellery, it can tone down the boldness of the look. And when you're wearing animal prints, that's not really what you want to go for. Instead, match the print with one equally bold statement accessory. It can be hoop earrings, studs or a stunning opera necklace. 

If all else fails, animal printed dresses are the way to go

A fail-proof way to rock animal prints is to pick a dress decked in single or various patterns. It's a no-brainer but still looks gorgeous and well-thought out. To give the dress a little visual break and to showcase your figure (which may be lost due to the busy design), wear belts in bold colours.

(Cover photo from: @imjennim)

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