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There are plenty of tips out there when it comes to travel; and for our Clozette Ambassador Hanna Tantoco finding a travel buddy, getting ingrained with the place's culture, and getting down and dirty are her top 3 tips.

After all, maximizing summer is all about escaping the daily routine of work through travelling with her fiancé--like walking to places by foot and skipping a few extra buys to give way for more worthwhile experiences. It is indeed an amazing experience to go out there and create #SummerMemories for keeps--especially when you're with the best person to share it with!

So take a peek into Hanna's #SummerMemories as we got her talking about this wonderful Summer season and her love for travel!


What do you love most about summer?

Hmmm. This is quite difficult because I've always been a tropical girl so I  definitely love the weather! But what I love most is the food! The fruits in season, new flavours of ice cream (Earlgrey anyone?), and iced coffee for breakfast.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I'm actually getting married early next year so I would take advantage of doing some wedding preparations this summer.

Do you have a particular go-to summer outfit/makeup look? 

For my summer outfit, it’s either I go full-on-florals or all-white. Florals, because I feel like my look completes the summer landscape. On the other hand, I love wearing an all- white ensemble because you can get away with it from morning to evening! For my make-up, since it’s hot and humid outside, I ensure I’m using waterproof make-up. I also try to keep it light or else I'll be sweating.

What was your most memorable summer trip? 

Summer of last year (2014) because I got engaged in New York City


We noticed that you've been travelling, what's the best place you've been to so far and why?

Without batting an eyelash, it’s Tokyo, Japan. I love the food. I swear I haven't eaten anything there that I didn't like at all. From the random udon place at the corner of my hotel to the expensive omakases and also, I love anything matcha! So the abundance of it in this city is heaven sent. I love the vibe of the vibrant city. It’s huge, it’s bustling, you literally have everything in it but it’s still kept squeaky clean. Finally, the people. Everybody is so nice and warm even if you're cramped in the metro during rush hour or if you're asking for directions.


What makes you excited about travelling? 

Definitely the culture. You spend almost 15 years of your life studying and trying to understand other cultures but you would never get to truly understand until you visit and see for yourself.  Also, the sheer joy of novelty. I work full time and it gets very packed, so traveling is literally an escape for me.  


Do you have any tips to share for our Clozette girls who'd like to travel in the future?

Research, Research, and Research – search for the best season to go, if there are shows or festivals you can catch, and the top activities you can try. You can maximize the whole traveling experience if you actually try the activities.

Next, know what your non-negotiables are. Unless money is not an object. For myself, I can go down and dirty, I can take the cheapest transportation or walk for hours. I can survive not buying souvenirs. But I'd always like to go back to a comfortable bed. Finally, choose a travel partner you have a common interest with and with whom you can literally hang out with day and night! You spend less time arguing, and you're assured you're not boring the other person. Traveling could only be really fun if the person you’re traveling with is fun too! I'm lucky my fiancé is interested in traveling too!


Do you have #SummerMemories to share?  
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Clozette Ambassador Stephanie Lim recently attended a new perfume launch that revolved around luxe ingredients and stories. In collaboration with Zalora Malaysia, she gave us a peek into her event-ready OOTD Idea.

We got her to share her OOTD Idea with us and let us in on her sartorial choices worthy for a glammed-up event!


"Since it was held at the heart of Kuala Lumpur around tall majestic skyscrapers and modern architecture I wanted to incorporate that into my dressing. I paired this asymmetrical dress from Something Borrowed with lace up heels from Zalora (which are all the rage right now), my new lip colour from Sephora, and accessories to match--and I was ready to go! I love how this dress is body hugging with an unique skirt cutting--if you know me well and my taste for fashion, you'd know that this is totally my style."

"Other than the heels being an IN thing right now, have I mentioned how comfy they were? Well they were! I could wear them the whole day and walk around KLCC! Super comfy! For my lipstick, although it falls on a darker shade/tone, it brought boldness to the look and tied the whole look together. The gold accented accessories just amped up the whole look altogether. It’s been a while since I carried such an outstanding look for a while now and the best part is that I got all of the items mentioned above from Zalora Malaysia!"

"Zalora is a one-stop shopping hub for items from apparels to beauty, it’s quick, easy and hassle free. All I had to do was log on to and select my purchase. Everything I had on cost me less than RM500! Which was pretty affordable. Happy girl is happy!"


Show us your event-ready OOTD idea by snapping a photo and sharing it with our Fashion Community!


(cover photo from Viviannvee)

If you have no idea what Street Style means, think Red carpet, but without all the glam and instead of the actual carpet you have the pavement and the city as your background. The point is not to look overdone without a trace of effort but you know that your style is unique and you're confident in your own skin. This is definitely for the trendsetters, for those who look stylish everyday--but how do they do it?

So we asked our Clozette Girls what their all-time favourite Street Style looks are and here's what we found out!




"My all time favourite for this season would definitely be the boyish chic style! Paired it up my v-necked dungaree jumpsuit, a sleeveless jacket, a chic wavy hat, and peep-toe mules plus a Masculine twist here and there."




"Definitely the oversized printed collar shirt paired with a faux leather bottom. I'm also aiming for a more sporty look with the high cut shoes as it makes walking around comfortable! I accessorize with a double necklace and a statement clutch bag. Here I've paired my Blue ombre big-faced watch with the heart shaped shades too! And for my makeup, who says no to magenta lips?"



"It was at the height of the normcore trend when I wore this out, and it was a hit. I love how it's so laidback, comfortable, effortless, and still makes a statement. Of course, the look wouldn't really be me if I stayed basic, so I wore the floral bomber jacket with it."




"This chic outfit is definitely my all-time favourite Street Style look. While keeping the look feminine with the girly blush pink romper. I jazzed it up with edgy accessories and silver sandals for a touch of street vibe."


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