Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | Clozette

You got invited to a wedding. Now it’s time to carefully choose your outfit for this special occasion. Here’s a guide on what to wear for different kinds of weddings this summer.

For a Church Wedding

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For weddings that will be celebrated in a formal location like a church, you have to take note of any dress code before you decide on your outfit. The safest route is to go for a classic dress such as a chic A-line dress. Opt for colours that will match the theme of the wedding. Remember: when it comes to formal weddings, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

For a Garden Wedding

The beautiful scenery of a garden is one of the reasons why garden weddings are getting more and more popular amongst couples. Since garden weddings are much more casual, you can have fun with different dress styles. But keep in mind that some brides are very particular in how they prefer their guests to dress. So you have to re-check the invitation for specific dress codes. Dresses in bright and delicate colours will look magnificent in photos as they complement the ethereal feel of the venue. Since you have more freedom in choosing your outfit, it’s best to dress according to what flatters your body shape the most.

For a Beach Wedding

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Isn’t it exciting to witness a couple say their vows with a beautiful sunset in the background? Beach weddings usually call for a relaxed, laid-back style. For this, maxi dresses with floral prints or solid muted colours are perfect. Match your dress with sandals with chunky heels or a pair of flat sandals with pretty ankle straps. It also doesn’t hurt to accessorise for the occasion; don flower crowns and dangling earrings for that beach babe vibe.


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Match these summer wedding outfits with bright summer make-up looks!



The big hair styles, wacky accessories and unconventional clothing ensembles may be too intimidating for the streets but with the right pieces, you can transform runway fashion into everyday, wearable looks. Here are the three ways to turn your morning stroll to a runway walk.

Adopt only the print pattern

Even if the whole look is too bizarre, you can still take a cue from bold print and patterns and incorporate them into your style. For example, this pretty print from Balenciaga can be adapted to a dress with conventional cuts.

Select one piece of clothing that you like best

Sometimes, all it takes is one statement piece to complete your #ootd. If you’re looking at runway trends for inspiration, just get inspired by a few pieces and you’re all set! This overall style from Fendi may seem too much for the streets, so  the best way to go is to just take the striped pants and combine it with a familiar, basic top to achieve a chic look.

Spot the trend and make it work.

No need to copy the exact look — just spot the trend and add it to your personal style. Check out the earth-tone trend from Marc Jacobs and see how you can spin it to something more appropriate for everyday wear.

Looking for more inspirations from the runway? Check out our favourite looks from the 2017 Manila Fashion Festival.



We grew up with this footwear and fashion accessory brand, but I dare say that many of us never knew that BATA originally hails from Czech Republic with more than a century of rich heritage. So in celebration of the the brand's 123rd — yes, the big 1-2-3! — birthday, we are ecstatic to share that we will be flying to Prague to attend the BATA Fashion Weekend this week, where they will unveil their exciting new brand manifesto.

Watch the video as I unboxed three pairs of shoes from BATA that you can easily work into your wardrobe — and find out which pair I will be bringing along with me on this momentous event all the way in Prague. 

On the BATA Italian collection sneakers...

"This pair of BATAs comes from BATA's Italian collection. They're really pretty in blush and really comfortable as well because of the padded insoles. It will definitely serve me well in my 14-hour flight to Prague."

On the loafer style mules with a flat heel...

"This 90s shoe trend is definitely back and in all shapes, all sizes and all heights. I am personally obsessed! It's neither too dressy, nor is it too casual. It's in-between, perfect for a smart-casual dress code. They're so easy to wear as well — just slip it on and you're good to go. This pair, updated with classic tassels, is a definite wardrobe staple."

On the blush tone sandals...

"First off, you can't miss a pair of blush tone sandals. The pearl embellishment also takes the simple sandal and transforms it into a softer, dressier pair for a feminine look. This is a great complementary pair to your warm-weather OOTDs, or as a chic accent to special daytime occasions in a sundress."

On the floral-embroidered denim slip-ons...

"This pair features three trends at once: its trend-savvy slip-on silhouette, the denim material, and it is also punctuated with floral embroidery that is all the rage right now. I like that it's feminine yet sporty at the same time. The cushioned footbed also makes it a comfortable pair for when you're on the go."

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