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Check Out These Sustainable Fashion Brands In Malaysia

Eco-friendly finds

Saving the planet may seem like a daunting task, but little things go a long way. For us fashionistas, we can start helping by opting to shop more from sustainable fashion brands. We know, buying from established eco-friendly labels, which are often based abroad, can be damaging to our bank accounts. But the good news is, we now have some great options in our turf. Consider local shops from the region that offer affordable but stylish pieces. We already talked about emerging sustainable fashion brands from Singapore and the Philippines, so this time we're listing promising sustainable labels from Malaysia. Keep reading to find out about them. 


Homegrown womenswear brand SAYANG places an emphasis on creating contemporary basics with classic silhouettes. All of their pieces are produced locally and the materials used are also ethically sourced. Their clothing uses only eco-friendly, natural fabrics like linen and cotton, which are also great for the humid, tropical weather. Even their tags and labels, which are made from recyclable materials and printed with only soy ink, are made with Mother Earth in mind. You can check out their collections here

Kedai Bikin

Kedai Bikin is a lifestyle brand that branched out from Malaysian furniture and architecture company Bikin. Aside from pieces of furniture and home decorations, Kedai Bikin also sells fashion pieces like scarves and bags. Among their offerings are woven bags and upcycled PVC that are made in collaboration with local artisans. Their showroom in Bangsar features some really unique pieces that showcase the local culture.


Not only does Real.m produce garments that are sustainable and made only from natural fibres such as bamboo and cotton, but the company also donates a portion of their profit to the reforestation efforts in Malaysia. They have a wide selection of clothing in minimalistic designs ranging from towels and scarves to blouses and cardigans. Browse their catalogue here.

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