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We have to admit: As soon as the heat starts rising, our minds practically fly away to breezy shorelines and the cold cocktails by the beach. We're so ready to conquer the seas! But besides our travel buddies, the water sports activities, and the hours of basking under the glory of the sun, what's a getaway by the ocean without the ultimate collection of summer OOTDs?

So we say, pack your own supply of 'cool' and head over to your choice of summer paradise with these swimsuit brands. 


A cross between classy and sultry, this pin-up inspired bikini is just one of many choices from COS that will surely unleash the inner bombshell in you. Minimalist and chic, their Summer 2017 collection is all about keeping it light and romantic, without being cheesy or tacky. 

Uniqlo x Princesse Tam.Tam

Combining the Parisian's love for romance and the Japanese's bold creativity, this collaboration between Uniqlo and Princesse Tam.Tam is a culmination of modesty and adventure, as expressed in the collection's various cuts, colours, and prints inspired by the tropics.

Lisa Marie Fernandez

(Photo from: net-a-porter.com)

'Modernised vintage' may sound paradoxical, but Liza Marie Fernandez 2017 summer collection makes it work by balancing today's obsession with minimalist prints and combining it with accentuated cuts and patterns that are very pin-up-like.

Swimsuits For All

(Photo from: Swimsuitsforall.com)

To all my fellow curvy ladies out there, let's not limit ourselves to the small selection at the store racks anymore. Flaunt your beach bod with this gorgeous pair from Swimsuits For All that spells elegance in being sexy. All of their collections, including the one from model and body positive advocate Ashley Graham, have built-in soft-wire bra cups to give you maximum support and comfort. They're also made with soft, breathable fabric that's perfect for an entire day of frolicking and fun. 


(Photo from: net-a-porter.com)

Finding it hard to choose between a swimsuit that's durable for water sports, and a cute bikini that's sexy and great for photos? Why not go for both! Flagpole is known for their four-way stretch fabric technology that's perfect for doing water activities while still looking flatteringly stylish. 

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Welcome to the last roundup for the month of April! We often muse about time and how swiftly it passes during roundups a lot, but don’t you agree? There are just so many things happening, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. It’s a good thing we’ve kept tabs on topics we know you’d be interested in.

So if you haven’t had time to read the news or go on social media to catch what’s trending, here are this week’s highlights.

LVMH Takes Over Dior

Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) has expanded its portfolio. The luxury brand has acquired the entire Christian Dior brand for a whopping $13 billion. Fun fact that you may or may not already know: LVMH also owns Givenchy.

Instagram Offline

If that didn’t shock you, here’s something that might. You’ll soon be able to use Instagram offline. The new Instagram update will allow you to use the app even if you have a slow connection or if you’re using free data. There’s a catch, though. Only Android users can make use of the update right now. But we’re sure Instagram will work something out for iOS users in the future, too.

Beauty Buffet In The Philippines

Thailand’s favourite beauty store, Beauty Buffet, has landed in the Philippines. The store, which offers a variety of beauty products in cute packaging, is located at Ayala Malls The 30th.

New Naked Palettes

Urban Decay is releasing two new Naked palettes! But they won’t be for the eyes. The Naked Skin Shapeshifter palettes are for contouring and correcting.

That Blue Bag

You may have already seen it. You know, that blue bag that costs roughly $2000 but looks similar to one that sells for $0.99. Many people can’t help but compare the resemblance between the bags from Balenciaga and IKEA, but what do you think?

They’re Pretty Vulgar

Calling all old souls and lovers of anything vintage. Here’s the makeup line of your dreams. Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics, a brand that takes inspiration from the dainty days of yore, has landed in Sephora.

Lava Cookie Ice Cream

Craving for something sweet? Get your fix at the Creamery Singapore. The famed original lava cookies from Bangkok has arrived at the Creamery, and they are waiting to be devoured.

(Cover photo from: @dior)

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2016 breathed life back into a lot of throwback trends. We got our denims and crop tops, and a fair share of '90s grunge and '70s hippie vibes.  Now, we can't help but wonder what other fashion pieces would make their way back into our wardrobe this year. 

Love a good ol' fashion throwback? Keep on reading as we list down the pieces we hope to make a resurgence during the remainder of 2017. 

Capri pants

(Photo from: Danetelle)

Before culottes and ripped jeans, capri pants wore the 'coolest bottoms' sash. The main piece for anyone who loves looking preppy and chic, these pants that come in classic colours such as black, white and khaki, take an outfit quickly from seven to a ten. 


Remember the funky up-dos back in the '80s? Well, those won't be achievable without tons of hairspray and scrunchies. These huge elastic ties give a lot more comfort than your average ponytail holder, and doesn't leave your hair with a weird texture after you take it off. Fashion gods, bring this back ASAP, please?


(Photo from: DebbieFermin)

You may think that slides are the coolest thing to happen in fashion as of late, but the truth is, slingbacks owned the crown not so long ago. The strap detail by the heel makes it the perfect pair in between a slide-on and a formal footwear, adding in the touch of versatility for everyday use or your pair of choice for special occasions. 

Hoop earrings

(Photo from: HLRYYS)

While it has become a long forgotten accessory ever since minimalist fashion movement rose, this oversized dangling pair definitely did not lose its charm over the years. Since high ponytails and messy buns are all the rage in both runway and the streets this season, you're sure to find your perfect accessory in this ear candy.

Halter tops

(Photo from: kristellebatchelor)

Sported by the cool girls of early 2000s, halter tops are the perfect summer piece for showing off some skin. This barely-there shirt is the mum of your cropped camis and shoulder-baring tops, and it deserves a spot back into your current fashion pile. 

Once these throwback fashion items make a resurgence, we'll make sure to pair them with these throwback beauty trends.