Take Picture-Perfect OOTDs In These 5 Must-Visit Locations | Clozette

(cover photo from CrystalPhuong)

Getting the perfect OOTD shot is more than just about the clothes you’re wearing or the makeup look you’ve got on; it’s about the location too. The perfect background sets the tone for your photo and can actually make or break it.

Which is why when we had our #ClozettexAirAsia Stylish Asia Photo Contest last July -- which Dianna Yong and Weeting Chua won -- and got to see all your beautiful OOTD shots in different gorgeous locations, we picked a few of our favourites to share with you!

So if you love travelling and fashion, then you better take note of these 5 locations that will allow you to take picture-perfect OOTDs!


XiMenDing, Taiwan

(photo from Instagram/@weeting.c)

A wide sidewalk with the city at the back is always a great place to take photos of your eye-catching outfit. You’ll have a ton of room to move and pose, and as long as the passersby don’t directly look at the camera, you’ll have a nice addition of a crowd walking by to add to your shot!


Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

(photo from Instagram/@laveenab)

Museums are popular places to take OOTDs since the numerous works of art make great additions to photos, but the Singapore Art Museum (SAM, for short) is different. It’s housed in a restored 19th century Catholic school so it has European-style details which will beautifully complement every outfit you wear.


Koh Samui, Thailand

(photo from Instagram/@vanityroomblog)

The blue waves and the sun shining high; who wouldn’t want to take a their beachy and summer outfits here! What’s great is that they have huge rocks you can either sit or stand on, so you won’t have to worry about balancing yourself or ruining your shoes while standing on sand. And when you’re done, you can just lie down and drink the warmth of the sun in.


Macau, China

(photo from Instagram/@nellecabanban)

Mixing details of the old world with the hustle and bustle of the new, the streets of Macau are often a fashionista’s OOTD haven as its cobblestones and street signs offer character to any photo you take.


Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

(photo from Instagram/@miharu.julie)

Whether you’re wearing pastel shades or dark and grungey ones, the rose quartz and serenity hues of this building in Sapporo city in Japan will add texture and details to your outfit shot. We guarantee that once you encounter it, you’ll instantly want to take endless photos of your ensemble.


Where do you love to take your OOTDs? Share them with us below! 

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The word “ladylike” may stir up images of how a woman should act traditionally. But the latest H&M Fall 2016 campaign is championing to debunk this -- by redefining the outdated notion of being ladylike and giving the word a whole new meaning. It’s safe to say that we cannot be more excited to support H&M’s latest campaign in the best possible way: by making a visual proclamation in style.

How a woman should act, feel and look should be entirely up to her. There are just as many ways to dress like a lady, as there are ways you can be a lady. Ahead, six style personalities -- Kyla, Georgina, Cassandra, Cheryl, Hui Yi, and Jasmine -- tell us about being #ladylike in their own terms with 12 looks from H&M; all power-packed with a feminine punch!


Kyla Tan (@_kylatan)

(Left) Dress, SGD 39.90; (Right) Shirt, SGD 39.90, Shorts, SGD 39.90

“Being ladylike is about embracing who you are as a woman. In my own terms, #ladylike is about displaying strength and grace with an attitude in things that we do and the way we dress. There’re no restrictions, there’re no boundaries.”


Georgina Foo (@seaofknit)

(Left) Shirt, SGD 59.90, Skirt, SGD 49.90; (Right) Blouse, SGD 24.90, Skirt, SGD 79.90

“To me, it is not whether one stereotype of women is better than another, or worse, men, but it's about playing by your own rules. The strongest form of empowerment is being comfortable in your own skin, being whatever the type of woman that you perceive yourself to be, regardless of social construct.”


Cassandra Tan (@cassansaurus)

(Left) Jumpsuit, SGD 59.90; (Right) Top, SGD 39.90, Dress, SGD 24.90

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

A lady/woman can be #ladylike in so many ways, such as (being) feminine, badass, powerful, fun, etc. Personally, #ladylike to me is being confident about who you are. We all have our own insecurities, but that’s alright because confidence can be built.”


Cheryl Tay (@cheryltaysg)

(Left) Top, SGD 39.90, Skirt, SGD 49.90, Cardigan, SGD 49.90; (Right) Top, SGD 17.90, Skirt, SGD 49.90

“When you stop thinking that you’re not good enough, when you stop thinking that you don’t deserve it, that’s when magic happens. Regardless of how we all are – girly or sporty, dainty or dynamic – we all share that same feminism. Embrace it and allow your personality to show through your style.

No one is allowed to tell you how you should look or what you should be. Learn to love yourself and find your self-worth from within. You have that strength – don’t be afraid of it.”


Ng Hui Yi (@nhyphen)

(Left) Dungaree Dress, SGD 69.90; (Right) Cardigan SGD 24.90, Dress, SGD 49.90

“I am a woman, and I play many roles in my life. Transitioning through the different stages for the past twenty-six years, these evolving roles allow me to look into the deeper part of me and to discover how diverse I could be. I am a woman, and I'm proud to be one.

There are no rules in fashion, just like how there are no rules in being a woman.”


Jasmine Danker (@jasminedanker)

(Left) Bodysuit, SGD 24.90, Shorts, SGD 39.90, Shirtdress, SGD 49.90; (Right) Dress, SGD 24.90, Jacket, SGD 59.90

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

I've always been different and felt out of place growing up. I’ve always picked the rough side, hung out with (the) boys, rolled in dirt, and dedicated a lot of time to sports. However, I’ve never felt like I wasn’t ladylike – I was embracing my strength as an individual.”

Stand up for the diversity of women and you may be one of 3 lucky winners to get a SGD 200 H&M gift card. Simply post an OOTD and a short quote on what it means to be #Ladylike on your Instagram with hashtags #Ladylike #HMSingapore before 19 Oct 2016.




Know what’s the best thing about being a woman? You can be feminine, delicate, and soft -- and yet you can also be independent, powerful, and strong at the same time. That is why when it comes to putting together your upcoming Fall wardrobe, stylish staples that make a subtle yet strong statement are obvious choices.

Our favourite Swedish fashion brand, H&M’s Fall Fashion campaign showcases what we look for ultimately in our wardrobes: an all-inclusive collection -- featuring floral prints, 70’s inspired cuts and floaty fabrics -- that celebrates being #ladylike in your own terms. So whether you’re quiet or loud, soft or hard, funny or serious, careful or careless (yes!)… you are your own woman and you are beautiful in your own way.

How best to communicate our #ladylike personality than through the way we dress? So take a stylish step forward and embrace your modern bohemian in cool feminine sensuality with these five Fall essentials from H&M!


A Statement Dress

Dress, SGD 39.90

If you’re looking for maximum impact with minimal styling involved, a statement dress is the way to go. This H&M dress draws attention to you in the most effortless way -- it is cut right above the ankles for the perfect length and printed in a bold medley of autumnal florals.


The Skinny Scarf

Scarf, SGD 17.90

The ‘70s skinny scarf trend, as seen on iconic rock stars the likes of David Bowie and Steven Tyler, is on a roll and we cannot be more thrilled. It’s the best complementary Fall accessory for our climate! Wrap it around your neck or your hair, or simply use it as a waist belt for a refreshed look.


Skinny Jeans

Jeans, SGD 79.90

Skinny jeans make great layering pieces for the season, and a sturdy pair goes well with almost anything from a flirty ruffled blouse to a white t-shirt-and-leather-motorcycle-jacket combo. Pair off with a pair of boots, ballet flats, pointy-toe heels, or even sneakers -- whichever that best represents the kind of #ladylike you’d like to be. This H&M pair comes with an uneven hem for that extra boost of spunk.


The Patterned Jacket

Jacket, SGD 79.90

Forget the regular plain-coloured jackets: a patterned jacket, like this pinstriped H&M piece, is the way to go to elevate your Fall look and add a little more personality without going OTT. Put this on from the weekday boardroom meetings to the weekend brunch dates in a dress or a pair of distressed denim shorts.


A Structured Bag

Bag, SGD 59.90

Opt for a structured bag that can accommodate all your essentials -- your smartphone, wallet, and your #ladylike personality (of course) -- without weighing you down. Go hands-free with this H&M piece, or remove its detachable strap to double it up as a clutch.

Stand up for the diversity of women and you may be one of 3 lucky winners to get a SGD 200 H&M gift card. Simply post an OOTD and your #Ladylike thoughts on Instagram with the caption: “I am #Ladylike because…” with the hashtag #HMSingapore before 19th October 2016.