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Fact: travelling is exhilarating. Another fact: travelling can wreak havoc on your skin. Between the plane ride, change in weather and packed itinerary, your skin can get stressed like no other. We’re all no strangers to a pimple (or two) or dry and bumpy skin after having the time of our lives in a foreign destination. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Don’t let the prospect of having bad skin deter you from having a good time while travelling. Just make sure your skin’s taken care of and properly hydrated, and you won’t have any problems. See to it that you’re using a product that not only gives you a feeling of freshness that lasts up to 26 hours and also provides lasting moisturizing and skin-caring effects. The limited-edition belif’s The True Cream — Moisturizing Bomb Jumbo instantly hydrates the skin — but it’s double in size than the regular moisturizer. Just the same, it’s still packed with Comfrey Leaf, which helps detoxify the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and clear — but you’ll have more of it to use! Here’s how it can give you supple skin during your trip and beyond.

Before taking off

They say prevention is better than cure, and there’s definitely no harm in starting your travel skincare routine even before you jet off to your destination. The belif Moisturizing Bomb is a good staple on your bedside vanity for an instant pick-me-up after a long day at work because it’s made with Napiers Original Formula that has calming, anti-trouble and anti-ageing benefits — perfect for warding off pollution and stress from work.

In transit

Your skin and the aircraft’s air are not friends. The level of humidity in airplane cabins is higher than usual, resulting in dry, flaky skin. So make sure your skin’s properly hydrated while flying. Start off with a cleansing wipe to remove any dirt or impurity. Use a toner to keep your skin’s pH balance in check. And slather on some of decanted belif Moisturizing Bomb on your skin for a burst of needed moisture.

While on your vacation

After battling the humidity of an airplane cabin, you’re going to be faced with a new dilemma: how to let your skin acclimate to the weather at your destination. If your skin tends to be on the dry side or if you’re somewhere cold, it’s important to wear something that deeply penetrates the skin to give you an enriching dose of hydration. The belif Moisturizing Bomb contains the Napiers Moisture Formula that hydrates the skin while controlling oil production. It’s a comforting moisture cream that gives your skin intense, soothing hydration that is easily absorbed by the skin, making it perfect for any type of weather… wherever.

belif's The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb Jumbo 100ml retails for SGD79 (worth SGD108). It's now available at THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores and TANGS VivoCity.

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The beauty world is full of things I never knew I needed and one of those are makeup applicators. It was only a few years ago when I started exploring brushes and sponge blenders. Before that, I just relied on my fingers or the generic puffs that come with the products to do the job of blending my foundation and blushes. So you can say that my discovery of intricate beauty tools is life-changing.

Each year, various new models of applicators promise a better way to achieve that elusive smooth and natural finish. But there are some that were more revered than others like the Artis Brush Fluenta Oval 7, which is available at Net-A-Porter.com. This innovative brush is created by Matthew Waitesmith, a makeup artist and photographer. He noticed that the typical brushes are actually built for makeup artists to use on clients, making it challenging for the average gal to apply makeup flawlessly. However, the Artis Brush, which features a unique angled handle and an oval head is specifically designed for self-application. At USD70, is it worth the splurge? Keep reading to find out.

Packaging and texture

Unlike your usual brushes, the Artis Brush Fluenta Oval 7 is especially packed and secured in a sturdy box. It certainly feels very fancy and reminded me of the wand packagings from Harry Potter. However, I think this would be an issue when you travel as it will take up a big space in your luggage. The alternative would be to pack just the brush, but would you really risk breaking an expensive beauty tool? 

As you can see, the bristles are densely packed

Moving on to the texture, I can confidently say that this Artis Brush's bristles are the softest fibres I have ever encountered in a brush. It feels so luxurious and pampering on the skin. None of the hairs sticks out and everything is evenly placed.

Application (Liquid formulas)

Left - After one stroke of blending; Right - Thoroughly blended

When it comes to liquid formulas, the advantage of using an Artis Brush is that it doesn't absorb too much product. Compared to other brushes where the foundation gets soaked up by the bristles, this one has the ability to hold makeup in place. With the first strokes, it felt like the Artis Brush was just smearing the product on my skin. But after a while, it begins to work its magic and it was as if the foundation melted into my skin. Talk about a seamless application! However, it doesn't work as well for concealers as it disperses the formula onto other parts of the face, making it hard to cover a spot. In my experience, dabbing a sponge is still the best way to blend concealers. 

Application (Powder products)

Left - Pigmented application by Artis Brush; Right - Barely-there application by generic brush

For powder products, there's also a significant difference between using the Artis Brush and a generic brush. Again, the Artis Brush doesn't absorb much product and as a result, the application is more pigmented with just one stroke. This is especially helpful if you're like me who, with the intention of wanting to have more vibrant cheeks, ends up putting too much.

Is it worth the splurge?

And now to the big question: is it worth splurge? If you're someone who is skilled at applying makeup with your usual set of brushes, then you can just stick to what you have. But for those who have a hard time working with an ordinary foundation brush like me, this beauty tool is very helpful as it guarantees a natural finish. I never have to worry about having those unsightly brush strokes because the oval head ensures a thorough and even blending. The angled handle design is also very innovative; it gives you more control over the direction of the brush. So personally, I'd say yes it's worth the splurge! And compared to makeup sponges that you have to replace every three to four months, this one can stay with you for years. 

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Anyone who’s been to Japan will tell you that commodity prices in the country are expensive — and that includes cosmetics. That’s the reason why — surprise, surprise! — some Japanese beauty brands are cheaper to buy in neighbouring metropolitan areas like Hong Kong and Taiwan or, in some cases, even in your hometown. However, it doesn’t mean that you should skip the beauty shopping if you’re in Japan. There are numerous beauty brands that are definitely a better bargain when you buy it there. Here are some that you should check out.


Even though CANMAKE is considered a drugstore makeup for teens, its quality is comparable to high-end brands’ and is often cited as a good dupe for expensive favourites. Be sure to bring home the Cream Cheek Tint, which is loved for its natural, dewy and long-lasting finish. Its price is definitely cheaper in Japan for just around JPY300 (~USD2.66) a pop. In Tokyo, you can find CANMAKE products at drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi.


Hailed as one of the best makeup brush brands in the beauty world, Hakuhodo boasts an array of handcrafted, high-quality tools. Each brush uses mostly natural hair tips instead of the usual laser-cut strands that make it overall softer and bouncy on the skin. For beginners, the J-Series, which features goat and horse hair combined with synthetic fibres, is perfect due to its resilience and great colour blending. You can head to their flagship shop in Kyoto or at their Minami Aoyama shop in Tokyo so you can buy directly from the producers.

Shu Uemura

It’s quite easy to get your hands on Shu Uemura products but if you’re already in Japan, why not stock on some of your favourites especially when they’re sold for a cheaper price? Don’t forget to include the famous Shu Uemura beauty cleansing oil on your shopping list! There are a lot of Shu Uemura stores in Japan’s major cities but it’s said that the lowest prices are at the Duty Free shops in the airports.

DHC Skincare

While some DHC Skincare products, such as their deep cleansing oil, are available locally for competitive prices, some of their newer releases are still more budget-friendly if you buy them in Japan. For example, the latest CoQ10 collection, which is an antioxidant-packed line, is still not readily available at beauty stores and most online vendors sell it for a high price. Buy it for less in Japan at Ainz & Tulpe stores.

Paul & Joe Beaute

Despite having a French founder and an English name, Paul & Joe Beaute is actually a Japanese brand. It’s famous for its vintage and feline aesthetics with a splash of chic Parisian vibe. Get their must-have items such as the cat-shaped Lipstick UV, which has SPF25 PA+, and their illuminating pressed powder with lavender pearls that reflect light for a brighter-looking skin. All these products have lower prices compared to importers’. Drop by at their Takashimaya Shinjuku beauty counter to shop these goodies.

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