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What's Up With Taylor Swift's Pastel-Centric New Look?

A new era for TayTay

Two years ago, old Taylor was pronounced dead. The country girl who writes songs about her little love (and lust) adventures and wears dainty grandma dresses is no more. She's since been replaced by a "stronger and harder" zombified persona who seems to have a strong affinity for leather, snakes and goth aesthetic. While the 'good girl gone bad' style is indeed a refreshing look for the pop star, we all knew that it was just a phase she will eventually get over. Now here we are, decoding the latest version of the 29-year-old's self: her resurrection.

Since February, Swift's Instagram theme took a drastic shift in tone. Pastels, shimmers and dreamy rainbows overtook the monochromatic posts that came before. What could this mean? Here are some theories.

It's about her 7th album

The most obvious and sensible answer to why TayTay is adopting a new look is because of her new album, which is teased to drop on 26 April. That's what we think so anyway as there's really no confirmation if the "4.26" caption is really for an album. But if that's the case, the pastel aesthetic could suggest a return to the darling days of Swift. We're expecting some sweet tunes with a little bit of spice. Maybe a '90s-inspired pop album? 

She's launching a lifestyle brand

Another possible explanation for all these changes is that Swift could be launching her own lifestyle brand soon along with the album. She's already been spotted sporting a new wardrobe that's a bit similar to her 1989 days but with a more iridescent and quirky touch. Could a new batch of merch be on its way? We think it's likely.

Her renaissance

Following the symbolic death of the old Taylor Swift, this new look could mean that she's going back to her roots as a country slash pop sweetheart persona. But now, the colours are more vibrant and more colourful which can be interpreted as a showcase of the more experienced and nuanced version of her former self. Those translucent heart designs and extremely girly photo editing are also reminiscent of the early aughts style — the era when she started her career. With this in mind, we theorise that she could be going back to the beginning.

Since we're just following breadcrumb trails right now, it's really hard to decipher what exactly we're anticipating. But we're surely excited to finally know in the next two days! 

(Cover photo from: @taylorswift)