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Today's fast-paced world is progressive, tech-mediated, and innovative. However, despite these many advances, humans have also become dependent and prone to many health risks. This is why movements when it comes to wellness and fitness has become the mandate of many brands and initiatives. One that has become well known in the field is Fitbit.

Evolving since their first designs launched in 2007, the wellness gadget brand has now launched Fitbit Inspire HR, which has elevated features and technology aiming to optimise one's fitness journey. Perfect for both those who are new to wearables and are already patrons of said tech but would want lower-cost options with great quality, this gadget priced at SGD158 aims to deliver a motivational and goal-celebratory approach when it comes to wellness. 

MandaOlivia Fitbit Inspire HR stretch

To see whether or not it really commits to its claims, we asked Clozette Ambassador Manda Olivia to give it a spin.  She said, "Being healthy is of top priority to me and fitness is the key to that. Be it spinning, running or yoga, scheduling fitness sessions twice to thrice a week is my way of release."  After incorporating the Fitbit Inspire HR to her current lifestyle and even taking it on her recent fitness retreat, here's what she has to say about it. 

First impressions

Just as how first impressions usually go, the packaging and the setting up is the first challenge. With this, we asked Manda how it was like when she got hold of the product for the first time. Manda shared, "My first thought upon seeing the Fitbit Inspire HR in its box is that I thought it was going to be a hassle to set up. However, upon opening the box and following the instructions that came with it, I set it up in less than five minutes — hassle-free." 

Manda then proceeded to share her experience upon wearing it for the first time. She shared, "I was really thrilled at how sleek and sophisticated it looks. [It] makes outfit pairing with active wear, or even typical day clothes, easy." She went on to describe it as an accessory that looks like "it's there, but not really" since it just "looks like a band around my wrist [and] gives a distraction-free feel even as I workout."

Fitbit Inspire HR

Does it slide easily into one's lifestyle?

"The width of the Inspire HR also fits perfectly [even for female wrists]. It also garners just the right amount of attention when I flick it up to see the time. It immediately delivered a seamless user experience," Manda noted. 

"The Inspire HR helped elevate my active lifestyle as it tells me my heart rate, the distance I’ve walked, the number of steps I’ve taken, and even prompts me to move whenever I get sedentary. Knowing these numbers is a convenient way to track if I’m pushing too hard during a spin class or slacking off on my run. Speaking about going on runs with the Fitbit, I particularly enjoyed chucking my phone at home and simply running with the Inspire HR around my wrist as it helps to track the distance I have completed," she added.

In which aspect does the Fitbit Inspire HR excel the most?

While Manda has all but praises for the wearable, we can't help but ask if there are standout features that she felt most impressed by. First would be the Heartrate tracker. Manda shared, "Being a person who constantly experiences spells of low blood pressure, the heart rate tracker is a good gauge for me to keep my resting heart rate in check."

Next, she also mentioned that the band itself also works best with complementing features, thus the Fitbit app earning its second place on her favourites list. "I find that recording my daily sweat progress helpful to hold myself accountable to my own fitness goals. Seeing the daily stats on the app helps to plot my improvement," she explained.

MandaOlivia Fitbit Inspire HR

Lastly, she highlighted its practicality and smart choices when it comes to design and functionality. She elaborated by saying, "Mobility is something very important to me. With its accessible and convenient touch screen function, I don’t need my phone to check the Fitbit app for my current daily progress; the stats are just a swipe away on my wrist."

Overall thoughts

"I would recommend the Inspire HR to not only fitness enthusiasts but also for anyone to wear it during their day-to-day. This Fitbit is highly wearable and a great way for anyone to keep their fitness journey in check," she concluded. 

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It’s Coachella season again! These past few days, countless Hollywood celebrities headed off to the valley to attend the most awaited music and arts festival of the year. Despite the heat of the sun, A-list festival-goers served up their hottest looks, and these are just some of our faves.



Tassel Madness

First up is Shay Mitchell owning the field with her all-black ensemble. Despite the dark colour, the dress the Pretty Little Liars actress wore dispelled any feelings of stuffiness with its square-cut patterns. Not to mention, it had this fabulous flair with its lengthy tassels flowing with the air.

Bold with Colours

Gigi Hadid, on the other hand, played with colours in her festival outfit. Her multi-coloured vest and accessories brought a nice pop of boldness to her look, but the supermodel kept it all from being too overwhelming by sporting white wide-legged pants for balance.


Hip in pink

Model Winnie Harlow fought off the heat this weekend with a cool bubblegum pink look. Not only did she wear a sporty baby pink pair of net innerwear, but she also kept it fab with her wavy pink locks. 

Boho chic

Joining the parade of colours is Alessandra Ambrosio. Keeping it chic under the sun, the model wore a black kimono robe with rainbow-striped hem and a sunset-coloured bralette along with a washed ripped jeans. But it was her round sunglasses that added that final vintage twist to her festival wear.


Statement glasses

Speaking of fab eyewear, Victoria Justice wore another piece worth mentioning. Her statement sunglasses gilded with green and white beads spelling out “Take me to the desert” was a perfect finishing touch to her grunge graphic tank top-denim jacket ensemble.

Purely white

Of course, we’re not forgetting Vanessa Hudgens, who has been known to slay the music festival every year with her on-fleek boho numbers. This time, she was spotted in a simple all-white look. Her lace-trimmed bralette paired with a matching tiered skirt was accessorised with a brown leather belt and a quaint straw hat, exuding graceful freshness during the event. 

(Cover photo from: @shaymitchell)



Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.


Paloma Urquijo Zobel’s venture into the fashion industry was purely coincidental. While travelling around the Philippines and researching for another project, she kept encountering beautiful weaves that inspired her to make these relevant again. Wanting to ensure that the history and identity kept being passed to the younger generations, she set out to create PIOPIO, a clothing brand that re-imagined local textiles into everyday wear. Read on to learn how Paloma works with her brand to help Filipino craftsmanship be enjoyed on a daily basis. 

Fill in the blank: I’m an entrepreneur and ____________.

A social innovator.

Your brand is known for fusing traditional textures with funky everyday wear. Where do you and your team get your ideas when designing your pieces?

We get inspiration from just about anything. While working, everyone sits together so we can openly discuss and brainstorm. I also try to take the whole team with me when we source the fabrics and meet the communities we work with.


Cultural appropriation is a serious issue nowadays. What do you do to make sure you're not accidentally stepping over the line?

Not everybody agrees or likes what we do, but I think people should also be aware of the difference between culture appropriation and culture appreciation. We repurpose these textiles in the spirit of respect and do a lot of research throughout the process.  Everything is done in an effort to keep our traditions alive and more relatable while supporting our artisans and ensuring that their craft lives on. 

How do you include the community in the production of your designs?

Our relationship with our artisans goes beyond just the buying of fabric. We travel straight to the artisans’ communities and spend countless hours listening to them and their stories. We then design the pieces around the fabrics and not the other way around in order to make sure we highlight the craftsmanship and respect the weaver’s process.


Do you have any tips for incorporating native pieces in everyday wear?

Immerse yourself in the communities you work with. That will be your biggest inspiration.

What are your favourite pieces from your collections?

My favourite pieces are our ikat ponchos and bomber jackets.

Share with us your five Clozette essentials.

PIOPIO bomber jacket, jeans, Cowboy boots, my reusable water bottle, and a vintage band T-shirt.


What's next for you and PIOPIO?

I will keep promoting Filipino talent and artistry. We just opened our first store in Makati, Kubo by PIOPIO, which houses around 15 local brands that support Filipino communities. In El Nido, Palawan, we are developing our artist village in LIO, in the hopes that others see the need for cultural hubs in tourist destinations to promote the local talent in the area.


This interview was edited for brevity.

(Cover photo from: @piopio_ph)