Tech Talk: Dorothy Torretijo On Selfies & Vlogging With Panasonic Lumix GF-10 | Clozette

Mirrorless cameras are owning the spotlight this past couple of years because they offer the performance of a DSLR and the compactness of a smartphone in one nifty package. However, because of the many options in the market today, it's also more difficult to decide which one you should invest your bucks in. And while there are many contenders vying for our attention, one that caught our eye is the Panasonic Lumix DC-GF10. Lumix has always been known for stellar performance and AI-like sharpness, and the DC-GF10 boasts the same capabilities.

This 16MP Rangefinder-style camera is said to be a great entry-level option for those who want an upgrade from smartphone shooting. It provides style, convenience and great functionality, minus the complexities. With these claims waiting to be tested, we asked Star Clozetter Dorothy Torretijo to give the Lumix GF-10 a whirl.

Dorothy Torretijo with Lumix GF-10

Aside from being fond of taking outfit photos, product shots, and nature and food snaps for both personal and content creation purposes, Dorothy has also just started venturing into vlogging. "I’m still new to vlogging and am looking for a reliable camera to help me make great videos. Right now, I only use my camera phone for shooting videos to post on my channel as well as take photos to post on my socials," she shared, making this opportunity to give the Lumix GF-10 a swing an exciting prospect. 

First impressions

Panasonic Lumix GF-10

When asked about her initial thoughts on the camera, Dorothy was quick to note that the fun colour range — orange, white, black, and pastel pink — immediately caught her fancy. She took the one in pastel pink for a spin. Speaking of the camera's feel, she said, "The Lumix GF-10 feels lightweight but of good built, making it easy to carry around. It also has a 3-inch tilting touch screen viewer that is really perfect for vlogging or just taking self-portraits on the go especially when I don't have someone to take them for me." 

A sensational snapper

Dorothy shared that compared with shots she took with her camera phone, she saw a major improvement in the quality of her photos and videos with the GF-10. She particularly liked taking videos because of its UHD to 4K resolution options. The camera's capability to also shoot 4K high-quality photos is also one of her favourite things about it. Aside from this, the GF-10 also allows capturing high-quality 8MP stills from its videos, making it great for vloggers like her to capture a nice thumbnail photo straight from their footage. 

Panasonic Lumix GF-10 test shots daylight

Left: Photo taken under bright light;  Right: Photo taken under natural light

Dorothy also highlighted the Photo Focus function, saying, "I'm very picky with what I upload on my socials and the Lumix GF-10 really helps in ensuring sharp and high-quality images that are crisp on the details."  The camera not only provides great bokeh for close-up shots, with seamless separation between the subject and its background, but also maintains great colour reproduction. 

Panasonic Lumix GF-10 test shots lowlight/indoor

Left to right: Photos taken under artificial, low lighting

Lastly, she also noted its great performance under varying lighting conditions, which is something her camera phone is no match for. The GF-10's Live MOS Micro Four-Thirds sensors, as well as its Depth From Defocus AF system, are the key features that aide this stellar performance. These functions and more make it a solid choice for a mirrorless camera in the PHP25,000 to 30,000 (~USD480 to 570) range. 

Overall thoughts

Panasonic Lumix GF-10 close up

"I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to up their game from taking photos and videos with a phone. The Panasonic Lumix GF-10 is perfect for photography enthusiasts, vloggers and basically anyone who wants to pursue a visual-driven creative path. And even for personal use, its performance and 3-inch tilting screen make it a definite must-have for getting those perfect for selfies and groufies." 

Learn more about Lumix cameras here.



Our mothers have always been there for us. Right from when we were in their wombs, they’ve done everything they could for our best interest. So, giving them a day of appreciation is the least we can do to show how much we value all the sacrifices they've made. Still have no idea what to get your mum this Mother’s day? Fret no more because we’ve listed down a bunch of things you can get for her to show your love.

A spa at home

A pink eye massager


Help your mum relax and rejuvenate by bringing the spa to her home. Give her something she can use to pamper herself whenever like the FOREO IRIS eye massager. Advise her to use it to spread her eye cream to help illuminate and refresh her tired eyes, making her look like she’s fresh out of a spa. 

A youthful glow

A blue jar of face cream

Albion Embeage Cream Parfait, SGD755

Since we’re already in the topic of skincare, why don’t you spoil your mother a bit more by gifting her a beauty product that will envelope her skin in moisture? A product that revitalises cells like the Albion Embeage Cream Parfait should do the trick to help her achieve that supple, youthful complexion. 

Flawless coverage

A compact cushion

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cusion EX Phoenix Limited Edition 15g, SGD80

If your mother is also a beauty and makeup enthusiast, then what better gift is there to give but a base that would give her a healthy glow? Surely, she’ll appreciate something like Sulwhasoo’s Phoenix Limited Edition Perfecting Cushion EX as it will help her achieve a long-lasting and moisturising coverage.

A farewell to bad hair days

A paddle brush, a blade-less hair dryer, and a black detangling comb

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Mother’s Day 2019 gift edition, SGD599

You could also opt to give her something unique yet functional this year. Maybe she’ll like a hairstyling tool like the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that, as part of their Mother’s Day 2019 gift edition, comes with a paddle brush and detangling comb. 

A way to express herself freely

pink and gold notebooks

Collins Debden Dazzle notebooks, SGD17.90

If your mum’s the type who enjoys recording her day-to-day in a journal, perhaps a brand new notebook would be the perfect gift for her. Choose one with high-quality paper, like one from Collins Debden’s Dazzle collection. Bound in an interesting embossed cover, the notebook will surely be a special place where she can pen down her unforgettable moments.

A luxe present

A beige handbag with a huge heart design

Dolce&Gabbana Devotion bag, price unavailable

Make your mum feel like the queen she is by gifting her a luxurious piece. Express your devotion to her by giving her Dolce&Gabbana’s Devotion bags. The bags are available in different elegant variations to suit your mother’s unique taste. Plus, with its heart-shaped design, it's like a tangible representation of your love for her, don't you think?  

Something to capture precious moments with

A pink camera and a black camera

Canon EOS M100, SGD599; GoPro HERO7 Black, priceunavailable

If your mum is one who enjoys documenting all the milestones in your family’s life, then a Canon EOS M100 is perfect for her. Weighing only 302 grams, the camera makes it convenient for your mother to carry it wherever. If your mum’s the adventurous type, then let her capture every fun action-packed moment smoothly with GoPro HERO7. 

An all-around luggage

White luggage

RIMOWA Essential Check-in M in White Gloss, price unavailable

If your mother is going on a trip this summer, why not make it more convenient for her by getting her a new suitcase? RIMOWA’s Essential Check-in M is sure to provide her with all the space she needs for her travel essentials. Not to mention, it’s sturdy enough to withstand being tossed about during her trip.

A stylish new look

A blue print chiffon dress, grey lingerie, a silver watch, silver pair of earrings, and a rattan handbag

ERES Pink-green Miste Lingerie, price unavailable; MARYLING Geometric Print Midi Dress, SGD825; Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection Ivory bag, price unavailable; Larry Jewelry Maia Circle Pendant, price unavailable; Tiffany & Co. Atlas watch, price unavailable; Thomas Sabo Heritage Sterling Silver Earrings, SGD279

Give your mom a makeover on her special day! Get her a complete outfit you curated especially for her. Since it’s summer, give her a chic yet breezy look that’s just right for the weather. A simple print chiffon dress that’s accessorised with the right pieces will make her feel the elegant lady she is for the day — and beyond.

A declaration of your love

A necklace with heart shaped pendant

Poh Heng Love Journey Heart Shape Pendant necklace, SGD950

Show her your adoration and appreciation by giving her a jewelry piece that lasts. Pieces like Poh Heng’s Love Journey Heart Shape Pendant necklace already speaks volumes, but be sure to still express your love with words when you give it to her to ensure maximum happiness. 

An indulgent food date

Two set meals laid down on fancy plates

Left: Singapore TWG Tea Salons' Mother’s Day Set Menu, SGD45; Right: Philippines TWG Tea Salons' Mother's Day Set Menu, Php1250

If you have no time to shop, then at least treat your mum to a sumptuous meal on her day. Restaurants everywhere are serving exclusive Mother’s Day offerings. All TWG Tea Salons and Boutiques in the Philippines, for one, are offering a delicate gastronomical experience for the queen from 5 to 26 May. For the mums in Singapore, TWG Tea Salons are also presenting a feast fit for the queen from 6 to 12 May. Meanwhile, Mandarin Oriental’s Melt Café is also set to serve a Mother’s Day Brunch Promo on 12 May. As they say, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so dine and enjoy together.

A day to unwind

Bedrooms of 2 resorts

Left: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa; Right: Capella Singapore (source)

Your mums would probably say that there’s no better gift than your presence, but maybe don't heed her advice for once. Why not make it more memorable for the two of you by bringing her to a spa stay-cation? This Mother’s Day Weekend, check in at a five-star hotel like the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa or stay at a top luxurious resort like the Capella Singapore and enjoy the lavish spa treatments they offer.



How's the first day of the week for you? No matter how it went, we say a good ol' wrap-up of some of today's hottest news will do you some good. From Met Gala going Camp to Vans coming up with a Harry Potter-themed collection, this Insider Roundup's got the deets on these exciting bits and more. 

Met Gala goes Camp

The annually anticipated affair finally has a theme for this year, which goes by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay Notes on Camp. The essay talks about Camp being a 'sensibility' more than an 'idea' and straightforwardly looks like a handout on everything about Camp fashion. And while it is less controversial than last year's 'Heavenly Bodies' theme, it's still worth noting that with Camp revolving on the idea of 'it's so wrong it's right,' designers and celebrities will surely have a field day making this novel idea fit into Met's usual eleganza. P.S. We wonder what Rihanna is going to wear.

Vans x Harry Potter 

This year is really big on geeky energy and we are so here for it! While merch for Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones continuously pop up, the Harry Potter fandom is not backing down with its latest collab with Vans. Going through the brand's website, we're expecting designs that pay homage to the four Hogwarts houses, plus anything 'Potter' that both wizards, witches, and Muggles will 'Siriusly' love.  

Liquid pantyhose?

Following the fad of body highlighters (we're looking at you, Fenty Beauty Body Lava) comes this new release from Huda Beauty called N.Y.M.P.H., short for Not Your Mama's Pantyhose. Leg foundations are all but new but this takes it to a whole new level of shine with its high-metallic finish. And while it boasts to look gorgeous on the legs for a range of skin types, it also claims to be a multi-purpose product that works as a foundation mixer or a straight-up face highlighter. Now, is this something you'll be psyched to try out? 

Brows on fleek for less with Browhaus

browhaus brow resurrection promo

We all know that getting those arches on point is no easy task. It takes up a considerable number of minutes during our beauty routine so getting them groomed surely helps with the efficiency. And with some treatments costing a blow on your budget, you definitely want to take advantage of this Browhaus promo. From 29 April to 31 July, the Browhaus Brow Resurrection treatments regularly priced at SGD1,000 to 2000 will be available for a trial rate of SGD300 only. This will make you say hello to brows enhanced with strand-like strokes that mimic real hair, customised to the right colour for your hair and skin tone for that natural finish. Bye-bye sparse brows for less, indeed. 

Nike posts a model with visible armpit hair and the internet is divided

One of the criticisms about today's movements for inclusivity is that while advocacies are present on statement-making campaigns, it still doesn't reach the 'make it normal' treatment. But even when a brand like Nike tries to make no big deal out of natural body hair, the internet, of course, has a lot to say about it. We're talking about the brand's recent social media post featuring visual artist and singer Annahstasia who dons a Nike sports bra while having her arms raised, showing her armpit hair.

While some applauded the brand for normalising body hair, some have called it out saying it was downright unpleasant. Despite the divide in the comments section and in other social media sites, Nike still has not taken the photo down — a clear implication on their stand regarding the matter. How about you? What are your two cents on this?

(Cover photo from: @themetgalaofficial)

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