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Try this — take a clear tape on the back of your hand, peel it off, fold it a few times over, and look. Do you see little pieces of skin flakes? That means your skin is dehydrated and needs balance. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have perfect skin. But having a good skincare routine is definitely a step in the right direction.

Think of skincare as an investment for yourself. It’s something that requires commitment, dedication, and patience! So if you're looking to revive your skin for 2016, why not kick-off the year with a 10-day skincare challenge with the Clinique 3-step system?

Think 10 days isn't enough to truly see results? Well, scroll down to find out what will happen to your skin in those 10 quick days!


Days 1-3: Your Skin Adjusts to the Products

In the first few days, if you feel like you aren't seeing much changes happening to your skin, don’t worry because it’s still adjusting to the new products. Integrating new products into a skincare routine takes time. But soon, your skin will respond in a positive way, especially if the products you are using are tailored to your specific skin type!

Days 4-6: Your Skin Feels Softer and Hydrated

This is when your skin will start to feel more hydrated. It has finally started to adjust to the products and is reaping the benefits! This is also when you'll usually see the most difference between your “old” skin and your “new” skin.

Days 7-8: There's a Light Bounce to Your Skin

If your face has a soft, pillowy texture, that means it’s becoming more balanced! You're on the road to a brighter, clearer complexion as your skin produces less oil and balances out the appearance of large pores and uneven texture. Your skin will look more radiant and smooth as the products go deep within the skin’s surface to restore and rejuvenate the cells.

Days 9-10: You're On Your Way to Brighter, Glowing Skin

Congratulations! You now have hydrated and pillowy-soft skin! But it gets better because this is the time when your skin starts preparing for a cell turnover which will make your complexion even more brighter, clearer, and radiant! If it only takes 10 days to see amazing results, imagine what it would look like with continued use.


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Playing with innovative textures and zesty colour, Lancôme’s 2016 spring makeup collection, also known as the Parisian Summer Collection, is inspired by the Parisian woman who reconnects with her childhood for new-found sensuality in new looks. A world where retro-futuristic Paris incites creativity, it inspires every woman to go on a journey to reveal the unexpected and go beyond appearances.

Soften up your looks this spring with neo-pastels with soft pop tones using the My Parisian Pastels (RM 200). Nestled in a box that is reminiscent of a box of crayons, this beautiful cheek and eye palette contains 9 shades or daring and iridescent pastels for a healthy halo effect that offers infinite combinations!

The collection’s second star is the My Parisian Blush (RM 145), a soft blush with a Play-doh texture that will give every woman that effortlessly radiant flush. Available in 2 shades, 01 Coraile de Ville and 02 Rose Haussmann, simply apply any shade you desire on your cheeks for a sheer veil of natural colour that will melt and fuse with your skin!

To top off this ethereal collection, a limited edition Hypnôse Palette (RM 160) offers 5 warm, coordinated shades for limitless possibilities to personalise your look! Four graduated tones, plus a brighter pop shade, will reveal a fun and feminine woman that can be both daring and romantic.


The LANCÔME SPRING COLLECTION is available at all Malaysian counters nationwide from 11th January 2016 onwards.

(cover photo from jin_photography)

In the makeup and skincare world, there are two divisions: drugstore and high end. Each has its own set of devotees, and it’s not “classist” by any means. Because the truth is there are products you can find in the drugstore that you will never see in high end counters, and vice versa!

Since we are all beauty junkies here, we know that there are certain products we should actually be spending more money on than others. And what are those? Well just keep scrolling down for the top 7 beauty products we think you should totally splurge on!



(photo from abeeyootifulmess)

We know brands like Revlon, L’Oreal, and Maybelline have amazing foundation choices. But when it comes to slathering a product all over your face, that will stay there for a while, don’t you just want a little something extra? Higher end foundations tend to have more skincare benefits that are more effective. So if you’re going to wear your holy grail foundation often, you'll get more than just face paint!


(photo from Slowbrogal)

High end lipsticks are just much more pigmented, long-wearing, and hydrating on the lips. If you want to avoid staining glasses and your teeth, just pay an extra buck or two to get quality lipstick! Plus, they tend to have more choices when it comes to colours and finishes!


(photo from Paperkitties)

A good skincare routine will do wonders for you! And among the products to splurge on in your routine, it should be your moisturiser because again, it’s the one that’s going to stay on your face the longest. Splurging on an amazing moisturiser will make your skin softer, more even, and hydrated! Plus, they’re more potent so you won't need a lot for the whole face, which will save you money!


(photo from carriesim)

Can you see a trend here? When it comes to your face, you should definitely splurge. And for primers, we mean both for the face and the eyes. High quality primers will create a smoother canvas for your makeup to glide on, and they’ll prevent makeup from breaking down and creasing!

Cleansing brushes and tools

(photo from paradeoflove)

If you want to try using a cleansing brush for cleaning your skin, bristles are the most important thing to look at. Quality brushes will have softer bristles that won’t irritate or damage your skin. But if you’re going for a different type of cleansing tool, higher end versions tend to last longer too and are gentler on the skin because of their quality materials!

Eyeshadow Palette

(photo from streetlove)

It's a debatable product to splurge on, but we say ‘yes’ to eyeshadow palettes because when it comes to them there are ton that boast of being buttery, pigmented, and long wearing, and they actually deliver on those promises! From Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palettes, to the Urban Decay Naked palettes, there are just so many to choose from! Whatever your preference, you will surely be abel to find your favourite!

Makeup Brushes

(photo from thechicsubject)

There are a ton of good quality brushes at the drugstore, and we mean a ton! But if you have the means, and you’re willing to spend extra money to give your face that pampering feeling while applying makeup, then go for it! From extremely soft bristles to some that are handmade, high end brushes will surely make makeup application a treat! 


What beauty product do you splurge on? Share it with us in the comment section below!