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Teva Love: How To Pull Off This Popular Clunky Shoe Trend

Ready to try the Teva?

Forget about stilettos and strappy heeled sandals, there’s a new and fashionable footwear for us ladies and it’s “god-send” comfortable — Teva shoes. 

That’s right, Tevas are the clunky and strappy “river sandals” people use for extreme water adventures. They have become so popular among adrenaline junkies that even major sports brands have come up with their own rendition of these adventure shoes.

What’s surprising is that these sandals, held together using velcro and often comes in the colour black, have found their way into some of the most regarded fashion houses and even graced the biggest fashion events in the world.

Power brands like Prada, Roger Vivier and Marc Jacobs have come up with their own rendition of the sandal and designers like Sandy Liang and Collina Strada actually used Tevas on the runway in last year’s New York Fashion Week for Spring 2019.

They're well on their way to being as popular as other widely prominent “ugly shoes” trend such as the cringe-inducing dad sneakers, now elevated by fashion houses Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.

But like all fashion lambs, we’re willing to follow and give Teva-inspired shoes a try. But how do we pull off these utilitarian sandals? Here’s how to wear Teva-inspired shoes to make you believe this footwear is actually cool.

Find the ones with heels

If you’re not ready to give up your love for elevated footwear, don’t fret. There are Teva-inspired sandals available that can give you a little bit of height. Anna Sui introduced colourful platforms on the runway in last year’s Spring NYFW while ASOS have come up with platform shoes that actually look chic on the streets.

While you're at it, try to choose those with bright colours to make a statement or better yet, choose one designed with beads like Roger Vivier Trekky Viv' Sandals.

Wear it with socks

Now before you raise your eyebrows at us, hear us out: Bella Hadid ate the runway wearing the Teva x Anna Sui flatform shoes during Sui’s spring 2019 runway — with socks!

If that’s not convincing enough, even Marc Jacobs released his own version of the platform shoes and made sure they also came out with socks. Meanwhile, designer Collina Strada transformed boring black Tevas by pairing them with bright silk socks and pretty designer clothing.

Wear it with a skirt

The thing with fashion is that you get to make a mark when you do the exact opposite of what you’re expected. Teva shoes are expected to be worn with boring adventure clothes like cargo pants or shorts.

To actually make the shoes look cute, try pairing the strappy sandals with something fun and fresh such as an A-line, knee-high skirt or even a long and flowy one.

Show off those legs

Wearing strappy, clunky sandals can be neutralised by showing off your toned and bronzed legs. Make sure your legs have been waxed, scrubbed and moisturised to make you feel confident about your gams. Try Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub to prep your legs and make you feel confident while wearing a short skirt or romper — and Tevas.

Keep feet clean and your pedi on point

The simplest and easiest way to make Tevas or Teva-inspired shoes actually look super cute is to make sure that your feet are clean and your pedi are well-groomed.

Even the most basic clunky sandals would come alive and fresh with a pop of colour coming from nail shades like Opi Nail Polish in Cajun Shrimp or Jinsoon Nail Polish in Tweety.

(Cover photo from: @steveakation)