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The 5 Songs You Need For The Ultimate Travel Playlist

(cover photo from CrystalPhuong)

Can you imagine travelling with your best friends and not have one song playing in the car or on your phone? Every great trip is always accompanied by an amazing playlist. Whether it’s a road trip, or hiking, or an overseas tour, it’s never complete without a collection of songs that will always be there to remind you of that fun time.

So if you’re stuck in a rut thinking about which songs you should add to your ultimate travel playlist, keep scrolling down to check out the 5 songs you will love rocking out to while wandering from place to place with your besties!


Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall by Coldplay

With its combination of high pitches and quick beats, this Coldplay song will instantly liven your mood, make you want to dance, and set the tone for your trip!

Search Party by Sam Bruno

Travelling is all about enjoying yourself and chilling; and this song by Sam Bruno will complement all your trips beautifully with its gentle beat and her nymph-like voice!

Time To Pretend by MGMT

Planning a road trip for the weekend? Start it right by blasting this eccentric song in your car for that relaxing vibe which will make you forget all about work and focus on this fun time with your friends and family!

Heroes by David Bowie

This classic by David Bowie will make you feel a combination of different things, such as independence and love, and inspire you to go places and do whatever you want! 

Army by Ellie Goulding

Boys may come and go but your girl friends are forever! Which is why this empowering song by Ellie Goulding is the perfect addition to your travel playlist – it will bring you and your BFFs closer together and make way for an unforgettable travelling experience!


What other songs would you like to add to your ultimate travel playlist? Share them with us below!

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