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The Art Of Brows Made Easy

With the new brow artist collection from L’Oréal Paris

A makeup look is never complete without our eyebrows on point. From natural, brushy, graphic, falsely neglected or highly remodeled...brows strengthen the face’s character and assert it. But for some, brows can sometimes be the biggest struggle when completing a makeup look--it's so easy to mess-up the brow and ruin the overall makeup look.

With the new Brow Artist Collection from L’Oréal Paris, the art of brows is made easy as the collection is designed to give women access to the expertise of makeup artists to refine, thicken, shape, accentuate, and define their eyebrows.

So for the most customized brow look, here are two new items from L’Oréal Paris to check out the next time you're out beauty shopping!



Styling your brows has never been easier with the new Brow Artist Genius Kit. It's the ultimate tool for designing your brows like a pro. In 3 easy steps--shape, shade, and style--you can create all kinds of brow looks, from the boldest to the most natural brow.

Brow Artist Genius Kit is now available at L’Oréal Paris makeup counters in The Philippines for only PHP 400.



The Brow Artist Designer Pro is a 3-in-1 pencil that allows you to shape, shade, and style your brows with ease. It features 3 products in one slim tube: a crayon pencil, a brow powder, and a brow brush. Experience the art of brows in 3 easy steps: SHAPE the brows by lining in the arch with the crayon tip, SHADE by filling with the powder, and STYLE into place with the brow brush.

Brow Artist Designer Pro is now available at L’Oréal Paris makeup counters in The Philippines for only PHP 500.