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The Beauty Trends That Are Going To Be Big During The Holidays

(cover photo from Instagram/@jennyvmakeup)

Forget about all the Fall/Winter makeup trends for a second because when it comes to the holidays, a whole new batch of crazy gorgeous trends are born. Of course classics such as red lips and a sharp wing will always scream ‘holiday party’, but why not wear something unique and different this year?

If you're afraid to experiment with makeup then you're in luck. The holidays are a time when you can go big with your makeup look, and no one will judge you. So make it count because from excessive glitter to multi-coloured lashes, the options are endless on how you can beautifully stand out.

Ready to take your holiday MOTD to the next level? Then keep reading below as we list down the 5 beauty trends that are going to be huge this upcoming holiday season!


Glitter smoky eyes

(photo from Instagram/@maccosmetics)

You can never have too much glitter in your life. If you’ve always felt that rocking glitter is too much for a nighttime look, then the festive season is the perfect opportunity for you. By combining shimmer with the ultimate party look, you’ll stand out from the crowd and appear ready to have fun until dawn!


Monochromatic makeup

(photo from Instagram/@jennyvmakeup)

People love to wear monochromatic outfits, so it’s not surprising that monochromatic makeup is one of the next big trends. Whether you want to go for a red, pink, peach, or nude look, this easy-to-wear makeup trend will ensure that you always look sophisticated and ready to go from day to night. 


Velvet lashes

(photo from Instagram/@ladychebli)

Velvet dresses are becoming a staple in every one’s closet lately; it’s no wonder then why the makeup industry has taken their love for the material to the next level. Simply apply a coat of coloured mascara, then line your top and lower lashline with a colourful pigment, and smudge it. The result is a breathtaking soft, velvet look that we guarantee you’ll want to wear for all the holiday parties you'll be attending.


Black lips

(photo from Instagram/@meltcosmetics)

If you thought dark berry lips were going to be the ultimate holiday party staple, think again because black lips are in. With every one loving the gothic trend nowadays, black lips are going to be the new must-wear colour during the festivities!


Graphic liner

(photo from Instagram/@eyeko)

Did someone call 1965? Because bold, graphic liner is in again. So don't be afraid to take your wings to new heights by rocking bigger and darker liner looks! Pair it with a bright or nude pout for to create a retro look with a modern twist. 


Which of these holiday beauty trends are you excited to try out? Share your picks with us below!