The Beginner's Guide To Dressing For Fashion Week | Clozette

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Every year, there comes a time when fashion’s elite step out and show the world their most daring and eye-catching ensembles. From designers, to models, to fashion editors and journalists, to bloggers, and to celebrities, fashion week is always the time when they truly shine. 

And from an outsider-slash-fashion-week-newbie’s point of view, it can feel and look intimidating (How do all these women manage to look so chic without looking like they tried too hard?). But not to worry, because if it’s your first time to attend a major fashion event and have no idea what to wear, we’ve got you covered!

As #TeamClozette prepares to attend Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2016, here are our tips and tricks to dressing for any fashion week, or event, you attend!


One accessory can go a long way

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You don’t have to feel pressured to layer accessories over each other. With the right statement piece, that’s all you will ever need to tie your looks together!

Wear shoes you’re confident in

(photo from chescademesa)

When it comes to shoes, wear what you feel great in because fashion events tend to have mingling involved, so you wouldn’t want to feel pain while looking for your seat and navigating through groups of people!

Simple can be chic too

(photo from sodapopp)

Everyone loves how French women dress as it's easy, elegant, and sophisticated. Which is why if you love simple pieces, go for a little Parisian chic and show off your sleek look during fashion week!

Take note of the weather

(photo from cforcassan)

Living in a wet or dry climate, rains tend to be unpredictable. So before you head out the door, check your local weather forecast and make sure that what you’re wearing to the event won't easily be ruined by a little water! 

When in doubt, sunnies out

(photo from FabooshLane)

Unsure with what you’re wearing? Then you’re in luck because when it doubt, sunnies out! Sunglasses are their own fashion statement as they draw people in, while adding a layer of mystery to your OOTD.

Downsize your bag

(photo from Limmariane)

Unless you’re carrying a giant camera inside, as much as possible, bring a small bag. Fashion events are usually crowded, so you don’t want your bag occupying extra space too. With that being said, though, no matter the size of your bag, don’t forget to bring your essentials, whatever they may be!

Be yourself

(photo from Vanessaxlim)

Fashion is about self-expression so don’t be afraid to be yourself! Dress with pieces that you like and make you feel good, and confidently flaunt it!


Have more tips for fashion week newbies? Share them with us in the comment section below!



With all the revivals of baby doll dresses and chokers, we were starting to wonder when varsity jackets and tea dresses would appear on the streets and catwalks again. But the fashion gods do listen to prayers because against the backdrop of a wistful New York City skyline, luxury fashion and accessories house Coach captures the "tough and tender" of the city for the launch of their global campaign for Coach 1941 Fall 2016, with the Coach gang wearing colourful sporty jackets and wildly-printed frocks.

The campaign's mixture of bold and somber colours, different patterns, moods, and aesthetics, is able to effortlessly flaunt the Men’s and Women’s Collection of ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and bags designed by Creative Director Stuart Vevers.

It features the Coach gang, comprised of diverse models full of varied looks and attitudes – Rianne Van Rompaey, Sandra Schmitt, Jing Wen, Caitie Green, Dilone, and Finnlay Davis – and depicts them as a youthful group of friends filled with rebellion and optimism, driving around Brooklyn in their vintage cars.

Shot by renowned photographer Steven Meisel, styled by Karl Templer, and art-directed by Baron & Baron, aside from sporting varsity jackets with delicate, colourful tea dresses, other members of the Coach gang rocked workwear-inspired patchwork and oversized shearling coats over feminine silks to showcase the brand's other new pieces!

Now that these chic styles are back on trend again, are you excited to purchase one for yourself?

Find out more about the new Coach 1941 Fall 2016 campaign here!


(cover photo from societyofsnobs)

A white T-shirt’s versatility has never been beaten. Whether it’s raining or shining, or if you want to pair it with jeans, skirts, and dresses, it always ends up looking chic and flawless! Which is why it's no surprise that over the years, it has grown to become a classic and must-have staple in every woman’s wardrobe. 

But besides the typical jeans and T-shirt combo, though, how else can you wear a white tee? Well keep reading below for the different ways these modern style icons rock this wardrobe staple; and we guarantee that after, you'll want to wear a white T-shirt every single day! 


Sexy yet sophisticated

(photo from Instagram/@kendalljenner)

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kendall Jenner can gorgeously rock a ribbed T-shirt without it looking too over-the-top! So go ahead and pair it with your favourite flared jeans for a grungey yet stylish finish.

Sleek Neutrals

(photo from Instagram/@oliviapalermo)

Always wanted to wear a white tee to work? Then get inspired with this combo by Olivia Palermo! Wear it with a dark blazer and a pair of black trousers for an effortless look that will keep you looking chic yet professional from 9 to 5.


(photo from Instagram/@imjennim)

Look instantly polished by rocking a white monochrome outfit such as this one from YouTuber Jenn Im! It will make you look youthful and fresh, plus, it’s extremely easy to put together!


How do you wear your white T-shirt? Share your tips with us in the comment section below!