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These days, everybody wants their social media presence to look pristine. Even if you're not a blogger and have no aspiration to be one, we're sure that you'd still love to capture great images to share with your peers. Phone cameras are a practical choice, but if you want to take the quality of your photos to the next level then you can get a DSLR or a mirrorless camera.

Read on as we narrow down our picks for the best cameras that you can use to up your social media game. We promise that we'll spare you the tedious technical details and just give the lowdown on the great features.

For All-Around Daily Snaps: Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

If you want something that's really portable and handy enough to fit in your handbag then go for the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS. For a camera with a small body, it packs an impressive 20.3 megapixel and a long zoom feature. It's got a built-in flash, an LCD screen that you can flip up (great for vlogging) and most importantly, it can connect to wifi for instant image sharing.

For Travel Snaps: FUJIFILM X-E3

X-E3 is a newly launched camera under the X series, which is a line of premium mirrorless cameras that use X-Processor Pro for the best image reproduction. It now comes with 24.3 megapixels, enhanced handling, upgraded touchscreen operation, an ultra-compact design — all perfect for when you're travelling. It's the first camera in the X series to have a Bluetooth function, so you can easily transfer images from the camera to your smartphone.  

For Fashion Photos: Nikon D5500

(Photo from:

Looking for an all-around camera that gives you an extraordinary user-experience? The Nikon D5500 is for you. It's equipped with 24.2 megapixels, can record videos up to 1080p, an LCD screen with vari-angle display and of course, wifi connectivity. Another feature you can enjoy is the touchscreen, which can help you accurately review your photos. You just have to pinch and zoom in so you can spot any blurs and reshoot if necessary. 

For Candid Shots: Sony α6000 

There's nothing more Insta-worthy than a beautiful candid shot. The challenge, however, lies in capturing these moments into sharp images. You can set your DSLR to a high aperture and you'll get a good focus on the subject. But if you lack the skills of manning a DSLR then you'll have a hard time taking candid photos. So, you can opt to have this Sony alpha 6000 camera, which has a fast hybrid auto-focus, superior focus and 24.3 megapixels for ultra-sharp photos. Share your images right away with its WiFi connectivity feature.

Which of these great cameras would you get?

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Fashion is often seen as superficial and shallow, but that prejudice could not be further from the truth. Fashion, like any form of art, is an expression of the artist's deepest emotions and desires. The clothes are canvasses of hard work and creativity. And once worn by the public, fashion embodies inspiration from everyday life. 

To inspire and serve — this is what fashion designers JC Buendia, Ito Curata, Cary Santiago, Vania Romoff, Mia Arcenas and Rosenthal Tee hope to achieve by showcasing their designs this Sunday (October 8) at the ICanServe Foundation’s Fashion Can Serve fashion show.

(From left to right — JC Buendia, Rosenthal Tee, Vania Romoff, Mia Arcenas and Ito Curata)

The one-of-a-kind fashion show will be held at the Raffles Makati Hotel where breast cancer survivors and supporters will gather to raise support for ICanServe Foundation and its advocacy of awareness and early detection of breast cancer. This year's theme is called Why We Fight. It sends a powerful message that diagnosis does not mean a life sentence. “Our theme emphasises the reason why persons diagnosed with breast cancer choose to fight: They do this for their spouses, children, and grandchildren,” says ICanServe Foundation President Tang Singson.

Finding Inspiration Close To Home

( From left to right — ICanServe Foundation Team: Fundraising Committee Head Bettina Osmena, Fundraising Committee Member Sandy Lamb Moran, Founder Crisann Celdran, Chairwoman Libet Virata, Founder Kara Alikpala, Fundraising Committee Member Camille Samson, President Tang Singson, and Fundraising Committee Member Sabrina Panlilio)

The Philippines has the record of the highest incidence of breast cancer in Southeast Asia. Even the designers themselves have someone close to them battle with breast cancer. Cebuano style visionary Cary Santiago shares, “I am joining this show since cancer survivors are so close to my heart. I have a sister who is a cancer survivor. It gives me great joy lending my time and dresses to this worthy cause.”

Rosenthal Tee also shared her personal experience: “The reason I joined Fashion Can Serve this year is [because] my main assistant is actually a survivor of breast cancer. We only found out she had breast cancer late last year; it was already Stage 3. Luckily we were able to find her the help to do chemotherapy and have the breast removed, and now she’s recuperating well so far. It hits so close to home because she’s someone I encounter every day and she’s like family.”

Collections That Celebrate Strength

(From left to right — Jasmine Maierhofer wearing Cary Santiago, Rosenthal Tee with Katarina Rodriguez, JC Buendia with Lia Andres Ramos-Moss, Vania Romoff with Amanda Florentino, Ito Curata with Mariel De Leon, and Mia Arcenas with Fatima Rabago)

The designs that will be showcased in the upcoming fashion show are inspired by the courageous and triumphant journeys of breast cancer survivors. Each designer will show their own interpretations and aesthetic. 

For JC Buendia, he aspires to cheer with his designs. “I want to convey happiness in my collection because I’ve learned over the years of making clothes for breast cancer survivors that the secret to battling cancer involves inviting positive vibes and being just happy,” he said. In contrast, Santiago’s collection this year will feature classic designs and muted colours as “a celebration of a woman’s fluidity and femininity.”

Mia Arcenas with Fatima Rabago

Mia Arcenas' collection is about strength and femininity. "I want [my collection for the show to embody a brave woman and] the fact that she’s strong and she can take care of herself, even with a disease like breast cancer.” Meanwhile, Romoff's signature feminine silhouettes and romantic designs will again be seen in this collection. “I wish for my clothes to convey strength seen through a woman’s beautiful figure,” she shared.

Young designer Rosenthal Tee also shared that she'll draw inspiration from different cultures. "I’m going to play with Eastern Asian influences,” she revealed. Finally, renowned designer Ito Curata said he wishes that the fashion show will be a success. “I hope the audience will have an open mind and appreciate the works of all designers since we all have distinct aesthetics. I know it will be a good show,” he said.

Beyond The Beautiful Clothes

(From left to right — ICanServe Foundation’s Fundraising Committee Head Bettina Osmena, Founder Crisann Celdran, and President Tang Singson with survivors Mila Camus and Techie Velasquez together with ICanServe Foundation’s Fundraising Committee Member Sabrina Panlilio, Chairwoman Libet Virata, Fundraising Committee Member Sandy Lamb Moran, and longtime supporter WynWyn Ong)

This year's muses will include a mother and her young child, and grandmothers and their grandchildren. This is to demonstrate the reason why breast cancer patients fight — for themselves and for their loved ones.

For this year, notable names will also grace the runway, including Margie Moran Floirendo, Gloria Diaz, Solenn Heusaff, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Katarina Rodriguez, Tootsy Angara, WynnWynn Ong, Techie Velasquez, Mila Camus, Sandy Moran, Sabrina Panlilio, and co-founder Crisann Celdran.

For information on how you can support ICanServe projects and programs, visit



Not to play favourites, but Bolon is set to turn the tables around in the world of fashionable eyewear. Officially opening its doors in Wisma Atria Shopping Mall in September, the first Bolon Eyewear store in Singapore is a celebration of variety for the inherently cool and classy. In essence — whether you’re in a flirty feminine dress or rocking a black leather jacket — Bolon has the ultimate form-meets-function piece for every individual.

At the opening event, we were not only treated to a visual feast of eyewear selections — at competitive pricing, no less — we were also given a glimpse into Bolon’s world of style and quality that exceeded our sartorial expectations. Here are the three key highlights.

Engaging in conversation with Fann Wong and Lee Teng

To celebrate the launch of its first store in Singapore, local stars Fann Wong and Lee Teng graced Bolon’s store opening. What do they think about the Bolon philosophy? “Individuality is what resonates strongly with us these days,” shared Fann. “I think being in trend is to dare to be ourselves.”

True enough, this pursuit for individualism is fast becoming a social statement — and this statement is unmistakably distinctive in the Bolon spirit. “It’s obvious that Bolon understands what we are looking for,” said Lee Teng. “We [now] have the power to choose.”

With the wide array of styles from Bolon, we couldn’t agree more. “The design of the boutique is very welcoming, said Fann. “I love it that the frames are displayed for all to try on. It is not overwhelming when you step into the boutique.”

Rubbing shoulders with stylish tastemakers

We’ve talked about the transformative power of an eyewear piece, and it seems the rest of the fashion crowd is in agreement. We spotted style setters the likes of style influencer Nicole Wong and a few of our Clozette Ambassadors on a hunt for their next statement piece.

Sneaking a peek at Bolon’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection

One of the easiest styling tricks to look instantly transformed is to put on a pair of sunglasses. We may not have the four key seasons, but we’ve already set our sights on the coming months’ trends, all thanks to a preview of Bolon’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, which will be available from November onwards.

From tinted hues to flat lenses, every piece adds just the right amount of edge to your wardrobe. Ready to give your accessory drawer an elevated update? You know where to go!

The Bolon Eyewear boutique is now open at Wisma Atria, Singapore. Read more about Bolon here.