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The Best Eyeliner Hack For Girls With Monolids

(cover photo from fionaseah)

Who doesn’t love eyeliner, or better yet, who doesn’t love winged eyeliner? While there are numerous liner tricks out there for those with a smaller crease or hooded eyelids, the same can’t be said for those with monolids!

If you were born with monolids, then you know that the struggle is real when it comes to perfecting your feline flicks. Luckily, though, floating eyeliner has entered the beauty world – an eyeliner trick where you draw your cat eye on your lid, instead of near your lashline, so that once you open your eyes, it snugly (and visibly) defines them!

So if you want to learn how to do this, keep reading below for the quick and simple steps you need to take to get your cat eyes on fleek!


Prep your lids

(photo from carriesim)

To perfect the floating eyeliner look, you’re going to need a good eyeshadow base or primer. You’ll be drawing your eyeliner on the middle of your lids, so you will need something that will make it extra budgeproof to prevent creasing, bleeding, and smudging. Apply your primer before your eyeshadow and set it with a translucent powder!

Apply your eyeshadow

(photo from martinaa21)

Before you get to your eyeliner, apply your eyeshadow first! And just because you’re placing your liner in a different area doesn’t mean your eyeshadow look has to change. With this liner hack, you can still rock from subtly contoured eyes or full-on glamorous smoky ones!

Draw your eyeliner on where your crease should be

(photo from rainfaith)

And this is where the magic of the floating eyeliner happens! If you have monolids, did you ever notice that when you open your eyes, your eyeliner just disappears? Don’t worry, because when you draw your eyeliner on where your crease should be, once you look up at the mirror, you’ll see that you have gorgeously-lined peepers!


Got anymore eyeliner tips and tricks for monolids? Share it with us in the comments below!