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The Best Fitness Class To Take According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sweat it out

It's a given that when you enjoy your workout, you perform better and do it more often. The question is, which type of workout is the right one for you? Of course, if you have all the time in the world, you can always try as many fitness programs as you can until you find the perfect exercise routine. But most of us don't have that kind of luxury, so we and the stars above are here to help you decide which fitness class is the best for your according to your zodiac sign. Read on.

Aries: Bikram yoga

People born under the Aries sign are known to push themselves to the limit, which causes them to be prone to injuries and accidents. The perfect workout for you is a class that's challenging but guided and doesn't cause too much stress in the body. Bikram yoga is the perfect fitness class for you! As a fire sign, you'll thrive in the heated environment, and your competitive streak will be toned down as hot yoga is all about focusing on your personal development. 

Taurus: Barre

The Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, so naturally, someone who's born under this sign will prefer a more elegant fitness routine. You should give barre a try. It's a unique workout that combines the technique of ballet, yoga, pilates and core training. The structured nature and slow-paced progress of this exercise are perfect for your enduring stamina. 

Gemini: Cardio Capoeira

Geminis are highly intellectual people and would love a fitness class that doesn't just work out their body but also stimulate their mind. Martial arts-inspired workouts may be the one that you're looking for. It demands both the discipline of the mind and the endurance of the body. You can look for cardio capoeira classes or even a capoeira martial arts classes to start your fitness journey.

Cancer: Vinyasa Yoga

There's no denying that you love the comforts of your home and that you're not always in the mood for an intense workout. Instead, you love taking things at your own pace and would love a gentle exercise. You have to get out of your comfort zone, even just a little bit, and take a regular fitness class to make sure that you won't skip a session when you're just not feeling it. You'll enjoy a vinyasa or flow yoga session, and if you find a motivating teacher you'll be sure to stay on track to achieve your fitness goal. 

Leo: Zumba

Maintaining a fit and healthy body is a must for Leo babies. We're guessing that you already have a favourite fitness routine that probably involves HIIT exercises. Complement it with a fun, fitness workout like Zumba to cool you down and release more endorphins. Your optimistic, fun-loving personality will shine through while you're busting some really cool Zumba dance moves. 

Virgo: Hot Hula Fitness

When it comes to fitness, your distinct advantage is your discipline, patience and perseverance. However, you don't like fierce exercise like CrossFit; you love a creative and fun workout. Hot Hula Fitness ticks off all items on your checklist. It's structured and repetitive in the best way possible, combined with music, art and a rich origin background.

Libra: Pilates

Libras are social creatures and will likely not engage in one-on-one fighting or any other aggressive workout. Instead, you'll love a fitness class that you can do with your besties and make some friends at along the way. Pilates classes are definitely up your alley. It's the workout that attracts friendly and generally cheerful people who love helping and motivating others. You can even find a pilates community online to exchange tips. 

Scorpio: Pole dancing

You want a workout that will bring out your soulful and intense persona. We suggest that you try pole dancing. It will ignite the passion and creativity in you through dance and music. At the same time, it's a great core workout that will strengthen your muscles and improve your stamina. 

Sagittarius: Swimming

Balance your dominant fire sign by choosing a sport that will cool you down yet will still give a great overall body workout. Go for a swimming fitness routine and find a coach that will help you stay motivated so you don't jump from one fitness routine to another. 

Capricorn: Running

You're not the type who's gonna get caught up in fads and other trendy fitness workouts. You stick to what works and for you, that's good old running and eating healthy. Take it up a notch and sign up for marathons to test your endurance. You'll also love that you're working towards a goal and helping a cause at the same time. 

Aquarius: Kickboxing

You're easily bored, so you need to find a fitness workout that will constantly challenge you like kickboxing or a boxing-inspired HIIT class. It's flexible enough to give you that leeway to express your individuality yet is still structured enough that it will make you keep coming back to monitor your progress. 

Pisces: SoulCycle

Like Libra, you don't like aggressive workouts. You love being social but not to the point that you'll completely lose your individuality. SoulCycle is for you. In a class, you work as a team, cheering each other to push through while enjoying some fierce music that feeds your creativity. 

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