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When it comes to completing a look, the easiest (and at times, quickest way) is through a perfect mani and pedi that complements your style. However, with the constant trend updates in the beauty world, keeping up with the latest nail art trends and techniques can be quite a challenge. 

So our Clozette TV host, Liv Lo, got chatting with the owner of The Nail Social for the latest scoop on what the hottest nail art trend is right now--move over pseudo-gel manicure...because it's time for nail wraps!

Watch this video for Liv Lo's interview with The Nail Social:

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Minimal & Quaint

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For something more subtle,  pick a minimal and quaint nail art design that is rooted in at most 3 basic colours. Once you've picked your colour palette, all you need to do is to play around with lines, shapes, word play, and a dash of subtle shimmer to complete that minimalist effect.

Geometric Shapes

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If you're all about that monochrome look, amp it up with a play on geometric shapes on your nails. Sport a unique geometric pattern on each nail for an art-deco touch.

Ombre Nails

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Want to create dimension and depth on your nails while playing with colour? Then get in on the ombre nail trend. While not exactly a new trend, it's a nail art style that continues to be a favourite amongst our Beauty Community for its versatility. 

A 2nd Take On The Ombre Trend

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Here's another take on the ombre nail trend--bringing the ombre palette down from nail to nail. Start off with a bold colour on your thumb and work your way down to your pinky finger until the colour pales into pure white.


What's your favourite nail art trend? Share it with us in the comments below!



Here's a product to add to your nail art wishlist: a spray on nail polish from Nails Inc. Developed by the British brand, The Paint Can spray on polish is a revolutionary product that promises the world's fastest manicure. It comes in two colours: Shoreditch Lane (Silver) and Hoxton Market (Pink).

As noted by Thea Green, the founder of Nails inc, "After years in the making I am incredibly excited to be launching the Paint Can. Our customers have been screaming out for ways to reduce dry time and for quick, easy ways to apply colour when on the go. So voila, the Paint Can innovation was born!"

The Paint Can has been designed for those on the go who don't have the patience or time to sit through a traditional manicure. For the Paint Can to work, all you need to do is apply a special base coat for the colour to adhere to, spray on the colour, wait for it to dry, and wash your hands. The excess colour around your fingertips will wash right off! 

It currently has a release date of Spring 2016 in the US, with UK nail art enthusiasts expecting this in stores this coming Winter. While we've yet to hear if it'll ever make it to Asia, this is definitely something we're keeping our eyes out on and hoping that it'll soon line the shelves of our local Sephora.

The Paint Can spray on polish by Nails Inc. retails for £10.00 and will soon be available on


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As a beauty junkie, I am constantly on the lookout for things to add to my health and beauty routines. Lately, I’ve noticed that coconut oil related products have started to pop up in increasing numbers on the shelves of health and lifestyle stores. There also have been numerous articles touting this oil as the next secret ingredient in both the kitchen and health and beauty routines. So when I was invited to attend Vita Coco's media invite last week, I jumped at the chance to discover their Coconut Oil products.

Vita Coco's coconut oil is USDA organic certified, completely unprocessed, and cold pressed. It also has the added bonus of having a revitalising tropical scent, which was a blessing when I tested it extensively as part of my beauty regime. I am glad to say that it has resulted in my skin being well hydrated, as well as being great for the hair as well.

So if you want to know how to incorporate coconut oil in your beauty routine, here are 5 ways to do so!


Use it as a makeup remover 

It does sound a little counter intuitive, but coconut oil does a great job at dissolving sun block and makeup at the end of the day. Warming the coconut oil in your hands and massaging it into the skin with a circular motion aids in the removal of makeup. After wiping away the makeup with tissue or a damp cotton pad, a few drops of micellar water to a cotton pad will remove residual oil. Follow up with a mild foaming wash and it will surprise you how soft and hydrated your skin will feel.

A gentle face and body moisturiser

Coconut oil aids in trapping moisture to the skin. In addition, its natural antioxidant and fatty acid properties make it a great skin moisturiser either by itself, or mixed with honey to make an extremely hydrating mask. Alternatively, mix it with sugar for a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate and moisturise your face and body.

Use it to repair damaged hair

Rich in lauric acid and protein, coconut oil is able to penetrate hair shaft to repair damaged hair. So apply a small amount to your hair, comb it through, and leave it to soak for at least an hour---or overnight for better results. Then wash it off with shampoo. You’ll notice that your hair will become noticeably smoother, softer, and more manageable.

For added shine to your hair

A dab of coconut oil to the tips of your hair can add shine and vibrancy to your hair. However, don't be overzealous. Add too much and your hair can appear greasy.

A great alternative to Cuticle Oil

Before applying hand cream, rub a touch of coconut oil on your hands and cuticles to lock-in moisture. At night, give your feet some well earned TLC by massaging the oil into cuticles and calluses before applying lotion. Remember to cover your feet with socks to prevent your sheets from getting oil slicks.


The 250ml Vita Coco Coconut Oil jar retails at SGD $20 and is available at all major supermarkets and speciality stores in Singapore from November 2015 onwards.

For the full list of its health and beauty benefits, with easy to use recipes—visit