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Everybody's been guilty of putting off their fitness goals on hold for a variety of reasons. And while some excuses are valid, we have to be honest that one of the biggest factors why 'gym time' is usually rescheduled is simply because we're feeling lazy. 

But how do we beat our lazy bones into moving for the sake of good health? Keep on reading these simple tricks that ought to do it. 

Use your internet browsing time for something more fitness-related

One of the things that we mostly spend most of our time on is browsing the internet. And we say we don't have time for anything given our busy schedule but we're all guilty of spending a big chunk of our time scrolling through the internet's random vastness.


So instead of searching cat videos on YouTube or looking people up on Facebook during your free time, changing up your 'search terms' can be a major step. There are tons of fitness videos online that are readily available — and free — for you to use and most of them are designed to be done in the comfort of your own home or work area. Once you get the hang of a routine to the point that you can do it on your own without a visual guide, you can easily re-create it while reverting to watching your cat videos during your break. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Do it with a friend

Planning a fitness session is so much easier if someone is to hold you accountable for it. But if the idea of a strict fitness trainer scares you, why not set a simple cardio session at the gym or take a fun dance class with your friend? That way, you get to hang out with good company while getting your fitness goals in check.


Take a walk or get cycling

One of the things that we often forget about health is keeping not just our body but also our mind in check. Getting caught up in so many things can contribute to why we're feeling lazy to do anything but rest after a long hard day that makes it so hard to even consider hitting the gym. It even adds to why we tend to binge eat when we're the most tired. 

So if you're really not in the mood to bust some moves and break a sweat, taking a walk or hopping on your bike for a quick cycle are simple solutions that deliver a subtle but powerful triple-threat: cardio, meditation, and detox. 


Eat right

While it can't give you overall results without proper fitness training on the side, eating right significantly helps in keeping you in top shape — and no, it doesn't mean you have to eat salad for the rest of your life.

There are tons of diet plans that don't require you to starve yourself or swear off meat, carbs, and even sweets — you just have to find the right one. You can also start planning your meals based on the changes that you are most comfortable with, like controlling portions or meal prepping rather than going for takeaway. 

Remember: it's not about body shape, it's about health


One of the misconceptions about getting fit is that it does not promote body positivity. But there is a major difference between loving your shape and not considering your health. There are both skinny and curvy people who go to the gym to keep their health in check and it's simply not for vanity reasons. Making sure that your body gets the exercise it needs so that your system is functioning at its full capacity is never a matter of fitting into societal standards but making sure that you can love yourself without compromising your health — that is the best body positivity message there is.

No more crash diets and cheap tricks as we debunk common diet myths here.



What's the best way to cool down when it's sweltering hot? We say head to the beach or pool and swim to your heart's content! Some ladies from the Community have already done so, and we're sure you'll be inspired to do the same after seeing their photos.

All smiles

(Photo from: MarlinaCarlos)

Ready for a dip

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