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Over the years, our closets have seen trends come and go. There was a time when they were was stocked with different colours of skinny jeans, but have now been replaced with culottes and pleated pants.

While a wardrobe full of trendy pieces is amazing, basics are must-haves too. Because isn’t it every woman’s dream to have a closet full of basics that will defy time, but still complement whatever unique clothes you find along the way? Luckily, Singaporean clothing brand IORA unveiled a new look with a fresh take on must-haves last Monday, 26th September, at VASK Tapas Room in BGC.

A mainstay in the fashion industry for 20 years, IORA’s latest collection contains pieces that will satisfy all your fashion needs whether it’s for casual get togethers, work meetings, and of course, date nights. And with their wide assortment of stylish picks suitable from mums to their little princesses, highlighting your personal style has never been this easy.

Aside from that, though, IORA also unveiled their latest casual line, Lalu, which features fun pieces dolled up with a touch of elegance!

And the best part? Fashionable clothes don't need to break the wallets of women anymore. The brand also announced that everything in their new line has been given a new, more affordable price tag! Their pieces now retail for as low as PHP 499, and can go up to just PHP 2199 -- that's a real steal! While its price tag has changed, its high quality will always be evident in each top and bottom you buy.


The new IORA collection will be available in SM Megamall, Glorietta, Trinoma, SM Cebu, and Ayala Center Cebu in the Philippines this October. 


Here’s the thing about men: not all of them care about style. Sure, they dress well enough, look clean and polished through date-night or even when they’re out with the boys…but at the root of it, style isn’t something they think about 24/7.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’ll take to get your man dressing a little bit better and step out of his standard uniform of shirt and jeans…it’s this: channel the way Parisians do it and get him to focus on the details.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with a simple shirt and jeans look, it’s a classic favourite. But there are ways to up his style by adding a dash of savoir faire – channeling the French standard of keeping looks tailored and polished, but uncomplicated.

As inspired by French premium label Daniel Hechter, we’re looking through their F/W’16 Lookbook for inspiration on how to dress our man better.

With the brand often regarded as the inventor of prêt-à-porter (aka ready-to-wear), Daniel Hechter is known for its iconic premium designs that blend French savoir faire with sporty elegance and tailored sophistication. And the creative eye behind it all is none other than Christophe Blondin, a designer who has extensive experience working for major designer labels and knows how to pull a man’s style together.

Ready to style your man? Here’s how you can upgrade his look from “just average” to “polished.”


It's how you wear, and not what you wear

Sometimes, a simple tweak on how you wear something is all it takes to polish a look. So if your man is constantly in jeans that look scrunched at the bottom, up his cool-factor by getting him to cuff the jeans. This not only makes the cut of the jeans look better fitted to his frame, but it also adds an interesting detail to highlight his shoes.


Shoes are everything

Speaking of shoes…shoes are everything! You can make a casual outfit look semi-formal with just a change of shoes. So upgrade his shoe collection by getting him a range of dress shoes – such as longwings, oxfords, loafers, and even boots.


Get a tailored suit

Every man needs a suit in his closet that he can wear both to work and to a formal event. But suits look best when they’re tailored to his frame. So if he has a suit that looks a little loose in some places, get it tailored. Or better yet, get him fitted for a new suit from a menswear line that will take into account his body type and style preference.


Accessorise in small doses

Unlike ladies who favour layering accessories together, it looks more polished for a man to accessorise in small doses. So pick just one staple accessory to pull his look together – it could be a watch, bracelet, or cuff links.


Men need bags too

To complete his look, your man needs a bag that isn’t as old-school as a hard briefcase, but still spacious enough to hold his essentials. For a bag that he can take anywhere, go for a structured bag in a tote or courier style to keep his look modern and on-trend.


Ready to style your man? Visit the Daniel Hechter Counter during Takashimaya Card Day to enjoy styling tips, amazing gifts with purchase, and exclusive discounts.

Date: 6th – 9th October, 2016

Venue: L3 Takashimaya Department Store Men's Apparel & Accessories Counters

Plus! You can also enjoy a free leather belt embossing service with every Daniel Hechter belt purchased from 21st October to 3rd November, 2016 (exclusive to Takashimaya).

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The word “ladylike” may stir up images of how a woman should act traditionally. But the latest H&M Fall 2016 campaign is championing to debunk this -- by redefining the outdated notion of being ladylike and giving the word a whole new meaning. It’s safe to say that we cannot be more excited to support H&M’s latest campaign in the best possible way: by making a visual proclamation in style.

How a woman should act, feel and look should be entirely up to her. There are just as many ways to dress like a lady, as there are ways you can be a lady. Ahead, six style personalities -- Kyla, Georgina, Cassandra, Cheryl, Hui Yi, and Jasmine -- tell us about being #ladylike in their own terms with 12 looks from H&M; all power-packed with a feminine punch!


Kyla Tan (@_kylatan)

(Left) Dress, SGD 39.90; (Right) Shirt, SGD 39.90, Shorts, SGD 39.90

“Being ladylike is about embracing who you are as a woman. In my own terms, #ladylike is about displaying strength and grace with an attitude in things that we do and the way we dress. There’re no restrictions, there’re no boundaries.”


Georgina Foo (@seaofknit)

(Left) Shirt, SGD 59.90, Skirt, SGD 49.90; (Right) Blouse, SGD 24.90, Skirt, SGD 79.90

“To me, it is not whether one stereotype of women is better than another, or worse, men, but it's about playing by your own rules. The strongest form of empowerment is being comfortable in your own skin, being whatever the type of woman that you perceive yourself to be, regardless of social construct.”


Cassandra Tan (@cassansaurus)

(Left) Jumpsuit, SGD 59.90; (Right) Top, SGD 39.90, Dress, SGD 24.90

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

A lady/woman can be #ladylike in so many ways, such as (being) feminine, badass, powerful, fun, etc. Personally, #ladylike to me is being confident about who you are. We all have our own insecurities, but that’s alright because confidence can be built.”


Cheryl Tay (@cheryltaysg)

(Left) Top, SGD 39.90, Skirt, SGD 49.90, Cardigan, SGD 49.90; (Right) Top, SGD 17.90, Skirt, SGD 49.90

“When you stop thinking that you’re not good enough, when you stop thinking that you don’t deserve it, that’s when magic happens. Regardless of how we all are – girly or sporty, dainty or dynamic – we all share that same feminism. Embrace it and allow your personality to show through your style.

No one is allowed to tell you how you should look or what you should be. Learn to love yourself and find your self-worth from within. You have that strength – don’t be afraid of it.”


Ng Hui Yi (@nhyphen)

(Left) Dungaree Dress, SGD 69.90; (Right) Cardigan SGD 24.90, Dress, SGD 49.90

“I am a woman, and I play many roles in my life. Transitioning through the different stages for the past twenty-six years, these evolving roles allow me to look into the deeper part of me and to discover how diverse I could be. I am a woman, and I'm proud to be one.

There are no rules in fashion, just like how there are no rules in being a woman.”


Jasmine Danker (@jasminedanker)

(Left) Bodysuit, SGD 24.90, Shorts, SGD 39.90, Shirtdress, SGD 49.90; (Right) Dress, SGD 24.90, Jacket, SGD 59.90

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

I've always been different and felt out of place growing up. I’ve always picked the rough side, hung out with (the) boys, rolled in dirt, and dedicated a lot of time to sports. However, I’ve never felt like I wasn’t ladylike – I was embracing my strength as an individual.”

Stand up for the diversity of women and you may be one of 3 lucky winners to get a SGD 200 H&M gift card. Simply post an OOTD and a short quote on what it means to be #Ladylike on your Instagram with hashtags #Ladylike #HMSingapore before 19 Oct 2016.