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The New Korean Hair Trend As Seen On K-Celebs

Short and sleek

Korean pop stars are not only celebrated for their musical and dancing ability. People also take cues from them on their style and beauty looks. Needless to say, these stars are very influential when it comes to heading trends. That said, recently, we spotted several female idols rocking a new look — the bob hairdo. Let's see how these ladies flaunt their fresh cuts. 

Krystal From f(x) 

While her sister Jessica had different hairstyles through the years, Krystal remained loyal to her long locks. It's surely a nice surprise to see her mix things up with this edgy look. 

Im Yoona From Girls' Generation

We've already seen Yoona with a bob cut back in 2010 during SNSD's Genie era. After that, Yoona grew out her hair and diverted back to her usual long hairdo. It is refreshing to see Yoona in this short and sweet hairstyle again.


IU is one of the few K-pop idols who doesn't change hairstyles in a dramatic manner. She's the one to stick to conventional cuts and colours. What makes her style unique, though, is her ability to retain that cute and fresh look — no matter what hairstyle she's sporting. However, it's safe to say that she looks cutest with the short hairdo. 

Suzy From Miss A

We've only seen Suzy with long hair since Miss A's debut. Little did we know that she'll look extra charming with short hair for her role in South Korean drama, "While You Were Sleeping".

Seohyun From Girls' Generation

It's been a few months since Seohyun revealed her new hairdo, but we still can't get over how good she looks with this style. The new haircut made the 26-year-old look sophisticated and fresh at the same time.

(Cover photo from: dlwlrma)

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