The New Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation | Clozette

Everybody's favourite foundation, Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD, is now being replaced by something else--its better, more-improved version.

When creating the Ultra HD foundation, Founder and Creative Director Dany Sanz wanted to please the most demanding eye of all: the digital camera. He always thought that foundation is capable of rendering a perfect complexion, with invisible coverage and a natural result. Thus, the birth of Ultra HD foundation--with the sole purpose of catering to the demands of professional makeup artists, making anyone look flawless, even under the most scrutinising cameras in the industry.

Since technology has advanced with the 4K norm (cameras that are 4 times higher than HD), the formula has advanced as well with the first 4k-compatible foundation. In a nutshell, this new hybrid of base makeup is set to be every woman's go-to accessory on and off screen. It manages to give that spectacular natural finish without making itself visible as it settles on the face like second skin.

It makes the skin look unified with no blemishes seen and with perfect, even texture. This is because of MUFE's 4K complex armed with 3 ingredients for ultra high definition beauty: Reflecting Particles, Luminosity Boosters, and Hyaluronic acid spheres. So is possible to have a foundation that is more invisible than ever, gives a spectacular glow, has lasting comfort, and of course--more shades to choose from. 

The new Ultra HD Foundation is now available at all Make Up For Ever Counters.


If you’ve been using the best moisturisers and serums, but your skin doesn’t seem to get any better, it’s not because they’re ineffective. It’s simply because they aren’t able to penetrate your skin. 

Over time, the skin loses its ability to slough off dead skin and it accumulates on the surface. This is also the reason your complexion looks dull and lacks radiance. The CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster helps tackle dead skin at the surface gently and effectively. 

Unlike other exfoliators that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids, this product features Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) that was specially formulated at CNP Laboratories. PHAs are hypoallergenic, less irritating and gentler on the skin, making it safe even for those with sensitive skin. The Peeling Booser also includes ingredients that help calm and soothe as well as a Natural Moisturising Factor Complex that keeps skin hydrated and healthy. 

Another thing that sets this apart from other exfoliators is that you don’t have to rinse it off. Use it after you cleanse, before your toner, and it helps your serums and creams penetrate better for even better results. Over time it promises to refine and brighten skin tone, regulate sebum production and reduce inflammation so your skin is radiant and glowing like a Swarovski crystal.  

The CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster is now available at select Guardian Health & Beauty stores in Singapore.


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Travelling is one of the best things you can do for yourself; and whenever you plan a trip, don't forget to include shopping time! Shopping for things from your travel destination is also one way of collecting memories (aside from taking lots of photos). It's also a great way to get to know the culture. However, you don't want to commit that big mistake of buying something that is already available in your own country.

So here's a short shopping guide on what to look for during your travels!



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Eating local food is a must, and so is buying local snacks. There are different and sometimes weird but delicious versions of chocolate, biscuits, and chips in different places and it's best to try them out to get a taste of what the locals like. Plus, these are good to bring along whenever you're walking around and you suddenly feel hungry! You can buy these at local grocery and convenience stores.


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Here's the truth: there are hundreds of makeup brands you haven't heard of (yet) because they're not available in your country. Countries considered as makeup havens such as Korea, Japan, US, and UK carry a wide range of both local and international brands. Plus, you can also check out their special promos and shop your heart out!  

Something From Local Stores and Brands

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Local shops is a way for you to go beyond the usual shopping mall destinations. Give local shops and stores a try so you can learn and familiarize yourself with local life: like what their style is, the things they love to read, and their overall aesthetic. Our suggestions would be a local bookstore filled with the country's old and new literature, art shops for small trinkets, stores of local fashion brands, and other quirky shops. 

Airport Items

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The airport is the best place to shop for souvenir items, especially if you're trying to kill a few hours before boarding time. It's a bit cheesy but those "I heart ___" shirts, mugs, key chains and such is a no-fail way to remember your trip. You can also snag items at a cheaper price because they're duty free inside the airport. 

Bazaar Finds

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If you happen to come across a bazaar then don't be afraid to let yourself in and revel in the wide spectrum of things you can buy that are locally made. Night markets are also a good place to go to if you're saving a few bucks. Everything is cheap and you can even get them at a bargained price if you're buying a lot!