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When it comes to our makeup, sometimes we want to go bold and other times we're in the mood for something subtle--creating a no-makeup makeup look that is all about emphasizing our best features in a soft, natural way (without caked-on makeup or striking contouring). It's a great makeup look for casual denim and t-shirt days, or when you just want to look effortless, light, and carefree but still stylish in a flowy day-dress.

So at the recent L’Oréal Paris True Match Event, we got a peek into their top tips on how to create that perfect no-makeup-makeup look. The secret: a flawless base.

Here are the 4 easy steps to create this look:


Step 1: Prime Your Face

If you love primers that blur away pores and fine lines for skin that looks smooth and luminous, then this is a product you need to swatch. It's a lightweight, non-greasy skin primer with concentrated light reflectors to create that perfect base for foundation.

True Match Blur Cream is now available at L’Oreal Paris makeup counters in The Philippines for PHP 400.
Step 2: A Foundation That Matches Your Skin Perfectly

The next thing you need for a flawless base is a super-blendable, lightweight foundation that offers a flawless, natural-looking finish with buildable coverage. And for this, you definitely need to swatch the newly reformulated True Match Liquid Foundation. Best thing about it? The world’s number one foundation now also comes in a sleeker silver bottle with a pump!

Available in 15 shades--from fair, medium, to deeper skin tones--each shade is formulated to go beyond just matching skin colour, but most importantly matching the skin's undertone--from warm, neutral, to cool. 

True Match Liquid Foundation is available at L’Oreal Paris makeup counters in The Philippines for only PHP 600. 

Step 3: Conceal & Blend

A flawless base is all about softly concealing imperfections on the face--from pimples to skin discolouration to those pesky eye bags. Pick an easy easy-to-use concealer that offers customizable coverage and precise application, effortlessly concealing the tiniest of blemishes to larger areas of imperfections. 

True Match Crayon Concealer is now available in L’Oreal Paris makeup counters in The Philippines for PHP 500.

Step 4: Colour Match Everything

Once your base is done and looking flawless, finish off the look with a blush and lip shade that perfectly matches your skin colour and tone. So to take out the guess work, find your #TrueMatch at your nearest L’Oreal Paris makeup counter and take note of your foundation shade. Use that as reference to perfectly pair the rest of your makeup to match the shade.

The shades of L’Oréal's True Match Foundation coordinate perfectly with the True Match Blur Cream, BB Cream, Two-Way Foundation, Crayon Concealer, Liquid Concealer, Powder, and Blush, for a makeup look that’s true to your complexion.



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Do you ever wonder which colours are best for you this month? Or which style would suit your horoscope sign? Or perhaps wondering how you can snag a celebrity icon's flawless style? Don't fret--because we're laying it all out for you! For this month, we have the Virgo women on the spotlight!

Virgo women are oozing with confidence and are very hardworking--especially for the people she loves. She is a complete woman full of determination and can do anything once she sets her mind to it. It is said that September is looking to be a busy month for the Virgo woman.

So if you're a Virgo woman (just like our Clozette Ambassador Eugena), here are fashion and beauty essentials to help you step out and rock the month in style.


What To Expect This Month

(cover photo from StilettoesDiva)

September is such a busy month for you because new opportunities will come up, friendships will cultivate, and you'll be enjoying the limelight a few days before the new moon on the second Sunday of September. Since you're juggling all of these, it may bit a stressful for you so you better prepare yourself! Make sure your mind is always set your ultimate goal!

Colour Of The Month: Blue

(photo from fashbrown)

According to colour psychology: "blue is conservative and predictable, a safe and non-threatening colour, and the most universally liked colour of all, probably because it is safe and non-threatening. At the same time blue is persistent and determined to succeed in whichever endeavors it pursues." For your career-oriented days, wear a shade of blue for little luck on your side and a fresh, invigorating look.  

Fashion Icon: Blake Lively  

Your Celebrity Style match is none other than the stunning and chic actress that is Blake Lively. You may have seen her portray Serena Vanderwoodsen in Gossip Girl; and to be honest, her personal style is quite similar to the ever gorgeous Serena. She exudes an elegant confidence in whatever she wears and always dresses up with a hint of femininity. So use this month to get your style on-point and channel your inner Blake.

Blake Lively Style on A Budget

by Styleogue

Style-To-Rock: Feminine & Functional 

(photo from Chevronz)

Virgos gravitate toward beautiful pieces but stays away from over-the-top pieces for a classy and elegant aura. Since September is your month, go beyond the usual skirt and floral print choice and choose something that focuses on your ladylike silhouettes. Mix vintage pieces with classic styles or opt for matching feminine pieces with a bold accessory for a creative twist! 

Beauty Item: MAC's Vamplify Lipglass

(photo from beautifulbuns)

To be honest, Virgos rarely need makeup as their health and skincare routine are always in check. But if you must add something to your vanity then it should be bold lipstick colours such these from MAC's newest collection--Vamplify Lipglass. It's a lipgloss infused with colour-boosting technology that delivers an intense colour payoff fit for days you feel like making a statement. This lipgloss plus a flawless makeup with brows on point and you're good to go.



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Clozette is not just a place for you to share you fashion and beauty inspirations, it's also a platform for you to get inspiration from other ladies who are passionate about the same things you are. From fashion, to travel, and of course, beauty, Clozetters have been up and about when it comes to the latest trends, products, and looks. 

For you to be in-the-know on what's going on in the field of makeup, here are 5 beauty Clozetters you should follow now for some serious beauty inspiration!




Aside from being one of the most popular beauty bloggers from Singapore, Cheryl Chio or beautifulbuns, also expresses her love her makeup through Clozette. She is also a big K-pop fan and we constantly find ourselves lured to all her K-beauty hauls whenever she comes back from Korea! She uploads her feed daily about new product releases, including a short review or info about the products. 



Leanne Ho's Clozette username says it all. In addition to her blog, her Clozette profile is also another avenue for her to share her insights, inspiring flat lay photos, beauty routine, and style picks. She is the community's go-to expert when it comes to skincare and the latest releases to look out for. 



Shebby Liquete is a self-taught makeup artist who's making it big in the Philippines with her craft, both online and offline. Her Youtube channel is full of flawless makeup tutorials while her Clozette profile showcases the products she uses--complete with quick reviews and MOTDs.



Romana is a Clozette Ambassador from Malaysia inspired by all things beauty, especially those that exude romantic elegance and luxurious living. So yes, she's more of a high-end kind of beauty girl with occasional drugstore and mid-range products in her collection. She also shares her selfies of her MOTDs and selfies with the people she works with from Malaysia's beauty industry so her followers also get a glimpse of who are the must-follow beauty girls from their country. 



Most beauty Clozetters share products and MOTDs but not so much their EOTDs. Luckily for us, Beautybyrah is one Clozetter that posts her eye makeup looks to inspire us to get creative with our eye looks too. Her makeup is always on point and her eye looks are always on fleek, so you better click that follow button now!