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Sunglasses are a great accessory to any outfit. They can easily turn a simple look into a high-fashion one, they protect your eyes, and let’s be honest, the mystery they add is just chic. Once you find the right one, it can even last for years if the quality is superb!

But, sunglasses won’t suit every one. There are certain styles made for certain face shapes in mind! So if you want to find the perfect pair of shades for your face shape, just keep reading below for the 5 most popular styles of sunnies and which face shape they’ll gorgeously work on!


Cat Eye

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If you have square, heart, or oval shaped face, you can rock these sassy pair of shades! A cat eye frame will easily add a bit of power with your OOTD because of it’s sharp edges and precise cut. So if you love power dressing, now you know which pair of sunnies will go well with your looks!


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For all the women with a round and oval face, oversized sunglasses will be your new go-to accessory! Whether it has a square frame or an eccentric geometric style, it will beautifully complement your shape, add a chic touch to your look, and protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the Sun!


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Aviator-styled shades have already been around for a long time because it’s so versatile! One of the few styles that works for all face shapes, if you want to add a little edginess to your look, then you’re going to love this one!


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You may be thinking that round sunglasses are boring, but not when it’s worn by the right shape! Just like the cat eye style, square, heart, and oval shaped faces can rock this. Because of its smooth cut, it can soften the edges of square and heart-shaped faces, while oval shaped faces can rock this because their shape is universal — they can rock anything they want!


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Just like aviators, wayfarers have been around for a long time too. So if you want to sport these vintage frames, go ahead! Its unique mixture of sharp and soft, square and round make it uniquely suitable for all face shapes. From office attire to feminine dresses, this style will always pull your looks together!


What's your favourite sunnies to rock? Tell us in the comment section below!



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If your job requires you to look all-buttoned up, that doesn’t mean your flair for fashion will be out of business. Instead, step up your game with these five smartly tailored pieces that you can mix and match to make you feel like a boss.

And since we know creating a 9-to-5 wardrobe is not easy, let ClozetteSHOPPE’s latest Style Report show you new styles under $96 that will work with your current office essentials. You’re welcome!



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A shirtdress always looks manageable, professional and naturally put-together. Aren’t those the main criteria for the perfect workwear? Our Pick: Club L Relaxed Shirtdress

Sleeveless Trench Coat

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The trendy tailored sleeveless coat or longline vest is very versatile – you can dress it up with trousers or a pencil skirt and button-down shirt and take it easy and dress it down with dark jeans and a tank top. Our Pick: ASOS Longline Sleeveless Jacket


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This is a chic solution to those nothing-to-wear mornings when you wish for an outfit to materialize from the inside of your closet. Wear it with your new longline vest plus heels, or on its own with ballet flats when you step out the office. Our Pick: ASOS Wrap Jumpsuit

Printed Pencil Skirt

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We’re fans of pieces with double purpose, and one such piece is the pencil skirt which can take us to a Monday morning meeting and a weekend excursion the next, while keeping our look classic and pulled-together. Our Pick: ZALORA Ashley Collection Midi Pencil Skirt

White Oxford Shirt

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A crisp, plain oxford shirt is probably like fashion’s equivalent of the beauty holy grail so it is crucial to own one (or two) of this. Our Pick: House of Fraser Pintuck Shirt


Which tailored piece do you love? Let us know in the comment section below!



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In every decade, there’s always a part where fashion trends from the past return and make a glorious comeback such as leather jackets 70's, wayfarers in the 80's, skinny brows in the 90's, and many more. This decade, the 2010's, it’s all about the 70’s from flared jeans, to culottes, and to suede and fringe in everything.

While so many gorgeous trends have been resurrected from the 20th century, there are still some that we wish would become trendy again! What are those? Well, just keep reading below for the list of vintage fashion trends we hope to see grace the streets and catwalks again!


Round Sunglasses

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Cat eye frames, wayfarers, and oversized sunglasses are magnificent. They flatter every face shape and they protect our eyes from damaging Sun rays. But it’s time for round sunglasses to take the crown! They can flatter any face shape too, come in different sizes, and colours! It’s time to wear a pair that matches perfectly with our bohemian spirits.

Poof Skirt

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Call us old-fashioned but poof skirts, the kinds our grandmothers used to wear, are divine! They can turn any OOTD into a statement, be dressed up or down, and they come in a variety of textures and materials so you can choose your favourite and rock it anywhere you go!


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It’s unfortunate that no one ever wears hats these days, even though they can protect our faces from the Sun, make us look extra sophisticated, and work as a gorgeous accessory! They need to be an OOTD staple again soon! And we don't have to be stuck with just one since there are just so many styles to choose from besides the typical fedora and floppy hats, such as the cloche, a bowler hat, and a beret!

Fitted Rompers

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Rompers are so comfortable and easy to wear, but we really miss the time when they were fitted! When they would hug your curves beautifully and emphasise your best assets, they were epitome of ‘effortless chic’. Plus, women who are busy will love them because they're so easy to wear, and they can make anyone look put together in under 5 minutes!

Sophisticated Leopard

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Another trend that seems to have disappeared off the fashion radar, we understand that wearing leopard prints can be difficult because of its boldness. But when it’s worn the right way, it just look gorgeous and breathtaking! Whether it’s a coat, a pair of gloves, shoes, or an A-line dress, this print will look elegant and chic during the day and night!

Flapper Dresses

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Forget bandage dresses, high-waisted shorts, and mini skirts because flapper dresses were the party outfit of the 1920’s, and it should be this decade’s too! Beautifully embellished, colourful, bright, and sophisticated, it’s no wonder why the women of that era had the funnest nightlife!


What vintage fashion or beauty trend do you want to come back? Tell us in the comment section below!