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Research shows that more than 50% of women across Asia experience sensitive face and body skin in the past 12 months. One of out two women will not visit a skincare professional for their skin condition. The same study shows that 71% and 61% of Filipinas have sensitive face and body skin, respectively. 

While sensitivity might be one of women's greatest strength, it has no place in our lives when it comes to our skin. So Physiogel is taking a stand and freeing women everywhere with their #FreeInMySkin Movement. With their differentiated, science-based, dermatologist-recommended solution for dry and sensitive skin, the campaign seeks to enable women to find the right solutions to free themselves from dry and sensitive skin.

This is in conjunction with the latest release of their new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line, a differentiated science-led solution featuring the unique Physiogel BioMimic Technology® that works to soothe and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier while being non-comedogenic, and free from soap, preservatives, perfumes and colourants.

Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin Movement starts with self discovery, as it aims to help women be more aware of themselves so they can uncover their full potential. It challenges women to look past their skin insecurities in the hope of helping them fulfil dreams they have always wanted to achieve. 

This journey to self discovery starts with taking the Freedom List Challenge--an online lifestyle quiz that represents what women can achieve when freed from dry and sensitive skin. 

The result of the quiz provides a glimpse to one’s personality that ranges from being a savvy collaborator, inspiring innovator, charismatic motivator and elegant sophisticate--revealing worthwhile hints that may help them embrace and live life to the fullest.

There is now no need to feel hindered, bothered, and uncomfortable with dry, itchy, irritated skin. Set your skin free with the proven science of Physiogel and discover your true potential!


Love Cushion Compacts? Then you'll love this one as Lancôme brings their latest Blanc Expert Cushion Compact to the market. It's a hybrid makeup product in an unprecedented texture, offering a unique, effortless result with a surprising fresh glow on-skin. It also gives refined skin texture and a wonderful overall feeling of well-being. 

What we love most about this cushion is that it is a long wear formula that gives skin a dewy and rosy complexion all day while staying strong against sweat and sebum. Plus (and here's the best part) it's a versatile product that functions as a primer, BB cream, and foundation. Apply one layer as your primer to hold your foundation to last all day, apply a second layer for it to function like a BB cream for sheer coverage, and apply a third layer for a full-on foundation-like coverage! The cushion is also available in 8 shades to quit a variety of Asian skintones.

The Lancôme Cushionista Blanc Expert Cushion Compact is now available at all Lancôme counters in Malaysia and priced at RM143.10 for refill and RM37.10 for the Cushion Case. 

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Lancôme Cushionista Blanc Expert Cushion


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Now that you're no longer a newbie in the beauty world, it's time to upgrade your makeup kit! We have 3 good reasons why you should do this: you have to throw out old makeup and replace them with new and quality items, you have to experiment with new looks for your future #FOTDs, and you need new tools to learn the tricks of the trade.

If you're itching to try these things, then check out our list of things you need to upgrade your makeup kit! 


Anything In Fun Colours

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If you always have your basics--black/brown eyeliner and mascara, and red and nude lippies--then it's time to add a dash of colour to your stash! On days you feel more adventurous with makeup, experiment with coloured eyeliners and mascara, and lippies in bright shades like neon or pastel for an upgraded and artsy #MOTD. 

Eyeshadow Palette

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Upgrading your makeup kit also means upgrading your makeup skills. The shades on your palette are combined for a reason--lighter shades are your base and highlight colours, medium shades are for your crease, dark shades are for the outer corners of your lids, and sparkly colours are for the middle of your lids. Learn more about how you can jazz your eye makeup by using the colours found in your eyeshadow palette and you'll be sporting that perfect smokey eye in no time! 

Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are the prettiest tools a girl can have. You need these for your liquid foundations, blushes, bronzers, concealers, highlighters, and even eye makeup. Without a good and trusty set, you're stuck with always using your fingers and gunky sponges that are breeding grounds for bacteria. So it's time to invest in a wide collection of brushes for every application technique--from stippling brushes, to flat-top kabuki brushes, up to a wide selection of crease brushes in varying size and shapes. 

Base Products

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If you only have 2 products for your foundation routine, then it's about time for a foundation upgrade! Invest in a quality new foundation that is better suited for your skin and throw in a selection of primers, setting sprays, and looser powders to keep your foundation lasting through the day. With your new arsenal of products, you'll soon be able to achieve that flawless base makeup everyone's talking about.

Luxury Products

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Buying luxury products is not a total requirement but it is part of the upgrade process if you think you're ready for such an investment. These products may be pricey, but you do get what you pay for in terms of packaging and quality. If you're unsure which luxury item to invest in first, we suggest getting a foundation and contour and highlight palette for that flawless, signature finish.