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While millennials are getting a lot of flak for sensationalising the mantra “YOLO” ("you only live once") and some even questioning its misuse and reference to the ancient proverb "Carpe Diem," it is apparent that across generations, the “present moment awareness” is regarded as a very powerful philosophical ideal.

In the book The Power of Now — a New York Times bestseller, which sold millions of copies and was translated into 33 languages — Eckhart Tolle stresses the importance of living in the present moment.

Below are some of the key lessons to glean from the book.

Now is all there ever is. 

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“Live in the moment because the present is all we have. Nothing exists outside the Now." This is the main gist of the book. The author recommends that we approach life as if nothing happened in the past or as if nothing will happen in the future, to instead simply focus on what is happening now. After all, there is nothing more we can do about the past, and we can never know what's in store in the future. But we can always deal with what’s happening at the moment.

It is important to note though that living in the present moment doesn’t mean we no longer strive to set goals and achieve things. It’s about honouring and embracing the present moment instead of getting trapped in the imaginary future, which when perceived as better, creates a sense of dissatisfaction of the present moment and when perceived as worse, creates anxiety.

Now is all we ever have. Embrace it, live it, love it.

Be totally in the moment 

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As the famous idiom goes, “Bloom where you are planted." We need to learn to bloom even if we find ourselves planted through the cracks of hard, desolate, barren concrete. Whatever our current situation may be, we need to embrace it because every chapter in our lives prepares us for the next.

And should we find our present moment unbearable, Tolle suggests this three-pronged approach: First, remove ourselves from the situation. Second, change it. Third, accept it totally. The most important part is taking responsibility for our own fate by at least doing one of these options, doing it now and accepting the consequences.

Surrender is not weakness 

But if there is totally nothing we can do to change our situation, then we need to accept it, embrace it, and we need to do so fully  — to absolutely surrender to what is.

Most of us define surrender in a negative light — giving up and being passive about a life situation. But true surrender can be very empowering. Tolle explains that “surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.” The moment we learn to embrace what is and work with it and not against it is when we will no longer struggle and resist. That’s when we find peace, ease and happiness.

Don’t look for peace 

“Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. This is the miracle of surrender.”

This may sound counterintuitive, as we often hear people telling us to find peace whenever we get stressed out. Tolle points out that looking for peace or any other state sets up an inner conflict and unconscious resistance. In essence, we need to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

If you choose to change something, do it without being negative about it.

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“Anything that is done with negative energy will become contaminated by it. In fact, in most cases it keeps you stuck in it, blocking real change.”

The same thing is happening in our call-out culture today. People speak up, voice out their opinions, maybe with the pure intent of “enlightening and educating” others but more often than not, they miss out and lose sight of the most important facet — that change boils down to positivity. Because no matter how good the intention is, if we do something with a hint of negativity, this negativity will seep through the cracks and pollute the whole thing. And in the grand scheme of things, when we pollute our inner being, we also affect those around us, as well as the collective human psyche of which we are a part of. Tolle elaborates that “the pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution. If humans clear inner pollution, then they will also cease to create outer pollution.”



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