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The Reality Of Going On A Juice Cleanse

Keep reading to learn more about my experience and tips on how to power through it!

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Juice cleanses have been famous for a while now with the maple-syrup-cayenne-lemon mixture being the most known. It’s even created a debate between people who praise it, and those who say it’s not actually doing anything for your body.

I, for one, wanted to try it out for myself to see whether either side’s claims were true. Instead of doing a typical 3-day or 7-day cleanse, though, I opted to just dip my toes by trying it out for 1 day – drinking 2 bottles of juice per meal. Sounds easy, right? Well, you’d be surprised at what actually happened.

If you’re curious to try juice cleansing, then keep reading below to find out what my mind and body went through when I went on a “solid food strike”, as well as tips on how to power through it! 


Breakfast: the easiest meal of the day

Since I had technically been fasting the whole night (aka sleeping), drinking juice for breakfast felt easy. It even gave me a boost of motivation that I could do more than a 1-day cleanse! Sadly, it didn’t last.

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Mid-morning: in a state of shock

I love food, especially carbs. So once I stopped ingesting solid food, drank two bottles of juice, and called that a 'meal', my body went into a state of shock. It craved and craved solid foods.

To handle my cravings, I constantly drank water and tea. Not only is it a recommended partner for juice cleanses, but it actually helps you feel full and assists your body in purging out the bad toxins!

Lunch: hungry and tired

Any optimism I had during the morning disappeared by lunchtime as it was one of the worst parts during the cleanse. It was the first time I could really feel every bit of my body being hungry. I had no energy, I was cranky, and I was craving salt because all my juices were leaning toward the sweet side.

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Afternoon: don’t eat that banana

By the time the afternoon rolled in, my mind and body wanted two different things. My body wanted to badly eat a piece of banana, while my mind wanted to just sleep. Luckily in the end, my mind won and I took a very long nap – I don’t understand how Beyonce was able to do this for a week!

Word of advice, whenever you’re on a cleanse, make sure to have a small pillow right next to you because with your body running low on energy, you’re bound to take a nap or two.

Dinner: too much of a good thing

Remember how people tell you that too much of a good thing can be bad for you? Who knew it was applicable to juice too! I had been drinking the same juice since morning, which is why by dinnertime, it already tasted icky in my mouth. My tip for you if you're experiencing the same thing while cleansing, is to drink it quickly and follow it up with water immediately! 

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Nighttime: near the finish line

I felt proud of myself for not eating a single piece of solid food; I was so near the finish line that I started to think about what I would be eating the next morning, excitedly picturing pancakes, French toast, eggs, and bacon! 

My post-juice cleanse thoughts

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Yet, the morning after felt weird. I thought I would eat every piece of food that was within my reach, but it turned out to be the opposite. It suddenly felt foreign to me to eat solid food, as if my body was already getting used to drinking it. So I eased into it and slowly took in every bite, and boy was it good.

Now you may be wondering if I lost any weight or if my energy’s improved or if I feel any different. Well, I didn’t shed a few pounds as the cleanse was too quick, but I’ll tell you this: it made me feel lighter, as if all the toxins in my body were removed! I guess the people advocating for juice cleansing were right.

But would I recommend this for losing weight? Yes and no, because whatever you do is always up to you, of course! 


What do you think about juice cleanses? Have you tried it out? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!