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What is fashion but an expression of personal taste, conceptual thought, and the creative desire to put on a show. It's less about glamour and more about the artistic notion that mere fabric can be a form of expression. This is the spirit embodied by the designers who showcased at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, as they focused on not just presenting a collection but to also consciously put on a visual display of movement, colour, and attitude. 

Conceptualized to be bigger than ever, KL Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear returned in full-force at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from 17 - 21st August 2016. Touted as one of the biggest fashion runway event in Asia, #KLFWRTW2016 featured collections from almost 100 designers across 5 days, with designers hailing from Malaysia and throughout South-East Asia.

From trendy streetwear, menswear, couture, and the avant-garde, KL Fashion Week was truly a celebration of fashion in Asia. As the Official Fashion Social Network of the event, CLOZETTE was on-ground and front row throughout fashion week, taking notes of our favourite designs that came down the runway. These are the designers to keep your eyes on.

See if your favourite designer made our list as we round-up the designers you need to know from #KLFWRTW2016! 


Zero To Ten


Attitude was one of the big arching themes on the runway, and ZERO TO TEN certainly did not shy away from that: literally going from zero-to-ten as each piece made its way down the runway. Starting off slow with basic black pieces, the collection eventually found its stride as texture and modern street-style silhouettes charged onto the runway with bright pops of colour and attitude. 



When asked to describe their upcoming collection, the women behind THAVIA encapsulated it perfectly in the phrase "Feminine Strength." That was exactly what Tengku Chanela Jamidah from THAVIA delivered on the runway: a collection of modern pieces perfect for the self-driven women of today. Featuring clean cuts, sleek silhouettes, and muted colours of Fall, this was a collection we could totally see ourselves wearing in every aspect of our lives -- from chic-sportswear inspired dresses to tailored cuts mixed with flared bottoms.



With a brand name that translates to "our dreams," MIMPIKITA showcased a beautiful, flowy, pastel dream that brought a sense of lightness and air back onto the runway. Together with wearable pieces such as its A-Line skirts paired with collared tops, the collection thankfully strayed away from its predictable every day silhouettes with a dreamy play on flow and balance -- blending structured cuts with soft layers.



Inspired by optimism and with a colour palette that matched its branding, the HOPE Collection by AERE welcomed a bolder perspective that deviated from the brand's usual touch of simplicity and elegance. Centred on its vision to display its assertive and confident side, the collection showcased the brand's stronger personality formally muted in its previous collections. With its use of luxurious fabrics, new techniques, and the departure from flowy silhouettes, #aereHOPE embraced the idea that one should always be open for change and re-birth into something bold and new. 

Sazzy Falak


Celebrating every beautiful thing that women can be, Sazzy Falak took to the runway with a collection that blended cuts, textures, and prints in a visual expression of the journey of womanhood -- with pieces that went from soft to edgy in a heartbeat. Inspired by Malay traditional prints and the confident stride of the modern women, the collection was sophisticated and well edited in its styling, creative direction, and colour palette.



One of the bolder and more in-your-face collections to hit the runway, ZSAY was all about loud animated prints, bold colours, and street-ready silhouettes. Going beyond its individual pieces, the runway show itself was a treat as the models embraced the bright and bold attitude as demanded by the collection. When clothes are this bold and this fun, the attitude has to match; and ZSAY's visual display succeeded in showcasing how runway street-style should be done.

Maatin Shakir


Inspired by the music of the 60s from acts such as Led Zeppelin and Stevie Nicks, the Spring/Summer 2017 collection from Maatin Shakir was a re-telling of the height of the Bohemian era, with a dash of Rock'n'Roll. In line with its branding of creating classy, elegant pieces for the modern women, the collection seemed to be in response to the question: what would a grown-up bohemian woman of today wear?

Melinda Looi


With her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, Melinda Looi took to the runway with Life Is A Maze -- a visual display rooted in the concept of wandering, being lost, and self-discovery. While not as dramatic as her usual couture shows, her ready-to-wear collection still brought drama and intrigue to the runway with pieces that told an almost Alice-In-Wonderland-like story through edgy cuts, prints, tulle, and embellished detailing.

Nigel Chia


Hinting that this would be his most colourful collection ever, Nigel Chia showcased a brightly-hued collection that did not hold back on details and variety of forms. Known for his pops of details and love for playing with silhouettes and cuts, the collection showcased his knack for whimsical design that echoed his high-fashion doll designing days. His was a refreshing take on a good runway edit, with styled looks that flowed seamlessly piece-to-piece.

My Apparel Zoo


The winner of this year's award for Outstanding Brand at #KLFWRTW2016, My Apparel Zoo went dark and broody with a collection inspired by minimalism, with hints of Japanese Culture in its take on silhouette and form. Giving their usual chic-comfort style an edgy twist, the collection focused on layering and fluidity of motion -- creating a ready-to-wear line that's easy to mix-and-match through varying styles.


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Get ready for another season of tears, inspiration, empowerment, the famous “Ewww Tube,” and amazing fashion makeovers as “How Do I Look?” Asia Season 2 makes its return on 29 August at 8PM on DIVA TV. Together with host Jeannie Mai and her new glam squad, this season will also see a varied mix of participants from around Asia – from a Marketing Executive from Taiwan, all the way down to an 'environmental warrior' from Singapore! 

Turned in by their friends, families, and coworkers, these “fashion victims” are not only looking to change up their looks, but to rediscover their confidence and overcome any insecurities as well. What’s even better is that their big makeover coincides with an important event in their lives, allowing the spotlight to shine brighter on their new looks!

Since we know you’re as excited as we are for the return of this makeover series, we have a sneak peek of the fashion makeover stories you can expect to watch this season to help get you through this weekend until it premieres on Monday!


Mehnagha (Malaysia)

After the death of her father, Malaysian lawyer Mehnagha had to become her family’s sole-bread winner. With the pressure on her to provide for her family, finding clothes that fit her petite frame is usually at the bottom list of her priorities. However, with her family now in a better to position to support themselves, her sister and best friend decided that the only option to fix her constant crimes of fashion and to help give her a better chance of achieving her dreams is to call in Jeannie Mai and her style executioner, the Ewww Tube!

While Mehnagha firmly believes she can become a legal high-flyer once again, she thinks she shouldn’t be judged solely on her style. But her friends, family, and guest stylist Andrea Chong completely disagree! So when Mehnagha enters Jeannie’s “Court of Style,” will she be judged guilty or innocent?

Des (Philippines)

21 year-old aspiring vlogger Des endured a lifetime of bullying due to her weight, which is how she found her voice and alter-ego on YouTube as Sooper Purple. She dreams of becoming a successful social media influencer to help and support people in a similar situation as hers, but her lack of confidence has left her without a clue about fashion.

To fix this, her brother Patrick opted to call Jeannie Mai for help. While Jeannie warns her that the process of transformation will be tough and that a few band-aids may need to get ripped off, with Patrick and influencer Andrea Chong helping her discover her new look, there is no doubt that Des will come out looking like a stylish influencer in no time!

Melati (Indonesia)

Being the manager of Go Glam, a division of a successful Indonesian startup business, 24-year old Melati favours comfy, boyish clothes and sneakers and jeans over heels and skirts. But her bosses feel that in spite of her success, Melati’s public image is at odds with the company’s branding. So in order for Melati and the company to move forward together, some adjustments are going to be made. 

Melati knows that in order to move forward in both her professional and personal lives, she needs an image overhaul. So it’s down to her best friend Harumi, her boss Wendy, and Indonesian fashion guru Diaz Diaz to help her complete her transformation!

Jocelyn (Malaysia)

Malaysian physiologist Jocelyn says she likes fashion, but her friends call her a “fashion disaster” as she has no idea what and when to wear certain looks. Stuck in the zone of shorts, jeans, and T-shirts, Jocelyn is looking to the future and dreams of one day getting married and having kids.  

Luckily, her friends Yasmin and Kar Wei, and style icon Marion Caunter believe there is a beautiful swan waiting to burst within her and cannot wait to unveil that fabulous version of her! 

Amy Law (Singapore)

Since having gastric bypass surgery, Amy has nearly lost half her body weight but still sees her 104kg former self staring back in the mirror. Scared that she’ll put the weight back on and trapped in a negative mindset, Amy has kept most of her old clothes and yes, she still wears them!

With zero confidence and no idea on how to make style choices that fit her new body, she leaves clothes shopping to other people, resulting in her looking like a more mature woman. Determined to help her daughter embrace her new body and get out and make new friends, it’s up to Amy’s mum and Marion Caunter to pick her potential new wardrobe and hairstyles that they hope will project Amy into a new future and to a more positive outlook on life!

Dr. Beep (Philippines)

32-year old Joanne, known affectionately to friends and family as “Beep,” is a highly-respected physician and clinical audiologist but you’d never know it just by looking at her. She stills loves fairy tales and cuddly toys, and being only 149cm tall, she prefers shopping in the kids’ department.

But that’s all about to change now as Beep’s mum wants her to dress like the mature, professional woman she is. And Michael, Beep’s boyfriend of two years, is truly and deeply in love with her and is curious to see what the woman he wants to marry and have children with looks like dressed as an adult.

So it’s up to Michael, her mum, and guest-stylist Pam Quinones to make the potential wardrobe and hair choices and convince Beep that it's time to grow up!

Wiggie (Singapore)

Singaporean teacher Wiggie is an ‘environmental warrior.’ With the planet and animals at the top of her agenda, Wiggie would rather recycle her friend’s hand-me-downs than waste her money and the Earth’s resources by buying new clothes. With an already successful career as a voice-over artist, Wiggie dreams of breaking out from behind the microphone and launching a career as an emcee, but her friends are often embarrassed to be seen with her in public.

Her best friend Kyan believes that she does have what it takes to become an emcee, but only if she accepts that the key to a successful career in the public eye is to make a great first impression. Which is why it’s down to Kyan and Marion Caunter to pick out the potential wardrobe and hair styles for Wiggie, something that won’t come easily as she believes she doesn’t need a style overhaul!

Amy Yu (Taiwan)

Amy, a Taiwanese Marketing Executive, always felt different from her family due to her size. But now that she’s flown from the family nest, she has come to the realisation that she’s completely comfortable in her own skin and proud of her curves. She even nominated herself for a Jeannie Mai fashion intervention because she wants to show both her mother and the world that big is beautiful!

Amy has enlisted her fashion-forward friend Ashley to help overhaul her image, so it’s down to Ashley and fashion guru and artistic director Diaz Diaz to make the potential wardrobe and hair selections that could help Amy prove her mother and the world wrong. 


Don't forget to catch "How Do I Look?" Asia on 29 August on 8PM at DIVA TV!

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