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The Secret To Brow Perfection

A Brow Chat With Benefit Cosmetic's Jared Bailey

Brows frame the face. It adds symmetry, depth, and personality to one's facial structure---taking your look from soft and demure, to bold and defined depending on how you groom and fill your brows. For most women, brows can sometimes be a daily frustration--a constant struggle to get it looking just right to suit your makeup-of-the-day.

But for Jared Bailey, brows are a cinch. After all, when it comes to truly knowing brows and what it takes to getting it looking just right, he's the go-to brow expert of women everywhere. As Benefit Cosmetic's International Spokesperson for Global Services and a licensed aesthetician and global brow expert, Jared has made it his mission to achieve “arch” excellence for women and Benebabes around the globe.

So to get us on the path of arch-excellence, we sent our GlamAsia Editor, Becks Ko, to spend an afternoon with Jared when he recently dropped by Singapore with the #BeneSleigh all decked out and ready for the holidays.


What’s the best thing about being the International Spokesperson & Global Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics?

You know, I think the number one best thing is meeting people around the world. I mean, no matter (if I’m) meeting them at airports, meeting them at interviews, meeting them at brow bars… it just gives you a different perspective on life in general. This has been like the biggest thing to me. It’s like being able to meet and experience different people from different cultures.

Tell us about your most unforgettable brow revival experience.

I’ve seen a lot of – I’d call them – DIY brow disasters. I think my biggest brow ah-ha moment was… there was a woman who came in with her brows, for all intents and purposes, were a disaster. I don’t know if she had set them on fire or she over tweezed, but they were just scraps of eyebrows. So we took her on a little journey – a brow journey. And it took a matter of about three and a half (to) four months. I had to get her to promise me that she wouldn’t tweeze in between appointments or anything. And we really recreated her entire brows. I’m actually still in touch with this lady. She lives in San Francisco (and) I’ve been to her house for dinners and things like that… I changed her life!

You’ve showcased your brow power over 28 countries in the last 2 years. Which city do you think has the best brows, and which city does not?

That’s easy. All the cities that I’ve been to have the best, and all the cities I have not been too are the worst – just kidding! I’ll tell you the most memorable. The best city you’d go to see defined, precise, what you’d call on-fleek eyebrows, is absolutely Dubai. Those women are so well-manicured and taken care of, and their brows… there’s not a hair out of place. It is just perfectly on point, every time. I’m always surprised when I go places like Italy. It’s just a very hairy culture. So when I go to Italy, there (are) a lot of brows to be saved and taken care of. So it’s always a lot of work, but it’s super fun.

Benefit’s brow experts start removing unwanted hairs from the bottom of the brows instead of the top. Why so? 

That’s really quite different from most companies, and we do it for a very distinctive purpose. We create the shape from the bottom to really help open up and lift the brow. We remove your hairs along the bottoms because the (hairs at the) bottom (are) always a bit more coarse and thicker.

So by removing those hairs and really creating the shape, we remove less (which gives you a fuller eyebrow, and) you’ll still get a nice, clean shape. And removing the hair (at the bottom) kind of opens up the eye space, whereas when you shape from the top, you tend to get a lower (and) thinner brow because the hairs are fine and feathery at the top. You’ll have to remove more to get that nice, clean, defined shape.

Starting at the bottom is kind of our thing. It makes a huge difference and end result. Especially like now (when) everybody wants bigger, bolder brows. And that’s the way our brow shaping is designed.

Women pull their hairs out over making their eyebrows identical every morning. What do you say about that? 

You know the search for symmetry often leads people astray. You can get unbalanced arches like that. I think what we want to remember is that brows serve a distinct purpose. They bring balance and symmetry to your face, so because both sides of the face are not supposed to be symmetrical, your brows typically shouldn’t be symmetrical.

What you want to do is balance out and give the illusion of symmetry across the whole thing. That’s why brow mapping is so important. It’s to find the key points on each eyebrow and fill (and) shape to those points, because without those, that’s when people get into trouble.

Can you share with us 3 big no-nos about DIY brow grooming? 

Number one is: no power tweezing. I call it power tweezing, like when people look into the mirror and take their tweezers to grab multiple hairs at once because they just want it to be (done and) over with. That often results in patches or holes in the eyebrows.

Number two, you need to look before you tweeze. You’d want to take a step back from the mirror between every few hairs and see what your brows are doing to your face.

The third thing would have to be, leave the precision work to the pros. There (are) certain areas that I don’t even go with my own brows. You need that someone else to take that step back and get further in because they can see what it’s doing to your face. If you’re doing your hairs on your own, I would only tweeze hairs that are far out of the natural brow line. I would leave the tops alone, and I would leave (that) to the professionals.
Is there a common misconception about brows that women should know about? 

A lot of women think that getting their brows waxed stop their hair from growing. Not exactly true. If you get it done wrong, you can damage the follicle, and sure it won’t grow back if the follicle’s damaged. So not that it doesn’t not grow, you’re (actually) resetting your hair growth pattern or cycle every time you remove it. You (then) go longer in between appointments. It grows, but it just takes longer.

Spill! Which celebrity would you like to work your brow magic on, and which celebrity would be your brow BFF?

Obviously Taylor Swift. I love her. I know I’d also love to do her eyebrows. I think a little bit of brow arch intent would take her a very long way. It would change her face, like completely. She would look like a different person – not that she needs to, cause’ I think she’s beautiful. But it would just give her a nice, fresh, updated look. She would also be my best friend. I know she would.

But if I have to choose another celebrity who would be my brow best friend cause’ she already has great brows, it would be Beyonce. I think she has beautiful brows. They’re natural and they’re very well groomed. She doesn’t do anything crazy with them. She has nice highlights (and) lowlights throughout her brows. She’s just on point. She can be my brow babe.

If you can only use one brow product for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Benefit's Gimme Brow – done, more than done. Not only (can you) fill, because of its micro wand, you can create a shape. So for some reason (if) I couldn’t use pencils anymore, I’d go and fill in the brow. (I’ll) take the little micro tip and then press it into the arches, if you want more of an arch. You can (also) backcomb your hair down. There are so many different things you can do with it that I would absolutely… one brow product for the rest of my life, we’re done.


What's your biggest brow mistake? Share it with us in the comments below!