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Summer is all about embracing the heat and being active outdoors. One of our favourite things about it is getting that warm and healthy glow, fit for the all-natural vibe the season calls for. And the best way to achieve that perfect sun-kissed look is through bronzers! 

Use the sun to your advantage and get that illuminated and radiant finish by completing your summer look with our top bronzer picks that will get you looking like a summer goddess. 


Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze

This bronzer perfectly blends with olive and medium-tan skin tones. It gives a slightly flushed look that gives off a natural vibe, something you can definitely use for your daily MOTD.
BH Cosmetics Matte Finish Powder #255

This bronzer’s matte finish is perfect for the summer heat to keep the sweat and the oil at bay. The shade is also great for getting a more defined look, a surefire way to define your cheekbones and add a touch of sun to your cheeks.

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Duo in Moodlight 

With just the right amount of shimmer, this is the go-to bronzer and highlighter combo for those who want a more ethereal finish to their MOTD.

Benefit Do The Hoola Bronze Kit

If you’re going for an overall bronzed look, this is the perfect kit for you! Never worry about looking orange with this product because it’s formulated to blend perfectly to the skin tone, giving you that effortless summer glow.

Physician Formula Argan Oil Bronzers 

If you’re a bit too keen on aesthetic, this is definitely the bronzer for you. Not only does it look easy on the eyes but it’s also for those with sensitive skin, with its formula made to ensure hydration and moisture.


Did we miss your favourite bronzer in this list? Share it with us in the comments below!


(cover photo from dollarphotoclub/Liv Friis-Larsen)

Did you know that while you may think you’re removing your makeup thoroughly at the end of the day with your range of balms, cleansing oils, foaming cleansers, and whatnot…there are still pore-clogging residue that remain on your skin?

So if you find yourself breaking out often, it’s most likely because you haven’t properly removed your makeup at the end of day, leaving minute traces of it trapped within your pores.

To get a clearer complexion and say goodbye to breakouts for good, a powerful makeup remover is needed – one that will remove every last bit of makeup and grime in your pores, but still gentle enough that it won’t strip your skin of its moisture. For this, we turn to the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Acne and Makeup Cleansing Water as our go-to cleansing water.

This ultra light cleansing fluid acts as a makeup remover, acne reducer, and pore-tightener with its micellar technology removing all impurities and allowing your skin to breathe better.

So if you want to get soft, hydrated, and blemish-free skin, keep reading below for our reasons on why you should add the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Acne and Makeup Cleansing Water to your beauty routine!


It removes makeup deeply and effectively

(photo from dollarphotoclub)

By now, we all know the power of micellar water and how it effectively removes makeup (even stubborn waterproof mascara!) that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and thoroughly cleanses your skin; but the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Acne and Makeup Cleansing Water does more than that as it also tones and moisturises your skin, leaving it softer and more hydrated. So if you’re always worried about cleansers stripping your skin and leaving it tight and dry, you won’t have to worry with this one!

It unclogs and tightens pores

(photo from dollarphotoclub/xin wang)

One of the main causes of large pores is deep-seated dirt that makes pores look more visible. But once they’re squeaky clean of impurities, pores actually revert to their smaller, invisible selves! This cleansing water, formulated with Alkyl Polyglucoside Complex, will remove dust and grime from your pores, while still being gentle on sensitive skin. With continued use, your clogged pores will be reduced in as fast as 4 weeks, and you’ll notice that your pores look less visible and your skin feeling more cleansed and clear.

It helps prevent acne

(photo from dollarphotoclub)

Since this cleansing water thoroughly removes the makeup and dirt accumulated on your face throughout the day, there won’t be any bacteria left to cause unwanted blemishes to pop-up!

It’s great for double-cleansing

Double-cleansing is a great way to ensure your skin is clean and prepped for the rest of your skincare routine. As such, the Eucerin Cleansing Water is the perfect double-cleansing product to use as part of a “cleanse, clear, and care” routine!

To double cleanse at the end of the day, first take a few drops of the Eucerin Cleansing Water on a cotton pad to remove your makeup and thoroughly remove any deep-seated dirt. Next, use the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleansing Gel to wash your face. It’s formulated to help reduce bacteria growth in your pores and remove excess oil. This is perfect for all skin types as it’s soap-free and fragrance-free!

As the final step, care for your skin by gently toning it with a few drops of the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Toner on a cotton pad. Gently wipe it all over your face, concentrating more on the areas which are more prone to acne such as the T-zone. This anti-bacterial formula, which contains 2% Lactic Acid, gently unclogs pores and prevents spots from appearing!

It works great with other skincare products

Cleansing waters are so versatile and easy to pair with other skincare products. So for a full acne-care routine, use the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate after you’ve double-cleansed.

After thoroughly cleansing your face, finish off your skincare routine with this emulsion that’s formulated to care for acne-prone skin. Its lightweight texture makes it super absorbent, refines the skin’s appearance, improves the flow of sebum to prevent clogged pores, and regulates the skin’s functions – you won’t ever have to worry about a single pimple anymore!


Now you can easily be on your way to great skin because when you purchase the whole Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range at any Watsons SG drugstore, you get to take 50% off your 2nd DermoPURIFYER purchase!

Why do you love cleansing waters? Share with us your reasons in the comment section below!


The summer heat somehow gets more and more extreme every year and it can get a little hard to maintain the freshness of our makeup throughout the day. What we need is a makeup regimen that can keep our face looking bright and fresh despite the weather.

One thing we can use as inspiration is how Korean girls seemed to have mastered the dewy-but-not-oily look. So read on to find out how to get that perfectly wanted summer glow!


Prep your skin with ampoules

(photo from beautifulbuns)

If you don’t know about how amazing ampoules are, we’ve already gushed about how they could be the next big thing in skincare. The key to nailing the K-beauty summer glow is by making sure that your skin is at its A-game.
Prime your face for a smooth base

To get that poreless and flawless finish as well as to ensure that your makeup stays perfectly in place, reach for a primer that suits your skin type. We're currently loving the Etude House’s Face Blur. It's lightweight and does not clog the pores which is a top priority especially during the humid season.

Use a lightweight, hydrating foundation

A foundation with heavy consistency can make it hard for your skin to breathe, causing sweat and oil to build up. To avoid this, we recommend using a cushion foundation like The Face Shop’s CC Cushion. It's moisturising and light to wear and compatible for those with normal to oily skin types.

Go for straight and soft brows

Anything too loud or bold should be reserved for autumn because summer is all about looking easy on the eyes! Avoid overly sculpting your brows and opt for simply filling in the gaps with one of our top product picks: Kill Brow by Clio.

Finish it off with a pink or coral shades

Since we’re going for a natural and summer ready look, pink and coral tones are the best to wear during the day. Give your cheeks a natural splash of colour with the Tony Moly Crystal Blush in 03 and swipe your lips with the Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar to complete the look. 


Did we miss any of your favourite K-summer glow products? Share it with us in the comments below!