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The Singapore Writers Festival And Aesop

Aesop, a brand known for their fusion of skincare and the arts, has collaborated with the Singapore Writer’s Festival to host the renowned Singapore author Josephine Chia to share her life and work to an audience of writers and beauty enthusiasts.  

Aesop has been in Singapore for a while now and if you happen to visit their shops, you’ll see that no two shops are the same in terms of its layout and design. For their newest branch in Capitol Piazza  they adopted the Peranakan culture. You can visit to see for yourself how they adapted the said culture in their branch and more virtual tours of their other shops all over the world. 

In terms of products, Aesop's products are known for the nature-like scents. They have a wide range of bath and hair products, body scrubs, and balms. A personal favourite is their Geranium line-- a range of body scrubs, cleansers, and balms that provide clean, supple, and moisturised skin. 

Storytelling from the Lady of the Night

The evening started with some wine and a little chit chat. Then, Ms. Josephine Chia, clad in a traditional outfit, was introduced and treated to stories of Singapore's Peranakan culture. For some of us who have never seen Singapore in its non-urbanized state, this was a good learning experience. I for one was not aware that there were parts of Singapore decades ago that didn’t have water or electricity. One can only imagine how tough that might be, so for someone like Ms. Chia who lived and breathe this experience it was a very raw and genuine narrative.

After the story telling guests had a chance to interact with the others writers present at the event. We also got to know more about Ms. Chia’s works as we were given the chance to purchase her books. Lastly, we also had the chance to check on Aesop's products! 


The Singapore Writer’s Festival

Another objective of the event was to promote the upcoming Singapore Writer’s Festival (SWF) happening from October 30 to November 08. For those of you interested in joining the festivities of the SWF, there will be performances by foreign and local artists, workshops, and panel discussions--a mix of both paid and free admissions. For families, there are also activities suitable for kids from age 4 to teens like storytelling and type setting.

Check SISTIC for the schedules and events or the SWF website for more information. 


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