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Whether you’re heading off to visit Disneyland in Japan or looking to stock up on your favourite beauty and skincare products from Korea, finding a suitable outfit to wear at the airport and on the plane is no easy feat. After all, you’ll be sitting in a flying car for hours; chances are you won't be able to move around easily.

So if you’re travelling soon and want to get your OOTD on point from the moment you enter the airport to the time the plane lands, keep scrolling down for looks that are stylish, easy to put together, and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed for hours.


Midi Dress + Sneakers

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If you love wearing dresses all day every day, then opt for a midi piece when flying. That way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally exposing something. Pair it with sneakers and we guarantee you’ll love how you can easily walk from point to point.

Loose Tee + Ripped Jeans

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They say never wear skinny jeans when flying and we couldn’t agree more — it just feels too constricting. That is why we recommend going for a straight cut, ripped version. It’s trendy, will allow your legs to breathe more, and when paired with a loose tee, it gives off a grungy vibe.


Shorts + Light Jacket

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Since we live in a tropical country, this outfit combo is just the right one to wear when flying. It’s cool, breezy, chic, and if you feel cold, that’s what the light jacket is for! Accessorise it with a bucket bag and you’ll be good to go.

Sweater + Skirt

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On the other hand, if the country you’re visiting will be cold, then this outfit will be more suited to your needs. The loose material of the skirt and sweater will be cool enough for our warm weather, but it will also shield you from a bit of cold breeze. So once you land, you won’t freeze.


Denim Shirt + Trousers

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A loose top and bottom combo may not look like much, but with the right shoes and purse, you’ve got yourself a sophisticated OOTD. So instead of going for sneakers with this combination, pair it with some loafers and a bright bag to pull it all together.


Now that you've got your airport OOTD ready, check out these must-haves to make travelling feel like a breeze.



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Browsing through your Facebook feed, you may have already seen a friend or two announce their engagement or share a few details about their wedding plans. Bells will be rung, aisles will be walked down on and champagne will be drunk. But before the merriment, let's take a look at how brides — and grooms, of course — are getting hitched.

If you're planning on tying the knot or you're just someone who's fascinated by weddings, here are a few fun things you should know about 2017 Singapore Wedding trends.



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Riding the waves of time, many Singaporean couples are giving their weddings a modern theme. Minimalism has also seen a rise. Veering away from traditional, venues for celebrations are adorned with simple decorations and cakes are almost bare.

Go for gold

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The top five colours used as a theme colour for weddings in Singapore are gold, pink, light blue, navy blue and white. The hues are cool and go perfectly with the most popular theme.


Royal and Feminine

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One of the most crucial parts of planning a wedding, when it comes to brides, is the wedding gown. The cut has to be perfect for the body and should suit the wearer's personality. As it turns out, among the popular wedding gown styles in Singapore is the ball gown, which is akin to what princesses in fairy tales wear. Going with the modern theme that's rising, many women also opt to wear A-line dresses and gowns with mermaid cuts. The necklines are also very minimal; strapless, off-the-shoulder and illusion are the more popular styles.


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While the responsibility of planning a wedding almost always falls on the lap of the bride, grooms have areas they need to take charge of as well, like their attire for the wedding. Many Singaporean men appear to have a style that falls in between casual slash comfortable and formal. Many grooms opt to wear single-breasted suits on their big days, while donning a stroller suit comes in at second place. Black, navy and grey are among the colours preferred.


It's a ball

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Where exactly are Singaporeans getting hitched? Many of them are choosing hotel ballrooms as a venue, while some opt to hold their celebrations in cafes or restaurants.


See other wedding trends on Bridestory and download their app to help you get going with wedding planning.



We're close to ending another month. 2017 is flying by! How's your year so far? We sure hope it's as exciting and positive as the news bits we gathered for you this week. If you've been feeling a bit low lately, maybe these could cheer you up. Let's go through what happened in the worlds of beauty, fashion, travel, and tech this week!


Pimple-free in 15 days?  

Some of us went through a rough phase dealing with acne during puberty, while others experience it later on in life. No matter your age, though, there's a product that promises to rid you of your pimple problem in just 15 days: the Honesi Exofila Cream. Watch how this raved-about product on Shoppee works below.

Lily-Rose for Rogue Coco Gloss

Actor Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp continues to make a name for herself in the modelling industry. The 17-year-old has just been named the face of the new Rogue Coco Gloss, which is a line of well-formulated glosses in a variety of hues.  


Celine Dion Collection

There are new Celine bags that aim to take the fashion world by storm, and it's not by the famous French brand. Singer Celine Dion has launched her own bag collection.

Hello, Halima!

Hooray for diversity! A hijabi model is making waves in the fashion scene. Halima Aden, who has signed with IMG Models, has recently walked the runways of Yeezy and Alberta Ferretti. Plus, she's also on the cover of the latest issue of CR Fashion Book.



For those who can't get enough of Instagram, here's something new: the photo-sharing app has just released a new update. You can now add multiple photos and videos in one post.

Beach, please!

Here's something to add to your must-visit list: Trip Advisor has named its Travelers' Choice for the top beach in the world. Say hello to Baia do Sancho in Brazil.  


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