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The Tools Every 20-Something Needs In Her Office Makeup Bag

Don't go to work without these!

(Cover photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

When creating or putting together your office makeup bag, it should always conform to these three “rules”: It should contain just the essentials, but it also has to contain products you’ll need in case of a beauty emergency, and — this is the most important one — it should perfectly fit in whatever purse you decide to wear to the office.

Now that you know everything there is to know about creating the perfect office makeup bag, it’s time to start thinking of the products you’ll be putting in it. Aside from your trusty concealer, lipstick, and mascara, you’ll need a few makeup tools too to get you through numerous meetings, important business lunches, and events.

So if you’re a 20-something millennial, keep reading for the eight beauty tools you need to always have in your office makeup kit.


Cotton Buds

(Photo from: miamai)

From erasing mascara flakes to beautifully smudging eyeliner to perfecting that lip colour, you can never have too much use for this tool. Keep a few in your kit to keep your makeup look in tip-top shape throughout the day.

Oil Blotting Sheets

(Photo from: KelynnStory)

Instead of applying more powder to mattify your complexion, use an oil blotting sheet instead. It will make your foundation look less cakey and freshen everything up. For example, if you find that your concealer has creased, just take an oil blotting sheet and gently dab it on your undereye area to absorb the excess product, and your concealer will look smooth and fresh again.


Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics

(Photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

Whether you need it to change up your hairstyle or just to get your hair away from your face, you should always have these hair tools in your arsenal.

Clean Spoolie

(Photo from: rainfaith)

If you suddenly notice that your mascara looks clumpy or your brows look unruly, a clean spoolie will fix that up for you.


Eye Drops

(Photo from: littlemisssmexy)

Long working hours can often result in tired and red eyes. So if you have an important meeting to get to and don’t want to look haggard, eye drops will quickly freshen and awaken your peepers to make them look whiter and more alert.

Hydrating Face Mist

(Photo from: Ryanraroar)

The air conditioner in your office can dehydrate your skin; so to make sure it stays dewy and hydrated all day, you’re going to need a face mist. You don’t have to buy the big bottles because a lot of brands now sell travel sizes.


Breath Mints

(Photo from: RochelleAbella)

At the office, it’s always safer and better to make sure you have minty fresh breath because you never who you might meet or bump into in the next five minutes. 

Hand Cream

(Photo from: tebisha)

Speaking of meeting new people, make sure your hands — which show your true age — are in their best condition i.e. soft, smooth, and hydrated. So don’t forget to always pack a small tube of hand cream in your kit to nourish them.