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One of the most universally adored makeup look for the holiday season is one that incorporates a touch of gold to the look, whether as an inner-corner highlight, a pop on the centre of the lid, or as an all over lid shade. After all, it's a colour that matches all skin tones and perfectly embodies the celebratory vibe of the coming holiday festivities.

So to inspire your holiday-ready makeup look, here are a few gold eyeshadow makeup tips from Sonya, our host from Clozette TV's style school.

Watch this makeup video for Sonya's gold eyeshadow tips:

Want to give gold eyeshadow a try?
Scroll down to see our list of favourite gold eyeshadows!

YSL Couture Mono High-Impact Colour Eyeshadow

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YSL Couture Mono High-impact Colour Eyeshadow features a high chromatic power and a unique texture which binds to the eyelid for a bold gold shimmer. It's best applied with an exclusive, patented applicator from YSL Beauté as its ergonomic shape glides with ease across the eyelid--for effortless precision.

stila baked eyeshadow trio

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Designed to be applied wet or dry, the stila trio is baked on a terra cotta disk for a sheer and never-chalky application. Best thing about it, it has two other shades that perfectly complement the baked, gold eyeshadow--allowing you to quickly create a gold-inspired makeup look.

MAC Eyeshadow in Gorgeous Gold

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MAC eyeshadows are adored the world over, with its highly pigmented powder and finish that blends easily to create a multitude of looks--from bold eyes, to a soft glow. Gorgeous Gold in particular is vibrantly toned and perfect for the holidays, featuring a velvety soft finish with a slight metallic shimmer and overlaid with high-shine pearl. 

Dior 'State of Gold - Diorshow' Fusion Mono Eyeshadow

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The Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow features a unique cushiony gel-foam texture that brightens your eyes with multi-dimensional and long-lasting colour with a weightless finish. For a soft fusion effect, gently sweep on the colour with your fingertips. If you're going for a bolder look, use a smudging applicator for an intensified finish that reveals its pure gold colour.


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Before beauty and skincare brands graced our markets, men and women in ancient times had to make do with what they had and could access, and resort to other methods to suit their beauty needs. Most of what they used were organic, of course, but they were dangerous. In fact, they were so dangerous that some of the products slowly killed them!

So, to be thankful for our safer and much nicer-smelling beauty products, here are 5 ancient beauty products we’re glad doesn't exist today!


Lead or Arsenic Based Face Powders

Ah, the most popular brand (or type?) of face powders in the Old World! Dating back to Ancient Greece, lead or arsenic based face powders rose in popularity because the trends of the time favored smooth and pale complexions. Those who were not so lucky to have smooth and pale skin layered this on their faces to cover their flaws, leading their internal organs to be slowly poisoned, and as a consequence, killing them. Yikes!
Crocodile Dung Moisturisers

Image from Pixabay

Before you cringe at the thought of applying poop all over your face, FYI, there are still poop facials at spas today - albeit not from crocodiles, and they’re mixed in with a variety of other products to be “more effective” on the skin. But during the time of the Roman Empire, men and women tried to slow down their skin’s aging process by applying crocodile dung mixed in with mud all over their faces and bodies because of their supposed beautifying and anti-aging properties. The things we do to stay young…

Animal Blood Nail Polish

Back when Sally Hansen, OPI, Zoya, and Essie didn’t exist yet, the only possible nail polish women could use were red because they were derived from the blood of animals, which gave their nails a “stained” look. They must have had some expensive nail polishes at the time!

Lard to Style Wigs

Men and women before, no matter what their status was in society, never had the luxury of using hairspray, styling mousses, dry shampoos, and more. And what a pity, because they had to resort to using lard to style their wigs (their hair was never really that big or high, you know), which would then attract rats! The worst part is these wigs were attached to their real hair, so to avoid a rat problem, they would sleep with cages over their wigs.

Kohl Liner and Mascara

Egyptians were the pioneers of the smoky eye and the feline flicks, and they did this all with the help of kohl, another lead based product. To create those sultry eyes they were known for, they would apply kohl all over their lids and lash lines and use them as mascara, too. If applying lead powders damaged your internal organs, what more when you apply it close to your eyes!


What ancient beauty product are you glad doesn’t exist today? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!


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A new month means a new StyleScope post! This month we have our lovely Scorpio women taking the spotlight. They're the type who remain unnoticed and undercover; but once you take a second look, their personality drowns you in mystery, drama, and awe. 

Deep down they're the epitome of a quiet-yet-magnificent Girl Boss. They don't show off--because their success is their way of getting noticed. So if you're a Scorpio woman just like our Clozette Ambassador maybelinesim, here are the style and beauty finds tailored to fit your aura and style! 


What To Expect This Month

To be honest, Scorpios are one of the busiest women alive, and this month is no exception. Be ready to open up to several opportunities coming your way. However, you also have to take note that it's not always about work. Remember to prioritise your tasks and spend time with people important to you along the way. 

Colour of the month: Burgundy

(photo from mybeautyroad)

Scorpio's colour is in line with the Fall season as well: Burgundy. This shade certainly adds drama to any outfit and the best part is that this shade perfectly transcends Scorpio's natural seductive quality. This ain't your "glamorous" it's the #GirlBoss red. 

 Fashion Icon: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's role from a Disney Movie character to award-winning Les Miserables certainly says that she is one heck of a woman--and that she's the epitome of a Scorpio woman. Her go-getter attitude has certainly taken her places with her ultimate combination of wit and skill.

Style-to-Rock: Mysterious Stylista

(photo from AprilNunez)

The Scorpio's mysterious character is undaunted, and this is what makes them one of the sexiest star signs from the bunch. Keep your fashion style in line with this aura by wearing a colour coordinated look. Your best bet is a monochrome palette, but go the extra mile by playing with prints and textures. But remember: less is more.  

Beauty Item: Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

(photo from TeawithMakeupMagic88)

Unlike most girls, the Scorpio's unique beauty asset is her quiet magnetism. This is chanelled through her piercing gaze-- the type of look that anyone can catch across the room. Amplify that further with a classy smokey eye from Urban Decay's Naked Smoky palette. With a complete set of creamy, matte, and satin shades, your go-to smokey EOTD will always look on point.


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