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One word: shocked. 

That is how the beauty community — and makeup lovers alike — reacted to the news that Urban Decay is retiring their original Naked Palette. In a set of social media posts, including a video on their YouTube channel, the brand released a dramatic funeral for the cult favourite product, signalling that it is indeed the end of an era. 

And maybe it is. Considering that since its launch eight years ago, it has sold over 20 million palettes garnering about a billion dollars when it comes to sales and not to mention that it has its cult and makeup royalty status unchallenged — it's one of those iconic palettes you should have in your stash. The good news is the other varieties of the palette, the Naked 2, 3 and Heat, are still in circulation. 

Throwing one last shade — pun intended — to its competitors, the teaser of the 'funeral' video says: "Everyone has tried to copy you, but no one was able to capture your essence," claiming that the original Naked palette was indeed a game-changer in popularising the perfect nude and neutral eyeshadow combination and setting the pace for other brands. Given this, it is quite unclear why the brand decided to discontinue the product.

As a final bow to one of their most legendary products to date, the brand has announced that fans of the Naked palette can still grab it online and on retail stores while supplies last for 50% off. 

But once the supplies have flown off the shelves and are no more, the question lies: which nude palette should we reach for now that the OG is leaving? Well, don't fret! As we mentioned earlier, the Naked palette started a neutral eyeshadow makeup revolution due to its popularity, which resulted into some of the most worthy dupes. 

Maybelline The Nudes

A black eyeshadow palette 

USD11.99 (Photo from:

On a budget? This trusty palette from Maybelline gives just the right pigment and colour selection for a day-to-night look without having you break the bank. 

NYX Go-To Palette in Bon Voyage

An eyeshadow palette in a black casing

USD17 (Photo from:

This sleek palette combines both warm and cool tones that make it versatile for any mood and vibe. The three standout shades also double up as an illuminator, blush and bronzer, making the palette great if you're always on the go. 

Morphe 35K - 35 Colour Koffee Eyeshadow Palette

An opened eyeshadow palette with neutral tones

USD23 (Photo from:

Another favourite among beauty lovers, Morphe's palettes not only deliver when it comes to its shade selection versus price ratio but also gives great pigment and colour payoff. Maybe it'll skyrocket more into popularity with the OG Naked palette out of the picture? Who knows! 

Tarte Tartelette™ In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette in golden casing

USD39 (Photo from:

Another amazing go-to if you're looking for a staple nude palette that also comes in the sleekest and chicest packaging is this gorgeous pick from Tarte.

(Cover photo from: @urbandecaycosmetics)



Not too long ago, we didn't really pay much attention to cleansers. Its function was clear-cut and that's to remove impurities like oil, dirt and all that jazz. "Soap bars will do," our 14-year-old selves said. "I don't need those fancy stuff." So imagine our horror when we found out that the good old body soaps we're using were messing with our skin's pH levels and sabotaging our facial skin's health. Fast forward to today and we're on the hunt for the best cleanser.

Two bottles, 2 tubes, and a ball all filled with facial cleansers

This time, it's not just about getting rid of dirt, it's also about improving our complexion and protecting our skin barrier. We're now also very particular about formulas and their compatibility with our skin type. As an oily-skinned gal, foam cleansers are my favourites as they give me that squeaky-clean feeling without the tightness. But I don't wanna stop there; other new and unconventional formulas look so promising it's hard to resist giving them a try. For the last three months, I've been trying out various cleansers in different formulas. From clay types to jelly balls, cleansers do come in all shapes and sizes. Keep reading to see how each one fares.

Neogen Real Foam Fresh Green Tea

A bottle of cleanser and a foam on a palm

PHP900/~USD16.82 (

PROS: It's a very gentle yet powerful cleanser. Just two pumps are enough to cleanse your skin and it can even get rid of some leftover makeup that your makeup remover may have missed. It's also very soothing and nourishing to the skin. After two weeks of using this, my skin texture improved and my complexion is noticeably more radiant.

CONS: It's not travel-friendly. Aside from its bulkiness, the packaging also has a tendency to let the liquid leak through even after just a short flight (true story), which is such a bummer because the formula is so good you wouldn't wanna waste a drop. 

Recommended for: Those who love getting that clean, fresh feeling from light foam cleansers. A must-try for people who have oily and sensitive skin types.

Bioderma Sébium purifying cleansing foaming gel

A tube of cleanser, and a transparent gel spread on a forearm

SGD33.90/~USD24.70 (200ml)

PROS: This cleanser controls sebum production like no other. With just two weeks of usage, facial oiliness is greatly reduced. I'm usually already oily by noon, but with this one, I can go without blotting until the evening comes. As a result, acne is also reduced. 

CONS: It can be a bit drying if you're not careful and diligent with moisturising. It's best to use this with the Bioderma Sébium MAT Control moisturiser to maintain skin balance. 

Recommended for: Those looking for an effective way to control sebum production.

Skin Inc Pure Trinity Serum-Infused Cleansing H2Oil

A bottle of cleanser and a transparent serum spread on a palm


PROS: With a triple layer technology that combines serum, cleansing water and facial oil, I can say that it's a very moisturising and nourishing cleanser. I've never had dry patches while using this cleanser, that's for sure! Another great bonus is the warming sensation that this cleanser gives when applied to the skin as it feels very pampering and relaxing. And if we're talking about aesthetics, the pretty pink ombre look of this cleanser makes it very Instagram-worthy. 

CONS: Like the Neogen cleanser, this one is also not travel-friendly. Even just by car travel, the liquid already leaks in the pump section. You also have to be careful when shaking the contents because it can leak and splash all over your sink.

Recommended for: Gals who are looking into preventative anti-ageing products. Those with dry skin will love this very moisturising formula as it hydrates and smoothens any dry spots in just a few days of using.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

A white tube and a muddy liquid spread on a forearm

USD45 (125ml)

PROS: After using this, I can definitely say that Sunday Riley can't fail you when it comes to skincare. The formula is ideal for anyone who has acne-prone, oily and blemished skin. It does everything that the label says, which is amazing. It reduced pore visibility and got rid of a few whiteheads for good. 

CONS: The price is on the premium side as compared to the other cleansers but if you have the budget then, by all means, go for it because it's something you wouldn't want to miss. Another thing that may bother some is the strong herbal scent of this cleanser. And when you massaged the formula on your face, the scent just becomes stronger so those who are sensitive to scents should be wary.

Recommended for: Those with acne-prone and blemished skin who wants to diminish pore size. 

Boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser

A black jelly ball being squished by a hand

SGD29/~USD21.13 (

PROS: It's super fun to use! Cleansing will never be boring with this jelly ball cleanser. Aside from being a novelty, it also does its job in removing impurities and I noticed that my complexion is clearer and brighter after just one week of usage. Another plus point is its preservative-free formula which is great for sensitive skin types. And unlike liquid or foam cleansers, the solid form of this jelly ball makes it very travel-friendly.

CONS: Having small hands does not help when using this cleanser cause it can easily slide off and land on the floor (yikes!). When that happens, you have to wash it off and that wastes some of the product. 

Recommended for: Those who are looking for products to brighten their complexion. Novelty-seekers will also love this cool concept.

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There's nothing quite like seeing two of our favourite seemingly different interests collide. Case in point: cartoons and makeup! They're just too cute to resist, don't you think? There's no denying the power of cute collabs, and that's why they sell out fast. Just the same, we can't get enough of these types of collections. Here are some of our favourites. Do you have them in your stash?

A’Pieu x Rilakkuma Collection

The collaboration between A'PIEU and Rilakkuma was one for the books because not only did it include makeup and skincare but also a pair of adorable soft slippers. The first release of the collab included an Air Fit cushion compact, warm neutral eyeshadow palette, water-based lip tints and a cleansing foam. Added to the next edition were clouding cream, corrector powder, lipstick and makeup remover. 

Etude House x Finding Dory

An apt collection for a character that lives underwater, Etude House's Dory release included a limited edition moistfull water jelly cream packed in three types of casings: Dory, Nemo and Coral Reef. This jar is filled with collagen gel that is lightweight and hydrating to the skin. The jelly cream can be worn under makeup without feeling greasy and also provides cooling. They also produced a character-print transparent pouch for storing makeup and other things.

Etude House x Angry Birds

Etude House bagged another collection with a popular cartoon franchise, this time with a makeup line focusing on eyebrows. The "Angry Birds" have bushy frowning eyebrows as one of their trademarks. Etude House challenged their girly aesthetic in promoting strong brow game with their “Tint My Brow” mascara collaboration. It came in three shades inspired by three of the main characters in the franchise: Red, Chuck and Bomb.

Missha x Minions

To celebrate their own feature film, the "minions" collaborated with Korean skincare brand Missha. Since the brand is known for their grown-up and serious packaging, having these cute characters on their cushion compacts and lip crayons was a game-changer. The collection included two shades of compact cushions, two eyeshadow palettes, five lip crayon colours and a cleansing foam. 

Holika Holika x Gudetama

Gudetama and Holika Holika collaborated in producing an extensive collection of characterized makeup and skincare products not just in the way the products were packaged but also in the idea behind them. The collection included lazy-themed goodies that will simplify your beauty routine like a dry shampoo and All-In-One Master (moisturiser). The collection also included cushion compacts, sheet masks, jelly dough blusher, melting lip button, egg peeling gel, nail kit and oil cleanser.

(Cover photo from: @missha.official)

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