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Fashion should never cause you discomfort or be painful, but that’s exactly what heels do. They're beautiful shoes that pinch your feet if you’re wearing the wrong style or if you’re wearing them the wrong way. Luckily, we don’t have to endure hours of pain anymore just to give ourselves better height and posture — yup, heels can make you stand taller and straighter.

While they will never be fully comfortable, there are a few tricks and alterations we can do to make them feel like we’re walking in flats and sneakers rather than sky-high pumps. So keep reading for our six tricks to making our favourite heels a breeze to walk in.


Gel inserts work wonders

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Whether it’s to cushion the balls of your feet or prevent your ankles from blistering, transparent gel inserts are a heel must-have. Their soft texture will prevent the material of the shoe from rubbing up against your skin and will provide support to your feet.

Use transparent deodorant

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Hate it when the straps or another part of your shoe chafes against your skin? You can forget all about that now because once you rub a little bit of transparent deodorant on these specific areas, your shoes will gently glide over your feet instead of rubbing or irritating them.


Go half a size up

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Make sure your feet are properly measured when buying heels, then go half a size up. Since feet swell up, the extra wiggle room will perfectly house them in and not crush or pinch them.

Know which shape works with your feet

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Do you have wide feet or narrow feet or flat feet? This will determine whether a certain heel style will work better or worse for you. For example, people with wide feet will feel more pain when wearing pointed shoes because the ends will compress their feet. Whatever your feet shape is, always properly fit the heel you’re buying so you don’t end up with a pair you’ll regret.


Break them in a day before

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No excuses. Breaking in your heels at least a day before you plan on wearing them is crucial; you’ll be able to stretch them out a bit and give them flexibility, preventing them from irritating your feet.

Consider a chunkier heel

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Everyone loves stilettos, but the thinness of the heel puts a lot of pressure on our feet. That’s why you should opt for chunkier heels to allow your weight to be evenly distributed and to create less pressure on your feet. Plus, chunky heels are having a moment right now so you better get on the trend before a new one takes over.



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Say what you want about Kendall Jenner, but we love her. The gorgeous model has come a long way since her crazy days on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While she still is on the show, instead of being a naughty child, she has now grown into a poised and stylish young lady — earning her a spot in our fashion and beauty-loving hearts.

Instead of playfully posing on our television screens like she used to, we can now catch her walking on the runways for fashion brands during various Fashion Weeks and appearing in numerous campaigns and magazine covers.

So if you’re a huge fan of hers and are looking for ways you can emulate her in your looks, then you’re in luck. Ahead we list down the best style tips we picked up from her famous looks on Instagram!


One-piece swimsuits are the new bikini

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If one-piece swimsuits remind you of the ones worn by Olympic athletes, forget about them because Kendall has just proven that one-piece swimsuits are back in style and are better than ever. No more unflattering cuts since brands are now coming out with an array of one-piece styles, colours, and prints to suit every need and taste.

Slip dresses can look classy

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Slip dresses are often controversial to wear due to their similarities with lingerie, but leave it to Kendall to make it look elegant. The trick is to not over-accessorise it but rather to wear it with a fresh face: that means a more natural-looking contour, dewy skin, and textured brows.


Killer brows & lashes never go out of style

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When you’re too lazy to rock a glamorous makeup look all day, just groom your brows to make them look fuller and textured, apply a ton of mascara, and that’s it. You will look polished, sophisticated, and awake in an instant.

Pleated dress = ballet chic

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If you, like us, are hoping to relive your childhood dreams of being a ballet dancer, albeit in a more adult way, then look no further than this ensemble sported by Kendall. All you will need to get the 'off-duty ballerina' look is a pleated dress in a neutral or pastel shade, ballet flats, and the highest topknot your hair will allow. 


Don’t be afraid to go bold

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You live only one life, so instead of spending it always wearing your tried and tested outfits, why not go for something bold and daring instead? Kendall has impeccable style, but she often mixes it up for a little fun too. So take a cue from her and don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion choices.

Red lipstick is your BFF

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Whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up, your red lipstick will be there for you. It goes with any MOTD and OOTD; whatever mood you’re in, this classic lip colour will always brighten your day and pull together your ensemble.


A ponytail will give you an instant facelift

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No need for those injections that won’t allow you to move your face! Whatever age you may be, if you want to give yourself an instant facelift, just tie your hair and it will gently pull up your skin to give it that taut and lifted look.


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While the Lunar New Year is not like your typical New Year’s celebration, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the festival in style. With red being the main colour to be worn during the festivities, you don’t have to worry about coming up with an eye-catching ensemble anymore because we've got them for you.

Below are six red outfits you can take inspiration from or cop to help you stand out from a sea of reds during Chinese New Year.


Casual and relaxed

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Who knew red and silver would make such a beautiful combination? If you want a no-frills look during Chinese New Year, a red maxi dress is the way to go. But instead of pairing it with gold tones, opt for silver to give it a little bit of a high-fashion touch.


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If you’re in the mood for something different, go for a darker shade of red, and make sure the material is made of velvet. Add a ton of black accessories. The result? A cool girl-approved OOTD.


Boho chic

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Got a pair of flared red pants? Then now is the time to whip them out. Wear them with a chic laced-up shirt and nude heels to ensure the colour of your pants is the centre of attention. And to complete your bohemian transformation, braid your hair for a stylish ‘do that looks comfortable and party-ready.

Power sleeves

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Whatever colour of clothes you wear, as long as you have bell sleeves on, you will surely catch the eye of everyone. Perfect if you’re heading to a celebration from work, going for a bell sleeved dress will make you both New Year-ready and office appropriate.


50 shades of red

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Ready to get into the Lunar New Year spirit? Then why not layer on different hues and tones of red to create your celebratory outfit? The key is to not go overboard with your accessories so that the attention will stay on your sleek ensemble.

Sleek jumpsuit

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Another great ensemble that can go from day to night, wearing a red jumpsuit, such as the one above, is perfect for working gals as its cut and shape already styles itself. Just add in your favourite heels and purse to complete it and you’ll be good to go!


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