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Once the festive season kicks in, one thing we plan out besides the gifts we're giving out is our outfits. But with the holidays being overwhelmingly colourful on its own, coming up with your outfits for the season can be a real bummer. So what's the key to a perfectly curated holiday OOTD? Getting your colours right, of course!

If you're mind is buzzing with green and red and you're worried of being washed out in all the festive scene, here are the best colours to wear for the holidays that will surely make you stand out from the Christmas card. 


Peachy Pink

The festive season is where colours shout their loudest. And the best way to provide contrast from your surroundings is to wear an item of clothing with a subtle touch of colour. Going for a peachy pink makes it easier to stand out from a sea of green and red without looking too strong or too muted. 


Do not confuse your purples and aubergines with violet, ladies! This bright variation of the shade is not only perfect for power-dressing, but it shapes up nicely in the midst of holiday colours as well. As a shade opposite green and red in the colour wheel, this complements the two colours without looking too much on the eyes and provides an elegant, unconventionally refreshing overall feel.  


Baby blue

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Another subtle shade that provides contrast for the season's colours without looking too washed out or muted, baby blue is a good alternative to grey or silver, which is the typical go-to holiday shade.  


Deep burgundy

So yes, we said that it's best to go for colours that provide contrast, but why burgundy? Aren't we going against our own rules by adding this to the list?

Red and green may dominate the festive scene, but going for a deeper tone of a classic shade can still give dimension if you incorporate it in the right fashion piece. So if you love your reds but would still want to give it some 'pop' this season, go for burgundy pieces in matte fabrics and structured layers to avoid looking like an holiday ornament and blending in with the background. 


Classic black

Not the colour you expected? Well, maybe you did expect it a little (we're looking at you, all-black lovers). Black may not be the most festive colour and it can come across as a little too late for Halloween, but this versatile and classic colour can be transformed for the holidays by going for structured and playful cuts and the right accessories. 


Which of these colours will you go for this season? Let us know in the comments below!


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If you live in a tropical climate, like us, getting married during the cooler months is the goal. So once you’ve locked down the location, caterer, photographer, and band for your magical "winter" wedding, it's now time for the hard part – finding the perfect wedding dress to accompany the cool and windy weather.

With a large number of gown designs and designers out there, you’d think finding a once-in-a-lifetime dress would be easy. However, that’s rarely the case. Because as brides, we understand that you want to be the center of attention, and that your dress should accentuate your best features while making you look like a goddess who can eat however much she wants. 

Which is why if you’re still trying to figure out what wedding dress to pick for your special day, fret not, because below we have the five biggest winter wedding dress trends!


Classy ruffles

(photo from Instagram/@reem_acra)

If the word “ruffles” brings back memories of gauche wedding gowns from the 80’s, don’t worry. This time, ruffles have been given a classic twist that won’t distract your guests and will make you proud to show it off to every one for years to come.


Fun fringe

(photo from Instagram/@naeemkhanbride)

For the winter bride who wants to add a bit of edge to this special occasion, a fringed wedding dress will do just that. Wear it short or long, the fun texture of your dress will catch the eye of your guests and make you celebration-ready all day and night.


Chic sheer

(photo from Instagram/@rosenthaltee)

A sheer wedding dress worn in cool weather? It may sound counterintuitive, but don’t forget, your reception location may be heated, which makes this sheer number a must-have. 


Slinky lingerie

(photo from Instagram/@cushnieetochs)

Riding on the ‘slip dress’ trend this year, lingerie-inspired wedding gowns are now a hit with winter brides. And what’s not to love about them? They're sexy, beautiful, come in different colours, you can move around in it, and it’s perfect for your wedding night if you know what we mean.


New minimalism

(photo from Instagram/@amsalebridal)

If you’re a strong advocate of ‘less is more,’ then the new minimalist wedding trend is right up your alley. Whether it’s a simple satin gown or a soft silhouette, this style of dressing will definitely let the real you shine on your big day.


Which of these winter gown trends will you wear on your big day? Share your favourites with us below!



When is the best time to catch all the stylish, gorgeous fashion people in one place? Fashion week season, of course! Singapore Fashion Week 2016 may have come to a closure, but we still can’t get over these stunning #ootds of fashion week goers. Watch the video above as we bring you our SGFW 2016 style report, then keep scrolling to find out what these featured fashion week goers wore to the shows.


What she wore: AIJEK dress and jacket, and ALT rings


What she wore: Raoul suit, shoes and bag, and Burberry smartphone cover


(photo from Instagram/@reneeedg)

What she wore: Self Portrait top, Butterflies and Marigolds pants, Celine bag and Dior shoes

Which is your favourite look? Share it with us below!