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We all know that the beauty and fashion industries are competitive. So when a brand collaboration is in session, we just can't help but be excited about what they have in store for us. And it's safe enough to claim that when two favourites combine, most often than not, the collections they create are one for the books. 

With that said, we're giving you some of this season's hottest collabs and what to expect from their noteworthy lookbooks.

Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang Drop 3

The third instalment to the iconic sports brand and the NFW regular's collaborative collection,  this 84-piece unisex apparel and footwear collection is all about blurring the boundaries between high fashion and streetwear. It combines innovation in both fabric and design with inspirations from youth culture and practicality that truly culminates the essence of the two brands. 

Supreme x North Face

Street style is making a big buzz this year with brand crossovers, and Supreme is no exception. Continuing their collaboration with outdoor product company North Face, the brand is set to launch heavy duty pieces that can endure outdoor adventures while still looking sharp and stylish. 

Coach x Rodarte

Designed by Coach’s Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, and Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the collaboration explores the idea of mixing textures and the vocabularies of New York and Los Angeles: modern versus ethereal, utility and simple luxury versus unabashed romance and fanciful demi-couture. Made of ready-to-wears and bags that culminate both of the labels' aesthetic, these pieces are sure to make it into everyone's must-covet list. 

Marc Jacobs x MTV

In pure nostalgia, Marc Jacobs and MTV give the 80's some love with sequinned sweatshirts, logo shirts, and special edition neon-themed tote bags, visualising and celebrating the prime of an era that redefined music and style.  

Christophe Lemaire x Uniqlo

After the success of their two-in-a-row sold out collections, designer Christophe Lemaire and fashion brand Uniqlo are set for another Spring/Summer collection of sleek and crisp swimwear and casual designs that will make minimalist lovers swoon.



Matching pieces of clothing to get the look you want to achieve is only half the battle when you’re off to a special date or an occasion that requires you to look like you exerted a lot of effort in how you present yourself. The next part of the fight is creating a makeup look that will complement the outfit you put together.

While you can always traverse the monochromatic route and pair the colour of your makeup to the colour of your outfit, there are actually fun — not to mention fool-proof — colour combinations you can refer to. Here are some of them.

White and red

(Left: Photo from EverestSays; Right: Photo from musicalhouses)

This look’s a classic. The crispness of your white outfit goes incredibly well with the intensity of a red lip. Keep the eye look neutral so your pout can get all the attention.

Jewel tones and nude

(Left: Photo from TheAmbitionista; Right: Photo from Secondsacharm)

Since jewel tones are a bit strong, the best way to complement them is by keeping your makeup colour palette in the nudes. Another tip: if the colour of your outfit is more on the warm side, keep your makeup on the warm side, too. The same applies for cool-toned jewels.

Blue and bronze

(Left: Photo from kasperlooooove; Right: Photo from TeaWithMakeupMagic88)

You can probably tell by now that contrasting colours are often complementary when it comes to pairing makeup with an outfit. The same idea applies to bronzes and blues. They’re very different in tones, but they look good next to each other. Ditch the urge to pair your blue dress with a cool-toned look and play with warm tones instead for a lovely contrasting look.

Red and red

(Left: Photo from cforcassan; Right: Photo from CelineChiam)

Going different ways is not the only path you can take, though. Pairing similar hues can give the same wow factor as a contrasting style. If you’re keen on wearing red, swipe on some crimson on your lips. If you’re not the type to go matchy-matchy, wear a red that has a different undertone.

Black and dark

(Left: Photo from aggynuguid; Right: Photo from KireiMakeup)

We know what you’re thinking. No, we don’t mean to make you look like a goth. But trust us — this works! You just have to do a little trick. To make sure you don’t cross gothic territory, add a bit of warmth to your look. Give your lips a red tint or bronze up your cheeks. 

(Cover photo from: fionaseah)



Digital influencers are on top of the game for good reason. Aside from their great eye for styling outfits, talent for capturing moments, and telling stories with their photos on their social media platforms, there's also a sense of mystery as to what goes on behind their lens.

So we decided to talk to our Clozette Ambassadors and Star Clozetters to find out more about their camera of choice; plus, they spilled their #IGgoals secrets. 


"I use the Canon 6D with prime lens. Despite it being an acclaimed professional camera with various settings that can help you achieve your ideal photo, auto mode works just as well! [The only] downside is that it's rather heavy and bulky. So my other option is to go for my iPhone, using HDR mode for scenery and wider angle shots."

May Grazielle

"I currently use the Nikon D3200 with AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens kit. The D3200 is marvellous because of its super light weight — just 17.8 oz./505g with battery and SD card — making it the lightest Nikon DSLR ever made. The camera isn't as heavy as it looks, although it's really bulky for traveling. But so far, I'm really impressed with the quality of the images. They're really punchy and realistic. 

Another option would be the Fujifilm X-series mirrorless cameras. They're thinner and more compact for travelling, making it the ultimate travel camera for me. It has the features of a DSLR combined with the size convenience of a point-and-shoot camera."


"I've been using the Fujifilm X-A2 ever since I started blogging. It's so easy to use especially when you're not familiar with DSLR cameras. Not only that, it also captures really good quality photos, which is why I love it so much!" 


"I actually just use my iPhone 7. It does the work for me [without having to lug] around another camera all the time. Plus, I can edit [my photos] immediately using various apps before uploading [them]. It's really convenient for me to have everything in one gadget. It's all about the editing apps, trust me!"


"Currently, I use the Fujifilm X-T1. It has vibrant colours and has a certain tone (the chrome mode) that I love. It's also smaller and more portable compared to DSLR cams. My other camera is the Fujifilm X-A3; it's for taking high-quality selfies when I'm travelling since it has a 180° tilting LCD. Both cameras have an easy-to-use WiFi function (which I looove) that lets me transfer photos directly to my phone."


Done jotting down their gadget recos? Take notes on their styling tips next.