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Taking a peek at the intriguing lives of celebrities has always been a favourite pastime for many. These days, it's easier than ever to be updated on what they're doing, where they are and who they're with. But beyond the glitz, glamour and gossip, we also get a glimpse of their intimate moments and thoughts on relevant issues. It's amazing how notable personalities from afar can touch our lives or make us smile with just a single post. If you're feeling down lately, following these five celebrities on Instagram may just bring back the smile on your face.

Chrissy Teigen

With her feisty personality and hilarious commentary about almost everything, it's no wonder Chrissy Teigen is loved by netizens. On Instagram, where almost everyone uploads only flawless snaps of themselves, Teigen promotes body positivity by sharing her body's journey when she entered motherhood. You'll also find in her feed random cooking videos and cute snaps of Luna and Miles, which are always a treat.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick has come a long way since Pitch Perfect but she still manages to stay grounded and for that we absolutely love her. Her feed is filled with positivity as she shares wacky snaps of herself with matching tongue-in-cheek captions. She's really just as hilarious as the characters she plays!

Drew Barrymore

As beauty fanatics, we're sure that you already know about Drew Barrymore's makeup line called Flower Beauty. But Barrymore's Instagram features much more than beauty finds; you can also find nostalgic throwback photos from her early years in the show business and snippets of her daily life, which includes the not-so-glam moments like having a bad hair day. It just reminds us that everybody — even celebrities — goes through little life bumps and Barrymore's encouragement to stay positive despite everything always helps. 

Jenna Dewan

As an actress and dancer, Jenna Dewan shares some awesome dance forms, red carpet shots and the latest about her shows. From time to time, you'll also catch adorable snaps of her daughter. Lastly, she inspires us to stay fit and healthy with all her gorgeous workout shots.

Emma Watson

Not only is Emma Watson a talented and iconic actress but she's also an advocate for women empowerment and eco-sustainability. Her ability to use her voice to raise awareness encourages us to make the change in our own lives as well. Follow Emma Watson and be inspired by a game-changer in action.

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Living in the tropics may have its cons most of the time given the scorching weather, the lack of seasons that will allow us to wear scarves and booties, and more. We can just go on and on about it! But if there's one advantage we can always rely on style-wise, it's sporting chic summer pieces all year round and not having to worry about freezing over. One of our favourites? Tube tops. They're cute, easy to style and layer, and just comfy. Just check out these looks from the Community for proof.

Monochrome babe

(Photo from: jamaicafelichi)

Style sisters

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It's always good to start a new week with new information. From new releases to fun customisation services, here are the things you need to know from the beauty and fashion eco-system.

Sarah Jessica Parker shoes

We all know how Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex and the City loved fashion. And it's no surprise that the actress is just as enamoured with clothes, bags and shoes as her character. Well, this news might just cement her place in the shoe industry. Her eponymous shoe line has just opened a brick and mortar store in New York.

Brown Sugar

Actress Karrueche Tran has teased her second collection with Colourpop Cosmetics. The collection, inspired by women of colour, is called Brown Sugar. It will be ready for purchase on 25 October.

Nike x Kendrick Lamar

Nike has collaborated with rapper Kendrick Lamar on a shoe line inspired by his Pulitzer Prize-winning album, DAMN. Among the selections is a new take on the Cortez.

Gigi bites back

Oh, the perils of fame. Gigi Hadid has opened up on Instagram about the weird incident where she was sued by a paparazzi agency for posting a photo of herself taken by a paparazzi on Instagram. 

(Cover photo from: @kendricklamar)

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