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Whether or not you're spending Valentine's Day with someone special, we're sure that if you're like us, who can't get enough of amazing beauty releases, then every month feels like a refreshing first date or an adventure to meet your soulmate. There's just something about the excitement that comes along reaching for a new product that resembles the feeling of a first love. 

So join us as we gush over and rekindle the feeling of love at first buy with these new releases that you'll surely fall head over heels for. 


Becca First Light Priming Filter

The secret to a flawless makeup look? It all starts with the primer. While we fell in love with Becca's amazing highlighters, it's no secret that their primers also work magic on our skin. This new violet-coloured primer melts into the skin in a sheer finish, fixing the appearance of dryness, dehydration, puffiness, and fine lines upon application. Definitely a great primer to reach for if you're aiming for an overall glowy look that's perfect for date night. 

CoverFX Custom Blot Drops

Have oily skin and prefer a more mattified finish? CoverFX has got you covered! Their new Custom Blot Drops are all about adding a mattifying effect to liquid skincare or cosmetic products, such as serum, moisturizer, primer, and foundation, eliminating shine at any step of the beauty routine. 
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster 

Heading out to a place where cameras will be flashing all day long? Take away the hassle of worrying how your complexion looks in the photo and even take all the selfies you want with this new addition to Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD line. The Ultra HD Skin Booster is a hydra-plumping serum that works to boost skin radiance and luminosity, making sure that you get a refreshed and smoother base before you put on your makeup. 

Chanel Beauty Rouge Coco Gloss

Developed in collaboration with Lucia Pica, Chanel Beauty introduces the Rouge Coco Gloss. Its delectable formula, which plays between the lines of transparent to intense, scintillating and tangy, luminous and saturated with pigments, makes your pout soft and kiss-ready at any time of the day.

Fresh Spring Sugar Lip Treatment 

Love to give your skin some lovin'? Don't forget to give your lips some, too! Why not give the new Sugar Lip Treatment a try? Gently buff your lips with this lip treatment for lips that are nourished, smooth, soft, and glowing. The moisture-preserving Sugar formula is also proven to increase hydration by 45% for six hours while providing a soft dewy finish, leaving your lips sweet, soft, and supple.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil 

What more can we expect from one of the brands that has 'cult favourite' under their belt than an amazing cleansing oil that changes how your nighttime routine works? Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil not only efficiently washes away skin impurities such as dirt and oil, but it is also effective on stubborn makeup, eliminating the need for double-cleansing. With active ingredients such as Squalane, Evening Primrose Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil, the formula provides an effective, soothing, sensorial experience, leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. 

Dr. Jart+ Rubber Masks

No time to fuss but still want to give your skin a much needed boosting? Dr. Jart+'s Rubber Masks are your best bet! Designed for simple but effective special care without any extra work, simply mix rubber mask powder with water in a bowl and slather it on your skin. The combination of an intensive ampoule and a mask, the Rubber Mask line is designed for four skin issues — lack of moisture, acne, lack of radiance, and sagging skin.


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The power of perfume can often be compared to the power of makeup – they both amp up your confidence and can make you feel gorgeous and sexy. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we decided that in addition to giving you dress ideas for the occasion, we will list down the best fragrances you can wear for every type of date you have planned for the 14th, too.

So, are you ready to smell divine? Then keep reading below for the five perfumes that will put you and your boyfriend or hubby in the right mood for romance and love.


Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle

With its sweet notes of orange blossom and vanilla, it emits a velvety scent that gives depth to its elegance – unveiling a sense of femininity and sensuality. Sounds romantic, no? Which is why if you’re going to a bed and breakfast or on a romantic tour of a new city this Valentine’s Day, there’s no better scent to wear than Chloé’s Love Story Eau Sensuelle.

Crabtree & Evelyn Eau De La Source Eau De Toilette

Doing something casual and classic with your bae? Then Crabtree & Evelyn’s Eau De La Source perfume will complement the ambiance of the locations you'll be going to, while giving off a calming scent that will take both of you to the clear beaches, revitalising your passion for each other.


Le Ballet Parfume De Repetto

Whether you’re going to a new museum, or you’re seeing a play or a ballet, Le Ballet Parfume De Repetto will lend a delicate and passionate touch and enhance the experience of seeing new forms of art.

Gucci Guilty Platinum

For a fun night of dancing, drinking, and passion, Gucci Guilty Platinum is the scent for you. With its floral scents, both in the Her and Him perfumes, it will heighten your senses and create a powerful impression that both you and your love will never forget.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia

Making a splash this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re visiting your favourite aquarium or water theme park, Maison Francis’ Aqua Celestia is the perfect perfume for you to wear on that day. Its fresh and spicy notes create an aura of freshness that will resonate well with the water theme of your date.


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We all want our skincare to create miracles – for us to wake up one day and see that our skin is back to its youthful prime: soft, smooth, and radiant. While aging is inevitable, there are ways to maintain our skin’s youthful glow. The secret: having a good night-time routine that is all about relaxation, hydration, and a skincare routine that’s full of anti-aging benefits.

So if you’ve always wanted to wake up with soft, youthful skin each day of the week, here’s a night-time routine to try!


Step 1: Double-Cleanse

We all know the rule: never go to sleep without washing your face. To ensure you get your face fully cleansed without drying it out, double-cleanse with your oil-cleanser of choice and follow up with a mild face cleanser to remove the remaining residue.

Step 2: Apply Your Essence

When it comes to your night-time skincare routine, pick products that aim to give you smooth, hydrated, and plumper skin for a radiant glow. For results that work (as evidenced by our 5-Day Skincare Challenge), we turn to Olay’s Miracle Duo.

Once your skin is cleansed, layer on the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence. It’s formulated with Golden Amino Peptides that trigger collagen production and enhances the absorption of your other skincare products.

Step 3: Apply Your Night Moisturizer

Once the essence has fully absorbed into the skin, follow it up with a cream that’s specially formulated for night-time use. Night creams are generally thicker in consistency and a bit more potent, which locks your skincare in through the night and keeps your skin fully enveloped with its skincare goodness.

We love how the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream is formulated with Hydra-Firming Complex that hydrates skin all night long while enhancing skin’s radiance. Over time, you’ll notice that your skin looks firmer, more hydrated, brighter, and with fine lines reduced.


Step 4: Relax & Calm Your Mind

Once you’ve gotten your skincare routine done, the next step is ensuring you get enough rest. So put a stop to your all-nighters and your habit of staying up until 2AM. Your sleeping hours are when your skin makes new collagen and naturally heals itself – this makes it the perfect time for your skincare routine to work its magic!

So at least an hour before bedtime, get your body in a rested state of mind by winding down with a good book and a cup of hot Lavender Tea. This routine calms your mind and lulls your body to a restful state so you won’t have trouble going to sleep.

Step 5: Hydrate With A Glass Of Water

Since you’ll be asleep for at least 8 hours, that means your body has to go without liquids for that period of time. So before you turn off the lights, be sure to hydrate with at least a glass of water. This keeps your body hydrated through the night and keeps your skin looking flush and healthy when you wake up – perfectly complementing the hydrating effects of the Olay Miracle Duo composed of the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream!


What’s your go-to night time routine? Share it with us in the comments below!

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