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These Workouts Are Perfect For Introverts

From ISTJs to INFPs — we've got you covered

We can all agree that getting in shape is important. In fact, we may all have ventured into hoping that we will kickstart our road to fitness as soon as a new year starts. But maybe our plans didn't come into fruition because they did not fit into our lifestyles, especially since our characters vary. Have you ever considered that maybe the key to your perfect workout also lies on your personal tendencies as an introvert?

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Thankfully, the Myers-Briggs test is here to help. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) theorises that people can identify to a specific type among the 16 types of personalities. The matches are, more often than not, eerily accurate, making it easier to understand a person's thought process. (Here's the link to the test if you want to try it out.)

So without further ado, keep reading to get on with your fitness matchmaking!

INTJ: Pole Dancing

Being highly analytical and independent, there's a certain degree of perfectionism that will attract you to pole dancing. There's something about making certain movements and patterns juxtaposed to various rhythms and beats that will intrigue and stimulate you both mentally and physically that will make you excel at coming up with a routine that targets areas in your body that you want to tone or shape up.

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INTP: Indoor spinning

With logic and practicality as your main strengths, you prefer activities that allow you to get lost into your own thoughts without things getting out of hand. Indoor spinning's repetitive movements give just the right effect for your body based on preferences that are purely under your control but still gives that sense of freedom as you can basically think about your analytical processes without worrying about crashing into anyone or anywhere. 

INFJ: Yoga

Being someone who is motivated by the idea of discovering deeper truths about yourself and the world, yoga allows meditation than can stimulate your mind and senses while leaving room for you to almost unconsciously improve your physicality. 

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INFP: Pilates

Something that's perfect for the creative mind, pilates enforces some movements from yoga and gives it a whole new twist with the aid of certain equipment, giving a holistic experience for both the mind and the body. It helps relieve the tension INFPs often find themselves in, delivered in a method that also pleases their love for aesthetic. 

ISTJ: Running

Practical and fact-minded, people with this personality type need to see their results brick-by-brick to prove that it is working, without having to waste countless hours fidgeting on machinery or learning techniques that take too long to achieve their supposed results. So a workout that they can definitely wrap their heads into is something that only has their own skill and capabilities to rely on; and running is the perfect choice. 

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ISFJ: Cardio via treadmill

Grounded, orderly and harmonious to a certain pace, and quite relaxing, the treadmill gives ISFJs that sense of control over a tranquil activity. They can set the tone of their workout based on their preference, all while choosing whether to delve into the happenings around them or get lost in their own thoughts with the help of some earphones and music of their choice. 

ISTP: Barre

Precise, bold, and experimental, ISTPs will love barre as it gives a new twist on ballet and gymnastics with gears and equipment that mix dainty movements and challenging routines. 

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ISFP: Hiking

ISFPs always have that strong sense of experiencing new things and exploring new sights. And hiking gives that mystery of 'what am I going to see next' that's enough to pump up their motivation.

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