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With technology getting better year after year, the quality of photos and films are becoming more detailed and fine, allowing even the smallest imperfections to be seen. The latest is the 4K digital camera, or ultra-high definition technology, which delivers 4 times the level of detail compared to full HD.

So to deliver flawless skin on camera, MAKE UP FOR EVER is adding a new product to their Ultra HD range – the Ultra HD Concealer! This brightening and concealing product is compatible with 4K technology.

Invisible, luminous, and comfortable, it's formulated with 3 key ingredients that are also found in the Ultra HD foundation – reflecting particles give an “invisible” effect to make it undetectable; luminosity boosters illuminate the eye area; and hyaluronic spheres give maximum hydration and comfort.

These 3 ingredients are also enriched with anti-dark circle technology, 3D elastomer gel, and silica for a gorgeously even, smooth, and plump eye area!

And once you combine this concealer with the Ultra HD foundation, you can achieve the ultimate “no makeup” makeup look that is perfect for selfies and real time!


The MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Concealer is available in all MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO boutiques and SEPHORA Stores in Malaysia starting March 31, 2016.


Not into K-dramas? Then you don’t know what you’re missing with “Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예)" – a K-drama that has got Korea, and possibly the whole world, giddy with excitement. It’s what everyone talks about these days; from the good looks of Song Joong Gi, and of course to how beautiful Song Hye Gyo is even while saving people from the ruins of an earthquake.

This KBS drama, filmed in beautiful Greece, is set in a place called 'Urk'. Song Joong Gi plays a soldier (Yoo Si Jin) with a romantic storyline with Song Hye Gyo (Dr. Kang Mo Yeon). The beauty of the Song-Song couple is more than enough to break hearts everywhere. But if we can’t have a dashing soldier to love, the least we could do is try to emulate Song Hye Gyo.

To recreate Song Hye Gyo’s look in the show, keep scrolling down to find out!



It’s no wonder why Song Hye Gyo has been the choice model for beauty brands over the years; her flawless skin and never aging beauty makes her the perfect ambassador for Laneige. Her ‘barely there’ makeup can be recreated with just two things – the Laneige BB cushion compact and the Two Tone Lip Bar!


Even the smallest things can make a difference in one's outfit. Thank God for the invention of earrings, added with crystals and diamonds, then, as your ear candy can bring all the attention to your face. And Dr. Kang’s choice of H.Stern’s Moonlight Crystal Earrings for her TV appearance is the cream of the crop.

Trust a girl to spruce up her look with subtle accessories even while on a mission trip. Song Hye Kyo uses her own creations with jewellery brand AiNo to exude Dr. Kang’s poise and her simple earring designs – U Turn Stone E and Triple Rolling E -- make her look beautiful even when she’s crying at the brink of death.


Song Hye Gyo isn’t tall but that doesn’t mean it would be realistic for her to go around saving people in heels. For petites like her, flatforms are complete life savers and her stylist shows style isn’t confined only to the season by wearing the Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons Perforated Flatform Hi-tops from the 2015 S/S collection. This pair of shoes may be from a past season, but we can go for the YRU Qozmo Low Key Sneaker, a much cheaper, but still chic, alternative. Don’t forget to enter the code “CLOZETTE” during checkout to enjoy 15% off!

If a girl is going on a date to an isolated island in an abandoned ship, I’m sure a sandal with a little bit of heel is forgivable. Dr. Kang wears this Suecomma Bonnie Modern Strap Sandal which shouts nothing but elegance and comfort.


Linen blouses will be your best friend on a mission trip in Urk; protecting your skin from the sun but yet keeping you cool.

Dr. Kang wears a lot of loose fitting linen blouses, and her favourite brand seems to be Rails, which offers Hunter Button Downs in many different patterns and colours – just the right kind of blouse for Urk. Or go for a cheaper alternative with the lovely baby pink linen piece from Style Nanda!


Are you enjoying "Descendants of the Sun" as much as we are? Share with us your favourite scenes and outfits so far!



We’ve been obsessed with feline flicks for quite some time now. No matter how hard it is to get that winged tip right, we still love working it in our daily MOTDs. It’s all about the glam and the fierceness when it comes to our cat eyes.

But if you’re gunning for a softer look and still want that pop in your peepers, maybe the “puppy eyes” beauty trend is the thing for you.

Torn? We’ve weighed down these two trends to help you decide! 


Puppy Eyes

Instead of flicking your eyeliner upward, this eye makeup look can be achieved by following the line of the upper and lower corner of your eyes, forming a triangle, and filling them in. No more worrying whether or not your tips are of the same length!

It’s also the best to go for if you’re gunning for a softer and subtler look, perfect for a casual day out.
Cat Eyes

Still, cat eyes hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has already perfected the art of winged tips, then it’s really hard to not take advantage of such a skill. 

So for fiercer and striking looking peepers, this is definitely the eye look you would want to go for.

The Verdict

Try them both! It you have the luxury of time, experimenting with different cat eye looks is fun and exciting. It also elevates your eye makeup game into a different level.

But if you’re in a hurry and still want to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, the puppy eye look will highlight your eye shape and add the illusion of voluminous lashes instantly. Totally a win-win! 


Have you tried these eye makeup looks? Share it with us in the comments below!