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This Filipino Fashion Brand Goes Big

It's young, fresh and fun!

Filipino millennials grew up with quite a few brands — from a famous fast food chain that's gone global, a ubiquitous cosmetics line, and a number of hip fashion stores. Some have come and gone while only a few have withstood the test of time. One of the brands we’ve come to see grow and flourish is Penshoppe. From being a go-to place for basics, the brand, launched in 1986, has evolved into something fresher and cooler. And now, they've made something big — literally.

While they’re already present in most malls in the country, Penshoppe has opened its biggest store yet in Metro Manila. Situated at the UP Town Center, the brand's new branch, dubbed Penshoppe Capital, is hard to miss.

The store is well-lit and has a fun, fresh vibe. When you enter the store, you will be greeted by their fresh offerings of casual, on-trend pieces. 

In the middle of the branch is the Denim Lab, which offers a large selection of bottoms.

Walk a little further forward and you'll find yourself amongst their vast array of accessories — from caps to bags to shoes to wallets to scarves. The store also has a selection of fragrances.

There's also something for fan girls at heart. In recent years, Penshoppe has partnered with international superstars who embody the brand's aesthetics and overall feel. Fancy yourself an outfit sported by Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Sandara Park? You know where to go.


Stay on top of your style game with Philippine-made fashion pieces from Penshoppe Capital at the UP Town Center.